Granblue Fantasy: Relink Zeta Guide

Zeta is a fire unit armed with a seal weapon named Arvess, and she excels at counters and speedy aerial attacks.


Zeta works for the Society, a group that hunts primal beasts. She's armed with a contract weapon named Arvess, and she excels at counters and speedy aerial attacks, making her great for avoiding a lot of attacks. This guide will go over Zeta's gameplay loop, her best skills, best weapons, and optimal sigils!


Zeta's gameplay loop in order to deal maximum damage is very simple, albeit will take a bit of practice due to the timing required on her attack in order to keep the loop going. At all times, you want Arvess Fermare status applied to whatever it is you're attacking, and there are several ways of doing this, from some of Zeta's skills, to her unique passive Arvess Resonance which after at least 3 loop combos finishing with her triangle / Y attack, also applies this status effect. To quickly perform a high jump in order to start the loop, you can land a perfect counter with her Y / Triangle attack.

After this is applied, burn your skills, and then keep doing loop combos for as long as you are able, or until the status has gone away from the enemy, then repeat the steps above to re-apply the status effect, then do it all over again. I've made a short demonstration of one of her basic combo routes below, this is the quickest way to apply Arvess Fermare as well as deal the most damage while the debuff is active.


Realm's Majesty

  • Zeta readies to parry and counter. She inflicts Arvess Fermare upon countering and then high jumps off of the foe.
  • This ability grants the status ailment that you want applied to the enemy at all times, so this adds another method of doing so.
  • I would say this is not top priority for Zeta unless you struggle with precise dodges, as the damage output for this skill is pretty non-existent. Her normal counter seems to be more than suitable.

Infinite Wonders

  • Fires a piercing, multi-hit beam that can be activated up to 3 times in a row. Inflicts Arvess Fermare on hit.
  • By far one of Zeta's best and most useful skills, as not only does it deal considerable damage from a very far distance, but it also gets you 3 applications of Arvess Fermare
  • The quickest and easiest way to apply Arvess Fermare. You will likely be keeping this on your Zeta.

Spear of Arvess

  • A fast spear lunge. Zeta high jumps off of a foe on impact
  • This is an excellent combo starter skill, not only is it a great gap closer, but it also high jumps, allowing Zeta to instantly start her combo loop.
  • A lot of bosses move around a lot, so a move to catch up to it, think Dante's Stinger, will always come in handy. I would save a slot for this for boss runs.

Rain of Fury

  • Calls down a volley of spears from the sky. Spears inflict ATK⬇️ (20%) on hit.
  • This is a good option if you do not have another attack down debuffer on your squad, and also deals decent damage at a range.
  • If you do however have a designated attack debuffer, I would save this precious skill slot for something else.

Signo Drive

  • Grants ATK⬆️(25%) to the entire party
  • This is a straightforward, powerful attack buff to your entire party, making this very useful for multiplayer, or if you just want your Zeta to deal extra damage.
  • Keep in mind that same buffs do not stack, so if you have another attack buffer, they will overwrite one another (whichever is strongest)


  • Zeta swings her spear 3 times in a row. Inflicts Paralysis on the third hit.
  • This skill is good at CC bosses, especially if they are about to cast a powerful move, paralysis can take them right out of it.
  • However, this move has deceivingly short range, and there are other units who offer much better CC at a safer and more consistent range, making this low priority, unless of course you're playing solo Zeta, in which case, this is a must.

Thousand Flames

  • An explosive attack that deals damage, inflicts Burn, and removes 1 buff from foes in the blast radius. Hold while casting to aim.
  • Not only does this deal DoT, but it also acts as a dispel. The damage is not the best, but if you do not have another dispeller in the squad, this is a must have support skill.

Vengeful Flames

  • Grants Supplementary DMG to Zeta (extra attack per hit at reduced damage)
  • In my opinion, a skill that should always be equipped to Zeta and used as soon as soon as it comes off CD when you have the opportunity to wail on a boss.

Skill Recommendations

If you want to maximize your damage output as Zeta, I would go with the first option. This forgoes her team utility skills outside of the attack buff, which benefits Zeta herself by giving her a nice attack boost, and not needing to count on someone else to give an attack buff.

If you want to maximize your team utility, go with the second option. This build offers dispel, attack buff, attack debuff, and a paralyze CC, overall giving your team a much easier time.

Best Weapon(s)

For Zeta, you want any weapon that will boost her damage output, including Crit Chance / Crit Damage, and outside of her Ascension and Terminus Weapon, which are obviously best in slot, the best forgeable weapons would be the Huanglong Spear, boosting weak point damage, which Zeta excels at targeting. At max, it gives you a total 50% bonus damage when attacking weak points.

Or alternatively, the Gisla, which boosts critical hit rate, allowing you to save on critical hit sigil slots in order to hit that 100% crit rate. At max, it gives you a total 50% critical hit damage bonus

Best Sigils

For Zeta, Crimson Flight, Crimson's Awakening, Crimson's Clout (available in Seiro's shop after unlocking Maniac), Critical Hit Rate V, Damage Cap V(+), Tyranny V(+) OR Injury to Insult V(+), War Elemental are her ideal Sigils. Outside of that if you want more damage mitigation, go with Improved Dodge+ and Potion Hoarder V.

Critical Hit Rate V

  • Boosts critical hit rate.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Critical hit rate +19%

Damage Cap V

  • Raises the damage limit of attacks.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, ▢/△ attack DMG cap +45%
  • Skill DMG cap +45%
  • SBA DMG cap +45%

Tyranny V

  • Reduces maximum base health in exchange for a boost to attack.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, ATK +35%
  • Max HP -20%

Injury to Insult V

  • Deal more damage to foes inflicted with status ailments.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, DMG dealt +22%

Improved Dodge

  • Extends the window for foe attacks to miss during a dodge. Allows you to perform more dodges in a row.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Dodge count +4
  • Enhanced dodging ability

Potion Hoarder V

  • Increases the stock of recovery items.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Green potion +3, blue potion +5, mega potion +5, revival potion +2

Over Mastery

Upon reaching level 80, you will unlock Over Mastery, and once you max out your normal mastery tree, you'll want to spend extra Masteries on your Over Mastery looking for +Damage Cap on Normal Attacks, Chain Attacks, Skill Attacks, and finally SBA attacks in that priority. Any additional stats are bonus, but damage cap is by far the most important so you can deal more damage.


In the right hands, Zeta is an incredibly strong character with an innate ability to not only counter attacks, but also dodge many attacks by staying high up in the air, while still dealing constant damage. She offers team utility with her support skills, or even higher damage with her offensive skills. She also applies a unique status ailment to enemies, boosting her damage even further. I highly recommend investing in Zeta, because not only is she powerful, but also super fun to play.


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