Honkai: Star Rail Stellar Jades Calculation in Version 2.3

Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3 has a duration of 42 days, starting from June 19 to July 31. This will be the estimation of how many Stellar Jades and Passes were added in the said version. Remember that this is speculation based on the previous versions’ events and gameplay, and by no means official!

Detailed Method to Obtain Stellar Jades in Version 2.3

Maintenance Compensation

We will get the update maintenance on June 19, resulting in all servers being down for a few hours. As compensation, the developer will provide 600 Stellar Jades via in-game mailbox and it will stay for a month before expiring.

Daily Training

You will get 60 Stellar Jades by completing Daily Training in the Interastral Guide. Multiply those 60 for 42 days, and you will get a total of 2520 Stellar Jades and other rewards.

Simulated Universe

The first thing you need to know is the rewards for Simulated Universe differ based on your Equilibrium Level. The higher your Equilibrium, the better the rewards. These rewards will be refreshed weekly.
If you're an Honkai: Star Rail player right from the start, you should have reached Equilibrium level 6 by now, so you should be able to get 225 Stellar Jades and 1 Star Rail Pass weekly (which means a total of 1350 Stellar Jades and 6 Star Rail Pass). If you're a new player or haven't reached Equilibrium 6 yet, please re-calculate using the following list:

Equilibrium 0 / 1Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x75
Equilibrium 2Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x105
Equilibrium 3Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x135
Equilibrium 4Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x165
Equilibrium 5Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x195
Equilibrium 6Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x225

Forgotten Hall MoC + Pure Fiction

There is a new calculation in these game modes. Starting version 2.3, all the end-game modes (namely Forgotten Hall Memory of Chaos, Pure Fiction, and Apocalyptic Shadow) will give 800 Stellar Jades instead of 720 Stellar Jades.

Here is the schedule for all the end-game modes:
The first Apocalyptic Shadow: After the version 2.3 update (Stellar Jade rewards are not included here because I mentioned it in another heading)
Pure Fiction: 8th July (800 Stellar Jades)
Memory of Chaos: 22nd July (800 Stellar Jades)

Once again, I want to mention that Apocalyptic Shadow rewards are not included here because I want to explain it in the heading below. Here, in a total of Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos, you will get a total of 1600 Stellar Jades.

Apocalyptic Shadow

Apocalyptic Shadow is the new end-game mode in Honkai: Star Rail. Just like the previous 2 game modes, this one will also give 800 Stellar Jades in each cycle. But I made another heading for this one simply because I want to include the one-time reward, which is 300 Stellar Jades (as you can see in the image above). That's why in version 2.3, you will get a total of 1100 Stellar Jades from the Apocalyptic Shadow. But after version 2.3, you will get 800 Stellar Jades only for each cycle.

Nameless Honor (Battle Pass)

Nameless Gift - 5 Star Rail Pass
➥ This is the free version that everyone will get every version.
Nameless Glory - 4 Special Pass + 680 Stellar Jades
➥ This is the paid version of Nameless Honor where you need to use real money to buy, then you will get more rewards.

Embers Exchange

A special shop in Store (specifically in Contract Shop), where you used Undying Embers (obtained from Warps) to buy Star Rail Pass and Special Pass. Each month, you can buy up to 5 Star Rail Pass and 5 Special Pass. In this calculation, I include the one you could buy in July, resulting in 5 Star Rail Pass and 5 Special Pass.

New Trailblaze Mission

Let me tell you beforehand that each Trailblaze Mission gives a different amount of Stellar Jades, depending on how many their Sub-Missions are. That's why it's hard to tell precisely how many Jades you can get for the new Trailblaze Mission. But based on the previous Trailblaze Mission, you will get more or less around 200 Stellar Jades.

New Achievements

Honkai: Star Rail is usually generous with their achievements in each version, always releasing a few tens of new achievements for you to discover. So hopefully it will be the same with version 2.3 and we get around 300 Stellar Jades or perhaps more, especially since we get a new area to explore AND a new Simulated Universe.

New Area

We got 1 new sub-area in Penacony to explore which means new treasure chests and a few new missions. Although it's not confirmed how many missions and chests will be added, hopefully, we will get 1000 Stellar Jades or even more.

Simulated Universe Divergent Shadow

Ah yes, we're back with another Simulated Universe game expansion- this time it's called Divergent Shadow. Aside from the abundant rewards from the event itself, you can also get Stellar Jades by completing the Index where they may added new Blessings and Curios. I am tempted to put 3000 Stellar Jades as total rewards, but I'm going to be as realistic as possible and put 2200 Stellar Jades. If we get more, that's a bonus for us!

Express Supply Pass

A paid option for P2P players where you will get 90 Stellar Jades daily for 30 days. If you continuously have the Supply Pass for the entire version 2.3, you will get a total of 3780 Stellar Jades (Not including the Oneiric Shard).

Character Trials

When the limited banners feature new characters, all of them will have a Character Trial. For the 5-Star characters, their trial will reward 20 Stellar Jade. In version 2.3, if you completed Firefly, Ruan Mei, Jade, and Argenti's trials, you will get a total of 80 Stellar Jades.

New Events

There are 3 new events that will provide Stellar Jades in version 2.3, resulting in a total of 1500 Stellar Jades:
● Origami Bird Clash: ~1000 Stellar Jades
Stellar Shimmer: ~500 Stellar Jades

Gift of Odyssey

This is an exclusive Daily-Log In event in version 2.3. By entering the game for 7 days in Honkai: Star Rail, you will get a total of 10 Star Rail Special Passes.

HoYoLAB Daily Check-In

If you didn't know, HoYoverse has its own official forum called HoYoLAB and there's also a Daily Check-In for Honkai: Star Rail there. Among the rewards, there are some Stellar Jades you can scrap here. By checking in every day, you will get Stellar Jades on the following days: June 20, July 5, July 13, and July 20.

V2.4 Livestream Redeem Codes

There will be a Special Program 2 weeks before the next update maintenance. In the live stream, you will get 300 Stellar Jades after claiming three new time-limited redemption codes.

Web Events

There will usually be 1-3 web events in the duration of one version of Honkai: Star Rail. The thing is, it is mostly random and cannot be predicted. So, the only way you can notice these kinds of events is by keeping up with the official announcements. At most (or at least), you can get around 100 Stellar Jades.

New Version Codes

In each version, there will be 2 new Stellar Jade codes. The first one will be released on the first day of update maintenance, and the second one will be released on the first day of the second phase. These 2 codes will give you a total of 100 Stellar Jades.


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