Granblue Fantasy: Relink Ferry Guide


Ferry, an Erune who has died many years ago and now traverses the world as a ghost, is a light elemental support and damage character who utilizes her unique ability to summon minions Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and Beppo onto the field to provide various buffs to herself and her team, as well as deal considerable amounts of damage. With her skills, she is able to prioritize self buffs, team buffs, or a variety of the two with her summons, making her highly versatile. Her main method of attack is using a long ranged whip, allowing her to attack from a safe distance outside of using her summons, giving her multiple damage options, which comes in handy depending on what mechanic the foe is currently on. She is also able to give herself Supplementary Damage, giving her the potential to deal damage above the cap.


The way that Ferry works may sound complicated, but is actually very easy to learn. To put it simply, you want to have as many summons out of 4 as often as you can in order to make the most out her buffs, as well as provide the most support to your team. There are several ways to accomplish this, either by landing the final hit of a charged square attack, by performing a link attack, or by the use of skills. After all are summoned, you should use your buffs that benefit from having them on the field, then dismiss them by pulling off a powerful charged triangle attack. Below is a simple demonstration of a simple route summoning all 4 of Ferry's spirits without the use of skills:

And of course, before you dismiss them with the charged triangle attack, you want to take advantage of her selfish buff Hinrichten and or her team buff Benediction, which will have more effects based on how many summons are on the field.

Please note that this is not Ferry's method of dealing out the most damage, simply to get the most out of her summons. As noted from this community guide suitable for endgame HERE, the optimal damage comes from her launch + aerial barrage.



  • Summons Fugee and Nicola to whisk Ferry back to safety while Geegee engages foes at the front. All 3 pets remamin on the battlefield.
  • This is a great offensive skill for a supportive Ferry, not only does this instantly unlock 3 out of 4 summons, it has a very short natural cooldown, and it also leaves her at the perfect distance for a charged attack in order to summon her final spirit. Not to mention it's good for getting out of sticky situations.


  • Restores HP to Ferry and nearby allies. Grants Regen, DEF⬆️(10-20%), and ATK⬆️(20%) in that order based on how many pets are on the battlefield.
  • This is Ferry's go-to support ability, so if you're going the supportive route, this a must have, as not only is it a nice heal, but the defensive buff is vital, and the attack buff can help some allies reach damage cap if they have not already.

Blaues Gespenst

  • Summons Fugee and Nicola onto the battlefield for a frontal attack that inflicts DEF⬇️(15%) and removes 1 buff from foes.
  • This is another excellent option for a support Ferry, as while the defense down option may not be the best option for late game play due to attack cap, the dispel this offers can be invaluable for stripping foes of strong attack or supplementary damage buffs.

Purge Spirits

  • A magic-infused whip attack that deals a high amount of stun and summons Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and Beppo onto the battlefield on hit.
  • This is a must have ability for a damage / stun build Ferry. Not only is this attack one of the best high stun damage options in the game due to it's range, but it is one her Ferry's two skills that summons all 4 of her spirits, opening up options for quicker damage output or faster buffing.

Sic 'Em, Geegee!

  • Summons Geegee onto the battlefield to generate a sphere that inflicts Slow. Hold while summoning to aim Geegee.
  • While slow is a really useful debuff, this skill provides no additional utility or damage to make it worth a slot compared to her plethora of useful skills.


  • Grants Stout Heart to Ferry and summons a damaging spirit orb that circles around her.
  • While the orb provides a constant stream of damage, it is very short range, and this seems to only make sense with her fully charged Triangle attack, and with Stout Heart, you'll still be taking damage.
  • If the self buff was Invincibility, this would be a no brainer, but as it stands, this is not something I would pick.


  • Summons Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and Beppo onto the battlefield for an all-out, continuous assault.
  • This is another great option for a damage dealing Ferry, as not only does this offer a way to deal heavy damage from a safe distance, but it also instantly summons all 4 of her spirits, allowing her to apply her buffs at full capacity, or deal more damage with her charged triangle attack.


  • Grants ATK⬆️(50%) to Ferry, as well as Critical Hit Rate⬆️(30%), Supplementary DMG, and Invincibility in that order based on how many pets are on the battlefield.
  • This is a MUST have skill equipped for both support and damage build Ferry's, as the Supplementary DMG ensures you can deal damage far above the damage cap, and with the invincibility, you can safely use her charged triangle attack without fear of being KO'd while pulling it off.

Skill Recommendations

This first skill build is for a support focused Ferry, with the ability to strip buffs and apply defense down, as well as Benediction, providing a variety of useful buffs to Ferry herself and her team. Pendel here is used for placement as well as faster summoning's.

This second build is for a damage Ferry, with skills that focus on summon output, with Purge and Strafe both giving you 4 summons, with Pendel giving you 3 and putting you into the position for an easy 4th.

Best Weapon(s)

Although Ferry has a few support skills, she is still primarily a damage dealing character, thus, outside of her fully ascended and Terminus weapon, the best forgeable weapon would be the Flame Lit Curl, granting crit rate boost and a total of 50% crit damage at max level.

Best Sigils

For Ferry, you want her unique character sigils Phantasm’s Harmony and Phantasm’s Concord. For damage, you will want Damage Cap, Supplementary Damage, War Elemental, Combo Booster, Cascade, and Injury to Insult (or Stamina / Tyranny if you're not using Phantasm’s Concord) For non damage, you'll want Guts/Autorevive, Potion Hoarder, and perhaps Aegis if you need more HP. Lastly, Critical Hit Rate IF you're not using Hinrichten

Damage Cap V

  • Raises the damage limit of attacks.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, ▢/△ attack DMG cap +45%
  • Skill DMG cap +45%
  • SBA DMG cap +45%

Combo Booster V

  • Gradually boosts damage of each successive hit. Effect resets if the next hit isn't made in time.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Boosts DMG dealt by a max of +70%.

Cascade V

  • Shortens skill cooldowns whenever you hit a foe. Effect strength changes based on the attack type.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Skill cooldown -1.5%

Injury to Insult V

  • Deal more damage to foes inflicted with status ailments.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, DMG dealt +22%

Guts V

  • Survive a lethal hit with 1 HP. Reactivation time is shortened based on trait level.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Ready for activation after 170 seconds.

Potion Hoarder V

  • Increases the stock of recovery items.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Green potion +3, blue potion +5, mega potion +5, revival potion +2

Over Mastery

For Ferry's Over Mastery, which you will unlock at level 80, 90, and 100, you want to prioritize Normal Attack Damage Cap, Skill Damage Cap, Skybound Arts DMG, Stun, and Critical Hit Chance.


Ferry is a very fun character to use, with the constantly micro management of her summons and when to dismiss them, to her powerful team buffs, to her high damage and stun capability that she can dish out from a safe distance, you will find Ferry to be an incredibly versatile unit.


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