Granblue Fantasy: Relink – How to Beat Furycane



Furycane, a boss in Granblue Fantasy Relink, is this impressive primal beast rocking a centaur look with layers of armor and cool green smoke swirling around. When you venture into the Tempeal Mine, get ready to face off against Furycane in his arena. Despite being pretty aggressive, there's a silver lining – his attacks and charge-ups are a bit time-consuming, giving players some room to maneuver and strategize. It is weak to fire but resistant to wind so bringing a fire character is a must.


Phase 1:

  1. Double Swipe and Whirlwind Smash:
    • Dodge the double swipe and position yourself beside or behind Furycane to counterattack.
    • Exploit the opening during the Whirlwind Smash by attacking from his sides or back.
  2. Charge and Double Slash:
    • When Furycane charges and performs a double slash, dodge to the side he primarily attacks in front of him.
    • Seize the opportunity to attack from the exposed side after dodging.
  3. Twister Smash:
    • Watch for the green and orange indicators during Twister Smash to avoid the affected area.
    • Use this time to position yourself strategically for the next set of attacks.
  4. Charge and Jump Back:
    • When Furycane charges, hops back, and charges again, wait at his original position to attack him as he charges forward.
  5. Shrieking Squall:
    • Be cautious during the Shrieking Squall as Furycane charges around the arena.
    • Anticipate his movements and dodge to avoid the damaging charges.

Phase 2

  1. Furysword Swipes:
    • Dodge the Furysword swipes and focus on predicting where he will slam down.
    • Position yourself behind him during the swings to attack from a safe spot.
  2. Furysword Slam Above:
    • Similar to the previous attack but with a swing above before slamming down.
    • Position yourself behind him during the swing and take advantage of the opening.
  3. Ring of Death:
    • During this large AoE attack, stay away from the edges and the ring around Furycane.
    • Be mindful of attempts to blow players towards the edge; resist getting pushed out.

Overdrive Mode

  1. Red and Orange Circles:
    • Pay attention to the red and orange circles indicating where Furycane will slam down.
    • Move away from those areas to avoid damage.
  2. Avoid Twisters:
    • As Furycane slams down, dodge the twisters he sends out in different directions.
    • Close in on him after avoiding the twisters to resume the attack.


Shrieking Squall

Furycane gets dramatic with the Shrieking Squall, charging around the arena like a cyclone on a caffeine boost. Good news – players get a heads-up with lined indicators in blue and orange. A simple sidestep out of the indicated areas does the trick. It's like playing hopscotch, but with a giant charging foe.

Charge Slash

Furycane decides to go for a Charge Slash, dragging his sword upwards. The key here is reading his charging direction. Just dodge out of harm's way and you're golden. It's like dodging a sword-wielding speedster – quick reflexes save the day.

Double Swipe

Furycane brings out the Double Swipe, wielding both swords for a slash extravaganza. Easy peasy – read his facing direction to predict the slashes. Steer clear of the danger zone, and you'll be dancing around his attacks. It's like avoiding a two-sword-wielding dance partner.

Twister Smash

Furycane pulls off the Twister Smash, jumping and smashing in his position. Indicators in green and orange warn you of the impending chaos. Dodge the initial smash, then be ready to dance around the twisters. It's like a colorful tornado ballet – dodge the performance.

Double Slash

Furycane brings out the Double Slash, swinging and stabbing with his swords. Here's the trick – get around him and attack from the back. It's like a sneak attack in a sword dance – play smart and you'll be the one calling the shots.


Furycane pulls a classic Charge, preparing to dash in a straight line. The sweet spot? Stand by him, as the charge only affects the front area. Dodge to the side when he charges, and you'll be in the clear. It's like playing chicken with a sword-wielding foe – but you're the one who stays cool under pressure.


This is when Furycane transforms into a different figure. This is a cutscene, so players will not have to do anything.


Furycane will swipe at the players, raise it, and slam his sword down in different directions. Players will need to dodge the swings but will be able to tell where he will slam down his sword as he takes a moment to slam down in the direction.

Ring of Death

Furycane will position himself in the center of the arena and perform a large AoE damage ring below him and at the edge of the arena. He will also attempt to blow the players towards the ring. Players will need to avoid the edges of the arena and go against the wind to avoid getting damaged.

Sword Swing

By Phase 2 Furycane will have a larger sword and will perform a swing above his head and slam it down in his direction. The swing will not damage players, however, the slam can easily be dodged as he will only do it in his direction.

Savage Cyclone [Overdrive]

Furycane charges up and then slams back down at a random location in the arena. Upon landing, rings of wind appear, temporarily blowing players away, and several twisters are unleashed in different directions. Players can easily indicate where Furycane will slam back down with the blue and orange target on the floor.


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