Honkai: Star Rail Get These 2 Boothill Achievements

Phase 2 of Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 is out and we're getting Boothill! As per tradition, each character usually has achievements tied to them, and delightfully, Boothill has 2 (more Jades yum). Here's how to get both of them.

1) Russian Roulette

In combat, ally Boothill accumulates a total of 3 stack(s) of Pocket Trickshot within 1 turn.
Okay since I'm using the Trial Character stage here, you can follow step by step below (or look at the video above):

First of all, in the first wave, do NOT use Boothill's Skill. Instead, just use Normal Attacks for all characters until you enter wave 2.

In the second wave, also do NOT use Boothill's Skill for now. But use Normal Attack on the Silvermane Lieutenant. Here's the precise rotation:
Boothill NA > Pela NA > Bronya NA > Natasha NA > Boothill NA > Bronya NA. After that, the Lieutenant will summon 2 more soldiers (the Weakness Bar now should be like in the image above).

Now, use Pela NA > Natasha NA > Bronya NA. When it comes to Boothill's turn, use his Skill on the Lieutenant but do NOT use his NA (should be like in the image above).

When the Lieutenant is in Standoff, use Pela's Ultimate so (1) the boss will Weakness Break, (2) Boothill will gain 1 stack, and (3) Boothill can still have his turn next.

Lastly, use Boothill's Skill on one of the Soldiers, and use his Ultimate to add Physical Weakness to the soldier and defeat it, making Boothill gain 2 more stacks and the achievement.

2) Going Dutch

Let Boothill and Aventurine fight over taking the bill
※ In the same battle, trigger Aventurine's "Skill 1" voice line and Boothill's "Battle Begins: Weakness Break" voice line.

Boothilll's Battle Begins: Weakness Break: Don't worry! This one's on me.
Aventurine's Skill 1: Going all in. Tab's on me.

To easily trigger Boothilll's Battle Begins: Weakness Break, you need to attack enemies so they will Weakness Break right off the bat. If not, Boothill will trigger another voice line which is Battle Begins: Danger Alert, which is NOT what you want. That's why you need to find a perfect stage or this voiceline will not be triggered at all.
I tried many stages, bosses, weekly bosses, MoC and Simulated Universe, and MoC Xianzhou Stage 4 is the only stage that my Level 80 Boothill can Weakness Break right off the bat without outright killing the enemies.

But if you want the hard way, you can also trigger Boothilll's Battle Begins: Weakness Break even inside the battle when Boothill's turn begins. But there needs to be at least one enemy with a Weakness Break at that time (and don't forget he might also use another voice line, not the Weakness Break one). Aventurine's Skill 1 is also random as I often got his Skill 2 voice line, not the first one.
I tried this on Bud of Memories in Penacony and Boothill's Weakness Break voice lines does start when it is his turn and there are enemies with Weakness Breaks on the field.


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