Granblue Fantasy Relink: Lancelot Guide


Lancelot, a Knight who leads the Order of the White Dragons, is a ice element, dual blade, fast attacker who relies on overwhelming his opponents with his quick attacks and nimble movements. He is able to effortlessly dodge in and out of attacks in order to boost his effectiveness in combat. As he is an ice element, he is able to assist his team by CC'ing enemies with Glaciate, and since he is a very fast character, he has the ability to redistribute his SBA gauge in order to help his allies keep up with him, making him a good team player if you so choose. Last but not least, he can buff himself with Supplementary Damage, and as his strikes are quick, this will help him deal a very high amount of damage past the damage cap.


Lancelot is meant to be played as an in your face, hit and dodge character. Think like a boxer, you want to weave in and out of your opponents face, landing perfect dodges with your triangle + direction in order to continue the combo chain. Lancelot deals rapid damage the longer his square attack is being used, up to a point when the blades are covered in ice, and at that point you can either combo finish it with triangle, or continue the assault, and dodging whenever necessary. In addition, landing skills or link attacks will automatically coat Lancelot's blades in ice, and then after continuing to mash square, he will begin to glow blue, which is the highest damage state he can be in. Below is a simple demonstration of Lancelot's gameplay loop with a mix of skills and combo finishers; keep in mind he is very versatile in his combos.

After dodging, you can continue on with the blade assault, or finish it off with a triangle attack and then dive back in with a skill, and rinse and repeat.


Blade Impulse

  • A fast lunge slash that is chainable into a (square) combo.
  • This move has a short cooldown, is an excellent gap closer, and a good way to start Lancelot's combo. In my opinion, a must-have skill.

Southern Cross

  • A fast multi-hit attack that is chainable into a (square) combo.
  • An excellent combo starter for if you're already close up to your opponent. Use this to get a head-start on your DPS combo, another great skill for a rush down, damage Lancelot.

Blauer Dolch

  • Grants Supplementary DMG to Lancelot
  • As Lancelot has a lot of attacks, supplementary damage works especially good on him to deal damage past the damage cap, making this another must-have skill.


  • Dodges into the air, and then slams down with an area-of-effect attack that is chainable into a (square) combo.
  • This is Lancelot's strongest skill, and not only does it have a wide AOE range, but it also works as yet another combo starter, making it a good pick for a rush down Lancelot.


  • An ice-infused ranged attack. Can be activate multiple times in a row.
  • This skill gives Lancelot a ranged attack option, which can be useful for dealing with aerial enemies, however, he cannot combo off of this, and Lancelot prefers to be close to his opponents, making this skill not very appealing.


  • Grants Mirror Image to Lancelot
  • While having DMG nullified for a set number of hits is useful, Lancelot is a character who is meant to be nimble and naturally able to dodge his opponents, so while you can ignore a boss mechanic with this, you're better off dodging and saving this slot for an offensive skill.


  • Casts an ice trap that inflicts Glaciate. Hold while casting to prolong the duration.
  • This skill sacrifices Lancelot's own damage in order to provide CC for your team in order to deal damage, or to simply stop them from performing a deadly move. This is a must if you're playing a more support based Lance.


  • Redistributes Lancelot's SBA gauge to all allies.
  • As Lancelot builds his SBA gauge quicker than most due to his quick strikes, this skill would come in handy for a support Lancelot in order to help his team more quickly obtain SBA for full bursts.

Skill Recommendations

The first skill build is for a rush-down, pure damage dealing Lancelot. All offensive skills here are combo starters, letting Lance quickly get into his high damage state, with supplementary damage increasing his overall damage output by a lot.

This second option revolves around providing support to your team, from the CC caused by Glaciate, to giving your team SBA gauge. Blade Impulse and Blauer Dolch are the best options here, as the gap closer combo starter is too good to pass up, and supplementary damage will improve your DPS to better assist your team damage wise, as well.

Best Weapon(s)

As Lancelot is a heavy DPS character, his best weapon before he gets his fully ascended and terminus weapons would be Vegalta, which gives you the critical hit trait as well as a total 50% boost to critical damage passive at max level.

Best Sigils

For Lancelot, you want his unique sigils White Dragon's Oath and White Dragon's Glory. As Lancelot is a heavy dodged focused character with his built in dodge on his triangle attack, you want sigils that enhance dodge effects, those of which include Nimble Defense and Nimble Onslaught. For damage dealing, Cascade, Damage Cap, War Elemental, and Supplementary Damage. Lastly, for survivability, you'll want Potion Hoarder, and Guts / Autorevive.

Nimble Defense V

  • Extends Invincibility after a perfect dodge. Temporarily boosts defense and restores a small bit of health.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Invincibility +2 sec.
  • Def +14%/ Recover 7% of max HP

Nimble Onslaught V

  • Extends Invincibility after a perfect dodge. Boosts the charge speed of your SBA gauge and shortens skill cooldowns.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Invincibility +2 sec.
  • SBA gauge gain +3.5%/ Skill cooldown -3.5%

Cascade V

  • Shortens skill cooldowns whenever you hit a foe. Effect strength changes based on the attack type.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Skill cooldown -1.5%

Damage Cap V

  • Raises the damage limit of attacks.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, ▢/△ attack DMG cap +45%
  • Skill DMG cap +45%
  • SBA DMG cap +45%

Potion Hoarder V

  • Increases the stock of recovery items.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Green potion +3, blue potion +5, mega potion +5, revival potion +2

Autorevive V

  • Automatically recover from critical condition. Reactivation time is shortened based on trait level.
  • Max Sigil Effect: T.Lvl 15, Ready for activation after 170 seconds.

Over Mastery

Once you reach level 80, 90, and 100 with Lancelot, you will be able to dump excess MSP into over mastery. As Lancelot relies heavily on his normal attack, you want to prioritize Normal Attack Damage Cap, then Skill Damage Cap, Skybound Arts Damage, Critical Hit Chance, Chain Attack, and Stun in that order.


At the beginning, it may seem like Lancelot is weak as his multitude of slashes don't appear to deal much damage, but as you progress through the game and build out his MSP tree, weaponry, and get the appropriate sigils, he truly starts to shine. He is able to out deal the damage of most characters due to his fast strikes in combination with supplementary damage, and is also able to CC enemies with Glaciate if he so chooses. I consider Lancelot a high skill ceiling character due to his reliance on perfect dodges, but once this is nailed down, he is a force to be reckoned with and is not easily out damaged in the right hands.


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