Honkai: Star Rail Critter Pick Event Guide

Ruan Mei's creations aboard the space station actually developed their own civilization! Asta and Screwllum task you with finding out everything about it...

Ruan Mei's creations aboard the space station actually developed their own civilization! Asta and Screwllum task you with finding out everything about it...

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ After the Version 1.6 update —2024/02/05 03:59:00 (server time)
※ After the limited-time event concludes, Critter Pick will be moved to Conventional Memoir, where Trailblazers can continue to experience its gameplay.

➥ Complete the Trailblaze Continuance “The Blue — When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine”

Event Overview:
➥ During the Critter Pick event, Trailblazers can customize and cultivate their own creations.
➥ Genetic mutations may occur during the nurturing, resulting in new creation traits or rare creations.
➥ Complete Adventure Mission “Critter Pick” and explore the “Seclusion Zone” for a chance to obtain Base Traits for creations.

Research Handbook

1) Trash Cake

The final endgame of this event is to collect all the Rare Creations in the Research Handbook by nurturing them. There are a total of 9 rare creations, and you will already get Trash Cake by the end of the tutorial with Asta.

Reminder that the result of nurturing is pretty RNG so you might not have the same creation with the same base traits as mine so you need to nurture them by yourself (it's super easy don't worry) which will be explained later below.

2) Rice Dumpling

Skin: Green
Filling: Gray
Decoration: Leaf of Imaginary

Mini-Guide: Once you match the base traits at the top corner, keep clicking 'Start Nurture' until you get a Special Mutation. If you're lucky, you will get the Rare Creation even before the percentage reaches 100%, but the difference is only a few 'Start Nurture' clicks so you'll only save a few minutes.

3) Ice Cake

Skin: Blue
Filling: Pink
Pattern: W-shaped fur
Decoration: Core of Ice

Mini-Guide: Whenever you get Rare Mutation, choose the Decoration with the blue flower icon. It's because those are the mutations that you don't have yet and it's always good to start collecting them early on.

4) Lambda's Friend

Skin: Blue
Filling: Gray
Pattern: U-shaped fur
Decoration: Seed

5) Sesame Cake

Skin: Orange
Filling: Gray
Pattern: U-shaped fur
Decoration: Vortex of Wind

6) Troublemaker

Mini-Guide: The last tutorial by Asta is about how there are no 2 creations that match all 3 base traits for the Sesame Cake and you need to nurture a new base creation with at least 2 of the base traits for Sesame Cake.

I choose to use Skin: Orange and Filling: Orange for the new creation. Other options are like Skin: Orange and Pattern: W-Shape fur, or Filling: Orange and Pattern: W-Shape fur.
In my case, after I got the Innocent Orange Souffle, the only base trait left for Sesame Cake is the W-shaped fur.

Skin: Orange
Filling: Orange
Pattern: W-shaped fur
Decoration: Phlogiston

7) Wisteria Cake

At this point, I continued nurturing after completing all 3 difficulties of the Warring Expedition (Guide for this can be seen below). Herta-like creatures will give you 3 new creatures to get the last 3 Rare Creations.

Currently, I don't have 2 creations that can match 3 base straits so I nurture one first with the combination of brown skin and W-shaped fur. Only then do I have 2 creations that match the traits of Wisteria Cake.

Skin: Purple
Filling: Brown
Pattern: W-shaped fur
Decoration: Virtual Particle

8) Lucky Snack

Skin: Green
Filling: Brown
Pattern: Moustache-shaped fur
Decoration: Feather of Flame

9) Shader Cat

Skin: Purple
Filling: Purple
Pattern: Spot-shaped fur
Decoration: Eye of Lightning

Warring Expedition

After nurturing 6 Rare Creations, Asta will message you and unlock the Adventure Mission Critter Pick: Detective Peppy Interlude. This mission will further unlock the Warring Expedition for you in the Seclusion Zone. Since it's part of the event, I will include it in this post instead of making a separate one.

Difficulty I

1. Get spotted by monsters for less than 5 times in the Sync Mode
2. Collect all the encryption origami cranes
3. Find the Ruan Mei's creation that is asking for help

Once you rescue Peppy and sync with it for the first time, move towards the door, and right after that, you will see the origami crane. Keep following the crane's direction until the end to complete an objective.

Once you are almost at the last room, there will be a creation that needs to be saved. Interact with it to complete another objective.

Difficulty II

1. Get spotted by monsters for less than 5 times in the Sync Mode
2. Collect all the encryption origami cranes
3. Find the Ruan Mei's creation that is asking for help

Keep following the navigation until you sync with Peppy. The first puzzle is an Unearthly Marvel puzzle. Follow the steps above to complete it.

After that, when you sync to Peppy for the second time and move through a door, you will see the origami crane to follow.

Before you reach the last door, you will see a small orange creature cowering behind breakable items. Save it first before continuing to follow the origami crane. With that, you completed all objectives.

Difficulty III

1. Instruct Peppy to debate with the security robot to gain access rights.
2. Debate with the Butler and expose its lies.
3. Find the lost Curio "Joy Filtration Set."

When you sync with Peppy for the first time, you will meet with a security robot that has an attitude. I choose the following dialogues to get through (Show the name card to the little robot) and (Let Peppy use your name). The last dialogue is definitely the right answer but I don't know if not choosing the previous dialogues will change anything (probably not).

After talking to the Butler and asking it about the Curio, go downstairs and talk to the green-skinned creature. It will ask you for food.

Go back upstairs and you can see dessert on top of the table near Butler. Take it and give it to the previous creature. Once you get the intel, the mission navigation will mark a spot and you can interact with the plant to get another food.

Lastly, investigate the terminal just beside Butler and the gang to get another proof for your debate with Butler.

Debate with Butler

Once Butler mentioned 'deliberately locking the door, choose to continue questioning and present the evidence: Abnormal images from surveillance records

When Butler mentioned that 'Ruan Mei does not wish for me to be affected by lowly physical needs,' chose to continue questioning and present the evidence: Cosmic Fried Rice (Overnight Edition)

Lastly, when Butler said about 'reported everyone's performance to her,' chose to continue questioning and present the evidence: External communication records
After that, just follow the navigation until the end and you will complete this difficulty.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:

■ Regular Rewards
● You can raise your Research Level by obtaining new creation traits and cultivating rare creations.
● You can raise your Research Level to earn corresponding rewards.

■ Limited-Time Rewards
● During the event period, hit designated nurture targets to earn corresponding rewards.


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