Granblue Fantasy: Relink – How to Beat Quakadile



The Quakadile is encountered in Sundappled Grove during the main story quest, Chapter 1: The Western Frontier. Additionally, the Quakadile can be encountered in Sundappled Grove in the side quests 'Worried about Papa' and 'Protect the Rep'.


It is weak to wind and strong against earth. Gran or Djeeta can serve as your main damage dealer for this fight since they are of the wind element.

The first time you encounter this boss, it's not much of a challenge since it's at beginning of the game. It has mostly telegraphed attacks, heavy and lumbering. Just make sure to stay behind it and hit it from behind with combo attacks and a finisher. Rinse and repeat.

Once its health goes low enough, it'll go into overdrive and will charge around or do an AoE attack around it. Make sure to dodge those and wait for it to cooldown. Additionally, you can stun it by leading it towards a wall. Proceed to unleash your attacks until it gets back up. Whenever the boss gets stunned, you will be able to perform the Link Attack with party members which deals a great amount of damage. Unleash your Skybound Arts whenever they are ready. It'll deal a lot of damage to the boss.

Players have reported success using traps and paralysis when dealing with the Quakadile. I haven't tried Lancelot or Io yet, but they could prove useful if you're having trouble taking down the creature in multiplayer or solo.


Dreadquake Charge

The Quakadile's got this move called the Dreadquake Charge. It takes a step back, revs up, and then charges at you headfirst. Sidestep or keep your distance, unless you're into being knocked down.

Tempest Swipe

Next up is the Tempest Swipe. The Quakadile goes all wild, swiping its arms like it's having a tantrum. Good news is, it's a bit on the slow side. So, you can dodge gracefully or throw up a block to handle those wild arm swings.

Vortex Devour

Quakadile turns into a vacuum, pulling everything close for a three-course meal of bites. Back off to avoid the pull, and if you get sucked in, dodge like your life depends on it (because it kinda does).

Cyclone Sweep

When you see the Quakadile turning all red, get ready for the Cyclone Sweep. Dodge at the right moment or take a step back to avoid getting swept off your feet.

Overdrive Mode

Now, when the Quakadile hits Overdrive, things get serious. Skybound Arts will be rendered ineffective against it while also reducing all the damage it takes.

Head Bash Quakeburst

Quakadile bangs its head on the ground, and rock spikes pop up. Stay clear of the marked spots unless you're in the mood for a not-so-friendly spike encounter.

Razing Roll

In the Razing Roll, the Quakadile turns into a spiked ball and rolls around like a maniac. Hold off on melee attacks, focus on dodging, and when it readies for the last roll, lead it into a wall for a stun and a chance to hit back.


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