Reverse: 1999 Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup

Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup Preview

New characters, events and more!

The developers just dropped their official announcement for the upcoming 1.1 update which will feature new character releases, new events, some islands for our wilderness and more!

Here are some official links for the Version 1.1 announcement:



The Version 1.1 update will introduce some new cool things for Reverse: 1999 fans and without further ado, let’s look into them right now

New Characters Dropping in Version 1.1

Melania’s Version 1.1 Promo Art
Pickles’s Version 1.1 Promo Art
Diggers’ Version 1.1 Promo Art

The “Carnival on the Pitch” Series Garment

Players who are interested in getting beautiful skins for their characters can rejoice because there will be three (3) new skins available for grabs for APPLe, Regulus and Centurion.

Promo for APPLe’s ‘Echoing to Woodstock’
Promo for Regulus’ ‘The Fierce Fan’
Promo for Centurion’s ‘The Universal Star’


We’ll be getting some new events to get more Clear Drops and more Clear Drops means more pulls!

Character Derivative Events:

  • Melania (Thief of the Thieves) event: Bio of the Great Thief
  • Pickles (The Puppy & The Hippie) event: Pickle’s Free Translation
Bio of the Great Thief Promo

Pickle’s Free Translation Promo

UTTU Flash Gathering

  • ‘Trophy of the Past Glory’
  • Time-limited seasonal challenges
  • Collect FAME cards and use them wisely to clear challenges
UTTU Flash Gathering Promo

Finally, for those who enjoys the laid back city-builder gameplay in Reverse: 1999, we’ll be getting a new theme pack for our creations “Where Fog Remains”.

Since most players have completed the main story of the game up to chapter 4, these new updates are timely and most welcome. Additionally, it seems that we will be following the CN server updates in a similar fashion, which is nice because we are not getting the short end of the stick in any way. Next, we will be looking closely at the upcoming new character banner, so don't miss out!

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