Granblue Fantasy: Relink Cagliostro Guide


Cagliostro is a brilliant mage who introduced alchemy to the Sky Realm. She excels at long ranged "weapons of murder", but is better suited at being an excellent support mage. She comes with a unique buff Phantasmagoria that increases ATK, DEF, and Crit rate, and is stackable with other attack and defense buffs, making it incredibly powerful.


Cagliostro's gameplan is extremely straight forward and easy to use. What you want to do is, depending on the situation, complete her basic combo chains, and finish off with a charged triangle attack which is hastened by charging it immediately after a combo finisher. The strong thing about completing her combo finishers is that, once you have her unique sigil equipped, every charge attack places a defense -30% debuff on the enemy, allowing you to apply a constant debuff, which only Cagliostro is able to achieve. How you plan to use your charge attacks depends on what you want to accomplish:

To add, of course if you're going to be using Cagliostro as a support, you want to play at a distance away from the enemy so that you're not at risk of being wiped out, which in that case, attack 1 and 4 are great charge attack options.



  • Casts a circle that restores allies' HP. Hold while casting to aim the circle
  • A simple, yet very effective heal in the fact that no special conditions need to be met in order to maximize it's potential, such as needing to fill an Arts level or Ares meter.
  • This is a must have skill if you're building Cagliostro as a support.


  • Grants Phantasmagoria to the entire party.
  • This is an incredible buff as since it is unique, it is stackable with other ATK⬆️ and DEF⬆️ buffs.
  • As this is her signature skill and what makes her stand out from other support, this should always be on Cag, no matter what type of build you're going for.

Mimic Doll

  • Dodge backward after placing an explosive replica of Cagliostro where she used to be standing. Collapse charges faster right after the attack.
  • For a support character, this is a great skill for dealing damage as not only does it act as an avoidance and attracts enemy hostility, but is also a way to quickly charge collapse in order to debuff your foe.

Pain Train

  • Charges into foes while riding Ouroboros
  • This skill is useful for closing the gap if you're opting for an offensive Cagliostro, as gap closers are very important for DPS characters.
  • Another use for this would be to more quickly get to teammates who are targeting the boss while you're far away, so even a support build could find this useful.


  • Summons Ouroboros to launch foes in front of Cagliostro into the air. Collapse charges faster right after the attack.
  • This one is truly built for offensive Cag's, you can combo this right into a fully charged Collapse for some decent damage, and in the end game, all characters will deal high damage.


  • Casts a circle that rescues allies from critical condition. Hold while casting to aim the circle.
  • This is another must have skill for a pure support Cagliostro, instant revives are vital for saving on the game over bar from filling up!


  • Casts a spell that deals damage and removes 1 buff from foes in the blast radius. Hold while casting to aim.
  • This is a great damage option for both support and offensive Cag's, as it also acts as a dispel. If you're going support and don't care about Mimic Doll or Pain Train, I would go with this as your "offensive" slot.


  • Lays a spear trap that gets stronger and inflicts ATK⬇️(20%) when stabilized. Hold while casting to aim.
  • While the attack debuff is nice, since this is a stationary trap, it will be difficult to get a boss to trip it when you want, making this not very consistent.
  • However, it is good to place in the middle of a large group of mobs to inflict damage and attack debuff on them all.

Skill Recommendations

If you want your Cagliostro to be one of the best supports in the game, I would go with the first. This ensures you get AOE healing and revive, the powerful Phantasmagoria buff, as well as Mimic Doll which takes hostility away from you, and is also a good way to avoid incoming attacks.

If you instead want Cagliostro to become a murder machine, go with the second build. Alexandria and Mimic Doll both give Cag quick charge on her Collapse, letting her maximize her DPS potential. Pain train allows her to get to the action quickly, and you can never give up the free ATK, DEF, and CRIT rate from the Phantasmagoria buff. If you're fighting a boss that buffs a lot, replace Alexandria with Disruption.

Best Weapon(s)

Although Cagliostro is best played as a support, her best weapon to equip outside of her Ascended and Terminus weapon is the Sacred Codex. Every character in the game, support or not, has to deal damage, and critical hit chance + damage will improve that damage ten-fold. At max, it gives you a total 50% critical hit damage bonus

Best Sigils

For Cagliostro, you absolutely, 100% need Founder's Strategy, which can be acquired from Treasure Trade upon reaching Maniac difficulty. Outside of that, you'll want at the minimum the following Sigils: Damage Cap V, War Elemental, Crit Damage, Auto-Revive V, Quick Cooldown V, Aegis V, Improved Healing, Cascade

Auto-Revive V (As a support, you don't want to leave your team hanging if you accidently kick the bucket!)

  • Automatically recover from critical condition. Reactivation time is shortened based on trait level.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Ready for activation after 170 seconds.

Damage Cap V (You will still need to deal damage as a support, and you will reach cap quickly without a few of these)

  • Raises the damage limit of attacks.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, ▢/△ attack DMG cap +45%
  • Skill DMG cap +45%
  • SBA DMG cap +45%

Critical Damage V

  • Boosts damage dealt by critical hits.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, DMG dealt +35%

Quick Cooldown V (Very important for support!)

  • Shortens skill cooldowns.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Skill cooldown -10%

Aegis V

  • Raises maximum health as a proportion of your current maximum health.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, HP +35%

Improved Healing V (vital if you're healing)

  • Raises the healing cap and healing amount of healing skills.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Healing amount +35%
  • Healing cap +35%

Cascade V

Shortens skill cooldowns whenever you hit a foe. Effect strength changes based on the attack type.

Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Skill cooldown -1.5%

Over Mastery

Upon reaching level 80 to 100 with Cagliostro, you will unlock Over Mastery. For Cag, I would prioritize Healing Cap Up (if you're using Reinforce), Normal Attack Damage Cap Up, Skill Damage cap Up, and Skybound Art Damage Cap, in that priority. Anything else you roll is just a bonus.


Cagliostro is an easy to use and extremely effective support unit thanks to her unique Phantasmagoria buff that is sure to not overlap with any other buff in the game. With the correct sigils, she will be an incredible healer as well, or, if you prefer to build her as an offensive battle mage, thanks to her combo abilities, she works well in that regards, too.


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