Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 12 Guide (V1.6)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6.

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave or Cycle, randomly applies a debuff for 10 time(s), selected from the following: reduce ATK by 8%, reduce DEF by 8%, reduce SPD by 8%, reduce Effect RES by 8%, or increase the received follow-up attack DMG by 20%. Each debuff can stack up to 3 time(s) and lasts for 3 turn(s). At the same time, enables 1 ally following either the Path of The Hunt or Path of Destruction to immediately take action.

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Physical
For this stage, I prefer using single-target DPS so Dr. Ratio is my most recommended character. Yes, the Ebon Deer boss will summon many Branches (usually 1 Branch in its first phase and 4 Branches in the second phase), but you can still focus on the boss itself from the start till the end.

Second Half

Recommended Elements: Wind & Fire
The second half also suits single-target DPS (especially Dr. Ratio, this floor is made for him) but if you don't build many of them, you can also use Blast character. Definitely not AoE because there are only 2 enemies per wave.


First Half: Abundant: Ebon Deer

  • In the first wave, start the battle with the Ice attack. The one you should focus on here would be the Ascended.
  • You should know by now that The Ascended has a skill (Black Prana’s Snare) that will inflict Prana-Siphon on your character. In simpler terms, it will reduce your team’s Max HP (the grey bar inside your health bar), which will make your characters extremely vulnerable and really squishy at that moment.
  • The Malefic Ape will focus and target the last character that uses Skill, so you should time your Skills wisely, or just make sure the last one using Skill has a decent HP because the Ape deals huge single-target DMG. Look at the left corner to see your character and enemies’ rotation to decide who will be the last one using Skill to trigger the Malefic Ape gaze.
  • In the second wave, Ebon Deer will start by summoning one twig (Wintry Wind). This twig can inflict Outrage on one target, in which the Outrage character cannot take action for a number of turns and will only use Basic ATK against a random unit. If you bring a character like Fu Xuan that can help the team resist Crowd Control debuff, you can just ignore the twig and focus on the Deer. But if you don't have Fu Xuan and the twig keeps targeting your DPS, it's better to take it out first (or at least Weakness Break it).
  • In the second phase, the Deer will immediately summon 2 twigs and you need to focus on defeating the flowery one first (Glorious Bloom on the right) because it will keep healing its allies. In the next turn, the Deer will summon another 2 twigs.
  • This is why having at least one Destruction or Erudition (Destruction is better because of the Memory Turbulence) is highly recommended here, there are too many enemies, and single-target characters will have a hard time focusing on attacking if they're the only DPS in the team.
    • But that doesn't mean single-target DPS can't be used. If you bring any, you can focus on the Ebon Deer boss and a specific twig that poses a threat to your team.
  • At the very least, take advantage of the current Memory Turbulence as your Hunt/Destruction character can immediately take action in the next turn. This buff is actually time-saving than one could've expected.

Second Half: Kafka & Aurumaton Spectral Envoy

  • Start the battle with an Imaginary or Physical attack to reduce the enemy's Toughness Bar. First of all, focus on the Aurumaton Spectral Envoy. You really don't want to give her a chance to inflict Reverberation debuff on any of your characters (If you notice, in my video I focus on the Stormbringer first. That's because Topaz's debuff is on it first instead of the Aurumaton and I'm too stingy to use another Skill Point to change target).
    • After targets afflicted with Reverberation receive an attack, they enter the Strong Reverberation state and then have the Reverberation state dispelled. Targets with Strong Reverberation cannot take action.
  • After the first threat is down, Stormbringer is the one left. It can inflict Wind Shear on your characters and result in being targeted by its Windfall Storm attacks in the next turn (Kind of its Ultimate attack). This attack is quite hurtful so unless your characters have a shield or have high HP, you can prevent it by triggering Weakness Break or cleansing the Wind Shear on your party members.
  • These 2 have their own annoying skills; Kafka with her Spirit Whisper ability to control one of your characters, and Aurumaton with the ability to inflict Reverberation debuff on your ally. The best character to bring here would be Huohuo because she can constantly clean the debuff on your team.
  • In my opinion, I would focus on Kafka first because she is the biggest threat as she has it all: Impair, AoE, Blast, and Single-Target attacks. Although her bar is huge at the top, her HP is not that many either (you can see in my video playthrough above).

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