Palworld – Advanced Tips for Endgame

Today we're going to share some new tips and tricks about Palworld that you might not have known. We've been playing this game non-stop since it came out, discovering new things daily.

Capturing Black Market Dealers

Did you know that you can capture black market dealers and bring them back to our base? Storing them in our Palbox and pulling them out refreshes their inventory every time, making it easier to find rare Pals. It's a bit challenging to capture them due to their high level, but the rewards are worth it.

Boss Battle Strategy

Here's a strategy for boss battles: build a Palbox right outside the boss encounter boundary. It allows us to shoot the boss, get their attention, and then retreat towards the Palbox to unleash our best Pals. If we die, we can respawn at our base and rejoin the fight. This is especially helpful for solo players in late-game boss encounters.

Building Tips: Creating a Secret Room

Now, let's talk about building tips. If you're in a guild or playing with friends, creating a secret room can help you hide valuable items from others. By using slanted walls and stairs, we can create a hidden space behind which we can place a chest with locked items.

Time-Saving Tip: Quick Stack Option

Next, a time-saving tip! When managing items in our base, use the quick stack option. On a controller, it's the right bumper; on a keyboard, it's the 'R' key. This instantly moves items from our inventory to the chest if we already have them stored there, saving us a lot of effort and time.

Feeding Pals for Mental Stability

Now, let's discuss the importance of feeding our Pals. If we're struggling with our Pals' mental stability, ensure that our feed box contains items that increase SAN points. Cooked berries are a step up from regular berries and can help stabilize our Pals' mental state. Additionally, organize the feed box so that Pals eat from left to right, prioritizing important items first.

Combat Tip: Using the Stun Baton

A useful combat tip involves taking advantage of the stun baton, unlocked at level 22. Using it before attempting to capture a Pal can increase our chances of success. Every percentage point matters when capturing Pals, so make sure to utilize this tool.

Flying Efficiency: Grapple Hook Glitch

For players without a good flying Pal, there's a grapple hook glitch that can provide extra momentum when using a glider. By canceling the grapple animation at the peak height and then deploying the glider, we can achieve faster movement around the map.

Mining Efficiency with Digtoise

Now, let's talk about mining efficiency. If our Pals are not doing a good job, summon a Digtoise and manually use its special ability for much quicker ore gathering. This can be particularly helpful when we need a large amount of ore for crafting.

Multiplayer Sharing: Dropping Pals

For those playing in multiplayer, we can drop Pals for others to pick up and update their Pal decks. This is a great way to share information and help each other progress in the game.

Third-Party Resources: Map Genie and Palpedia

If we're using third-party resources, consider using interactive maps like Map Genie and Palpedia. These tools can provide a wealth of information, helping us locate specific Pals, dungeons, or other points of interest.

Armor and Accessories Glitch

Lastly, a glitch that allows us to stack multiple sets of armor and accessories, significantly boosting our character's stats. Use this glitch at your discretion, as it might be fixed in future updates. Remember that everyone plays differently, so choose what suits our playstyle.


In summary, we've shared tips for Palworld, including capturing black market dealers, building secret rooms, and optimizing feeding and mining. Utilize third-party resources like Map Genie and Palpedia to enhance your experience. Exercise caution with a mentioned glitch due to potential updates. Thanks for joining us on this Palworld journey!


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