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Gallanza, the Silver Wolf, voiced by Crispin Freeman in English (EN) and Koichi Yamadera in Japanese (JP), commands the mighty Silver Wolf Corps as an indomitable general loyal to the Pilgrims of Avia. Armed with a massive halberd and an infusion of earth element, Gallanza intimidates his foes with wide and area-of-effect attacks.

For those eager to face this challenge, rest assured that Gallanza is no optional boss. While he exhibits a weakness to Wind attacks, he stands strong against assaults grounded in the element of Earth.

As you embark on your journey in Granblue Fantasy Relink, keep an eye out for Gallanza in specific main story quests. Whether it's Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue, Chapter 8: Relink, or the intriguing side quest, General Investigation: Gallanza, the encounter promises a thrilling battle.

n Chapter 4, titled "Skies Forever Blue," you'll earn the following rewards: x4 Fortitude Crystal (S), x1 Earth Shard, x1 Standard Refinium, and x10 MSP.

Moving on to Chapter 8, titled "Relink," where both Gallanza and Maglielle must be defeated to claim your rewards. In this chapter, you'll receive x1 Fortitude Crystal (M), x10 Fortitude Crystal (S), x1 Prism Chip, and x1 Dark Shard.


Regular Attacks:

  1. Staff Blast:
    • When Gallanza performs the Staff Blast, take advantage of the openings on his sides and back to unleash attacks.
    • Dodge the fire beam by moving to the sides or behind him.
  2. Staff Stabs Combination:
    • During the combination of fast staff stabs, focus on evading the attacks and then capitalize on the openings he provides on his sides and back.
  3. Spinning Staff Ground Burst:
    • Watch for the red outline on the ground during the spinning staff attack.
    • Dodge out of the area indicated to avoid the ground burst AoE.

Overdrive Mode: Martial Spear:

  1. Fire Waves:
    • During the Martial Spear attack, find gaps between the fire waves to dodge and approach Gallanza.
    • Utilize these gaps to get closer to him and attack from the sides.
  2. Leaping and Ground-Smashing Attack:
    • When Gallanza leaps, watch for the red circle indicating his landing spot.
    • Dodge out of the way in time. After the leap, be prepared for the ground-smashing attack.
  3. Staff Swing Sequence:
    • During the staff swing sequence, evade the attacks and take advantage of the pause after the ground smash to attack Gallanza.
  4. Storming Death:
    • When Gallanza initiates Storming Death, be attentive to the spear throw and subsequent bomb drops.
    • Maneuver carefully to avoid the firebombs. Reach the edge where there are no markings to avoid the ground-smashing spikes.

Chapter 8: Relink - Teaming up with Maglielle:

  1. Fire Waves from the Air:
    • Dodge the fire waves from Gallanza while he's in the air, utilizing the clear visual cues.
  2. Summoned Fire Blasts from the Floor:
    • Watch for the red outline on the floor before Gallanza summons fire blasts.
    • Move out of the indicated area to avoid taking damage.
  3. Coordinate Attacks:
    • During the team-up with Maglielle, coordinate your attacks between dodging the spinning blades and avoiding Gallanza's ranged assaults.

Adapt your strategy based on the specific attack patterns and cues during each phase of the encounter. Keep an eye on your surroundings and work with your team to effectively bring down Gallanza. Good luck!


Dragoon Jump

You will see Gallanza jump into the air and crash down like a dragoon. It'll be easy to dodge since there will be a red circle to indicate where he's goin to land.

Spear Stabs

Prepare for Gallanza's rapid combo of stabs. This attack might come after a slam, approaching quickly. Keep in mind that his sides remain vulnerable. Take advantage of this and launch your counterattacks from the sides.

Ground Stab

Gallanza will spin his staff above his head and stab it into the ground, creating a ground burst with a significant AoE. The thin red outline will indicate the danger zone. Ensure to dodge skillfully outside this area to avoid taking damage in the future encounters.

Staff Charge

Gallanza will charge in a straight line piercing you. Try to dodge left or right to avoid the attack. It can also be defended.

Martial Spear [Overdrive Only]

Gallanza begins waving his staff in circular motions, releasing waves of fire streaks in different directions. Players can navigate through the gaps between the fire waves, closing in on him to launch their attacks.

Spear Leap [Overdrive Only]

Following the Martial Spear, Gallanza executes a Spear Leap, leaping to the other side of the arena. This movement is indicated by a red circle on the ground and a connecting line. During the second leap, he performs a ground attack. If players successfully dodge the flame waves from the Martial Spear, it's advisable to stick to the sides to avoid this attack. For the second leap, dodging away from him is the optimal strategy to avoid the ground assault.

Storming Death [Overdrive Only]

Gallanza throws his spear, leaps into the air, and drops firebombs around the arena. Upon descent, the affected areas are beneath him and form six spikes. This attack inflicts substantial damage. Players must carefully navigate and dodge the firebombs, which cover most of the arena. During the second attack, positioning near the edge of the arena is recommended to minimize the impact.

Staff Swing [Overdrive Only]

Gallanza engages in a sequence of staff swings and smashes. Attacking him during the swinging sequence might be challenging, but when he smashes his staff onto the ground, he pauses briefly. Players can utilize this momentary pause to launch their attacks.

Silver Veil Storm [Chapter 8 Only]

In this collaborative onslaught, Gallanza joins forces with Maglielle. Gallanza leaps, unleashing fire waves and activating floor-based fire blasts, while Maglielle releases her spinning blades. To navigate through this multifaceted assault, players must adeptly dodge both attacks. Maglielle's spinning blades, colored in pink, are easily identifiable, and Gallanza's fire attacks are indicated by red outlines. Swiftly maneuver to avoid the converging assaults and stay vigilant to the distinctive patterns of each adversary's onslaught.


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