Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

If you missed the redemption codes, check it out here: 3 New Redemption Codes from 2.3 Special Program

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Phase 1

➥ 5 Star: Firefly & Ruan Mei
➥ 4 Star: Gallagher, Misha & Xueyi

Phase 2

➥ 5 Star: Jade & Argenti
➥ 4 Star: Serval, Natasha & Asta

New Characters


Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Destruction
Element: Fire

In battle, SAM has two forms. In the initial form, using Skill consumes HP, while simultaneously regenerating Ultimate energy. The lower the HP, the less DMG sustained⁓
Technique (Order: Meteoric Incineration): When using Technique during exploration, Firefly summon SAM armor. SAM can leap into the air and after landing, SAM attacks all enemies within a set range. After using Technique to enter battle, for every wave of enemies, Weaknesses can be inflicted on units without Fire Weakness, which lasts for a set number of turns.
Ultimate (Firefly Type-IV: Complete Combustion): When using Ultimate, SAM enters the second battle form — the dazzling Complete Combustion state! In addition to more powerful Basic ATKs and Skills, SPD is also increased. When using enhanced abilities, SAM's Weakness Break efficiency and the Weakness Break DMG sustained by enemies both increase. SAM restores HP with each attack.


Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Erudition
Element: Quantum

Basic ATK (Order: Flare Propulsion): Basic ATK deals Blast DMG to a single enemy and adjacent targets
Skill (Acquisition Surety): Sign an agreement with a single ally, thereby granting them enhancement and SPD Boost buffs. When the signee attacks the enemy, they can deal additional DMG, but at the expense of consuming their own HP.
Talent (Fang of Flare Flaying): When Jade or a signee launch an attack, it accumulates Charges for Jade. When Charges are full, a follow-up attack is launched.
Technique (Visionary Predation): Enemies within a set range enter the Blind Fealty state and will refrain from attacking me. After attacking an enemy inflicted with Blind Fealty, other enemies in the state will enter the battle, with all enemies sustaining DMG.
Ultimate (Vow of the Deep): Allows Jade to mete out punishment in accordance with the agreement. In addition to dealing DMG to all enemies, my follow-up attack is enhanced.

Teaser Future Characters

New Light Cones

1) Eternal Calculus

Herta has added the 5-star Erudition Light Cone, "Eternal Calculus," to the SU Store.

2) Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest

3) Yet Hope Is Priceless

4) After the Charmony Fall

In 2.3's second-half Warp Event

New Relic Set

Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge

The Wind-Soaring Valorous

Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves

Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern

New Stage

Erudition Calyx

New Missions

1) Trailblaze Mission

In the Version 2.3 Trailblaze Mission, the Express Crew will be invited aboard the Radiant Feldspar as witnesses to important Family discussions.

New Events

1) Divergent Universe (Another SU Expansion)

First up, a groundbreaking update to the Divergent Universe: the Arithmetic Mapping function. In the Divergent Universe, Trailblazers can switch between characters they already possess!

Trailblazers will no longer be limited by character downloads! When Character Level is lower than the current Equilibrium Level Cap, it will automatically increase to meet the cap.

"Equation" — a buff combination of two different Paths. Before the start of every test, Trailblazers have the opportunity to select a random Equation. And for the Equation to take effect, you'll need different amounts of Path Blessings.
Once the required amount has been achieved, the Equation will activate, and the team can obtain the corresponding combat abilities! Equation has a max of three stars.

The Curio system has been upgraded! In addition to Normal Curios, Trailblazers can also choose from Weighted Curios! These Curios are more suited to characters of specific Paths or Types, and really elevate the combat experience!

When suffering defeat in the Simulated Universe, Trailblazers no longer need to force stop the game! Divergent Universe combat now allows for Restart Challenge, and Trailblazers can select a new lineup!

The Planar Ornament Extraction function has arrived! Every time Trailblazers clear the Divergent Universe, they can choose to save a record of that challenge and archive the data of the Equation, Blessings, and Curios in question. Choose the Planar Ornaments you want, use the archive, inherit the data and buffs from the archive, challenge the Boss Enemy, and obtain Immersion Rewards!

2) Apocalyptic Shadow (Permanent Game Mode)

In "Apocalyptic Shadow," Trailblazers will challenge Boss Enemies that they have encountered in their journey. Every phase has two enemies, which are split into four levels of challenge difficulty.
The enemies in Apocalyptic Shadow are a little different to regular Boss Enemies. In preparation for the fight, Trailblazers can read the enemy's Traits at the start of the battle. As with other permanent game modes, during the challenge, there are buff effects for Trailblazers to choose from for every boss.

After the first-time clearance of Apocalyptic Shadow's set difficulty, Trailblazers can obtain the 4-star character Xueyi, as well as 300 Stellar Jades and Self-Modeling Resin.

The first phase of the Apocalyptic Shadow challenge will launch on the day of the Version 2.3 update, and last for 6 weeks. Every version will rotationally update according to the following sequence: Apocalyptic Shadow, Pure Fiction, Forgotten Hall — just as before! On every other Monday, the permanent challenge stage is replaced.

3) Origami Bird Clash (Flagship Event)

In this arcade game, Trailblazers need to cause elimination within a specified number of steps in order to increase the birds' Combat Power.
Before the end of every turn, corresponding DMG is calculated according to the difference in combat values. When your opponent's HP returns to zero, victory is sealed.

4) Stellar Shimmer

5) Gift of Odyssey

6) Planar Fissure

7) Realm of the Strange

New Area

1) Radiant Feldspar Airship

One Amber Era ago, Oti Alfalfa, the Penacony Alfalfa Family head, invested a large sum in constructing the Radiant Feldspar airship.
Aside from the opulent parlor, ballroom, and recreation facilities, one could simply relax at the poolside with a few glasses of SoulGlad. This grand airship has sailed above Peancony's Sea of Dreams for an entire Amber Era, suspending services only recently in the wake of the crisis.

New Additions

1) Harmony MC Eidolon for everyone

After activating the Harmony Trailblazer following the Version 2.3 update, Trailblazers can obtain a Shadow of Harmony through the "When Charmony Rings Out…" event screen — thereby upgrading the Trailblazer's Eidolon Level.

2) Rewards been increased from 720 to 800 Stellar Jades

The maximum number of Stellar Jades awarded in each phase of the Forgotten Hall, Pure Fiction, and Apocalyptic Shadow permanent challenges is increasing from 720 to 800.


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