Granblue Fantasy: Relink – How to Beat Greatshield Madbeat


Greatshield Madbeat

Greatshield Madbeat is a boss in Granblue Fantasy: Relink found in Zeghard Fortress during Chapter 2, first introduced in the Demo's "Hostage Rescue" quest. This formidable boss represents the strength of goblinkind, wearing full armor and wielding a colossal sword and giant greatshield. It is weak against Wind.


  1. Target the Weakness:
    • The Greatshield Madbeat's vulnerability is at its back.
    • Always aim for the rear when attacking to maximize damage.
  2. Party Positioning:
    • Spread out your party members to divide the boss's attention.
    • This helps in avoiding concentrated attacks on a single character.
  3. Dodging and Movement:
    • Swiftly dodge or run to either side during the Shield Charge to avoid getting hit.
    • Keep an eye on the red indicator during the Shield Drop move to dodge effectively.
    • For Shield Slam, dodge around the boss when it slams its shield onto the ground.
  4. Adapt to Shield Slam Variation:
    • The number of shield slams may vary; adjust your strategy accordingly.
    • If it slams only twice, dodge around and reposition. If more, dodge away to avoid vulnerability.
  5. Sword Attacks:
    • Time your dodges correctly for the three swings of the boss's sword.
    • Anticipate and move away from the boss during the Colossal Swing to avoid successive strikes.
  6. Overdrive Mode Awareness:
    • Monitor the yellow meter below the boss's health bar.
    • Once filled, the Greatshield Madbeat enters Overdrive Mode, making Skybound Arts ineffective.
    • Be prepared for special attacks unique to this mode.
  7. Shieldquake Assault:
    • Maintain a safe distance when the boss enters Overdrive to avoid the swinging shield.
    • Jump over shockwaves after the ground slam.
    • Watch for red indicators indicating the trajectory of rock projectiles.
  8. Projectile Phase:
    • Be vigilant during the boss's sequence of hurling rocks into the air.
    • Avoid the marked area to minimize damage when the boss targets a team member.
  9. Remaining Attacks:
    • Handle the running charge similar to the Shield Charge by moving away or dodging.
    • For the Colossal Swing, create distance and counterattack after successive strikes.
    • Watch for the Sword Slam, similar to the Shield Drop, and dodge away from the marked area.
  10. Team Coordination:
    • Capitalize on Gran's skills and coordinate attacks with companions.
    • Execute Link attacks to trigger Link Time and unleash powerful attacks at the rear.
  11. Skill Utilization:
    • Use Skybound Arts strategically, but be mindful of their reduced effectiveness during Overdrive.
    • Follow up with a Chain Burst for additional damage.
  12. Mob Management:
    • Stay alert for occasional enemy mobs during the battle.
    • Swiftly dispatch them to maintain focus on the Greatshield Madbeat.


Shield Charge

First up, we have the Shield Charge. The Greatshield Madbeat decides it's time to play bulldozer and charges at you with its shield. Best move? Swiftly run to the side or do a fancy dodge to avoid getting run over. Think of it like a game of matador, but with a shield-wielding beast.

Shield Drop

Now, imagine the Greatshield Madbeat getting some airtime with a move called Shield Drop. It jumps up and then bam! – smashes its shield onto the ground. A helpful red indicator shows where the impact zone will be. Simple plan: dodge or hustle out of the red circle to stay in one piece. Airborne shields are never a good thing.

Shield Slam

The Greatshield Madbeat means business with Shield Slam. It goes full Hulk mode, holding its shield with both hands, and then slams it on the ground. Watch out, it might pull a random move – two slams, four slams, or maybe six. Dodge away and create some space to be on the safe side. It's like a shield-based drum solo, but dodging is your best encore.

Tempest Cleaver

Lastly, we have the Tempest Cleaver. The Greatshield Madbeat picks up its colossal sword and swings it three times. Back away or time your dodge just right to avoid becoming part of its slicing dance. It's like dodging a giant cleaver-shaped pendulum – precision is key.

Shieldquake Assault [Overdrive]

This one sounds like a full-on seismic event! The Greatshield Madbeat swings his shield, then slams it down, sending shockwaves through the ground. As if that's not enough, he turns into a rock-hurling maniac. Key advice: as soon as he enters this phase, make like a track star and back away. The shield swing covers a wide area, but you've got plenty of room to maneuver. The shockwave after the slam is tricky, though – if you're in its path, jump to dodge it. When he's hurling rocks, no surprises here – red indicators will guide you on where they'll land. Just do a graceful sidestep.

For his grand finale – the leaping shield slam – keep an eye out for the red indicator. If you're the lucky target, dodge away and make a hasty retreat. It's like playing a dangerous game of dodgeball, but with a shield-wielding giant.

Running Charge [Overdrive]

Now, we have the classic Running Charge. The Greatshield Madbeat decides it's time for a sprint, aiming to knock down anyone in its path. Simple rule: just step aside, give it some space, and let it charge into emptiness. It's like playing chicken, but you're the one who doesn't budge.

Colossal Swing [Overdrive]

Enter the Colossal Swing – where the Greatshield Madbeat goes all out with its colossal sword, swinging it like there's no tomorrow. To counter this, become the dodge master. Skillfully weave around, creating distance to avoid becoming an accidental target in its colossal sword dance.

Sword Shockwave [Overdrive]

Last but not least, we have the sword wave. It plunges its sword in the ground and pulls it out towards you making a shockwave. Jump or dodge out of the way.


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