Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 8 Guide (V1.6)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6.

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave or Cycle, randomly applies a debuff for 10 time(s), selected from the following: reduce ATK by 8%, reduce DEF by 8%, reduce SPD by 8%, reduce Effect RES by 8%, or increase the received follow-up attack DMG by 20%. Each debuff can stack up to 3 time(s) and lasts for 3 turn(s). At the same time, enables 1 ally following either the Path of The Hunt or Path of Destruction to immediately take action.

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

Recommended Elements: Imaginary
There are not many bosses here and a single-target DPS should do the job, especially Imaginary-Type. Yeah, just add Dr. Ratio. If you have Topaz & Numby, they're a great support to Ratio as they can increase follow-up damage taken by a single enemy (which is Ratio's main damage output). The last 2 slots are for suitable buffer/debuffer and healer/shielder.

Second Half

Recommended Elements: Lightning & Wind
Yanqing is here, and that means you're gonna face multiple enemies (or should we say- swords) with different Weaknesses. It's best if you can cover all elements here so you can break the Sword Formation to really hit Yanqing's Weaknesses, which are Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary. If you didn't bring Dr. Ratio in the first half, he can also be added to the second half.


First Half: Stormbringer & Aurumaton Spectral Envoy

  • Start the battle with an Imaginary or Physical attack to reduce the enemy's Toughness Bar. First of all, focus on the single Illumination Dragonfish because its AoE attacks can easily stun you with the help of the other enemies' Reverberation debuff. Then, it's the Wraith Warden > Aurumaton Spectral Envoy.
  • In the second wave, there are 2 bosses. The one that you should focus on would be the Aurumaton Spectral Envoy. You really don't want to give her a chance to inflict Reverberation debuff on any of your characters.
  • After targets afflicted with Reverberation receive an attack, they enter the Strong Reverberation state and then have the Reverberation state dispelled. Targets with Strong Reverberation cannot take action.
  • After the first threat is down, Stormbringer is the one left. It can inflict Wind Shear on your characters and result in being targeted by its Windfall Storm attacks in the next turn (Kind of its Ultimate attack). This attack is quite hurtful so unless your characters have a shield or have high HP, you can prevent it by triggering Weakness Break or cleansing the Wind Shear on your party members.

Second Half: Yanqing

  • Start the battle with any of the elements they have (look at the image above). Since these 2 are the exact same looks and skills, you can focus on either of them. But whenever one of them uses Binding of the Golden Age, focus on that one first.
  • Whenever a Decaying Shadow uses its Binding of the Golden Age, she will have 9 Gauge Recollection on her back. Use everything in your power to decrease her stack as much as possible. During her next action, she will use the remaining Gauge Recollection she had to deal Liberation of the Golden Age. The more stack she has, the higher the damage she will deal. It will be even better if you can trigger Weakness Break so this ability will fail to activate.
  • The last wave features Yanqing, who can summon 4 Flying Swords with unknown Weaknesses and enter a Sword Formation mode. During this mode, Yanqing’s Toughness cannot be depleted and his SPD is increased. It's recommended to destroy all the summoned swords to remove the Sword Formation mode.
  • Each sword has one Weakness only, and it can either be Wind, Lightning, or Imaginary (it’s completely random). You can find out which weakness it has by attacking the sword with the respective element. 1 attack of the correct element is enough to destroy the sword, so if you spam all your AoE/Blast attacks with the right elements here, you can easily destroy all the swords and remove the Sword Formation mode.
  • But if you were only able to bring two of the mentioned elements above, you can destroy the sword manually using any other Element's attack, but it will take a few attacks before being destroyed. After the Sword Formation is gone, you can focus on inflicting Weakness Break and defeating Yanqing.

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