Palworld – Best Tips for Early Game Leveling, Farming & Location

Have you ever wondered if there's a way for us to level up rapidly, acquire infinite resources, and earn endless money in Palworld? Well, we've got some exciting methods to share with you in this article. From the early stages of the game, we can significantly enhance our pals and even construct one of the coolest early bases that provide an infinite supply of mining goods. These resources are crucial for crafting some of the most powerful gear in the game—well, at least until we acquire even stronger items later on.


Capture Bonus Method:

So, when we talk about leveling up fast, the Capture Bonus Method is a game-changer. Imagine this – every creature in the game has 10 capture bonuses. Now, picture this as a gold mine for experience points. The trick is to catch each creature 10 times, and boom, you're looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of XP scaling up to your level.

The beauty of this strategy is that it's not limited by your current level. Even if you're way past the initial stages, you can revisit the starting zones and catch those low-level Pals you missed. Just head to the Pal deck section, and you'll find the capture bonuses listed for each creature. This method ensures a constant influx of XP, contributing significantly to your character's growth.

Vixy has the Dig Here! Partner Skill, which can sometimes result in Pal Spheres being dug up. Assign Vixy the Grazing task in the Ranch for them to loot Pal Spheres for you!

By the way, the Pal Spheres play a crucial role in this. To get these, you can use Vixy and place them inside a ranch. The forest near the small settlement waypoint is a treasure trove for these spheres. Capture a bunch of them, bring them home, place them in ranches, and let them dig for resources. Not only do you get XP, but you also gather money and other valuable items.

Vixy Location:

Using Pal Spheres:

Now, let's talk about those Pal Spheres in more detail. These little orbs become your ticket to richness. By utilizing Vixy and placing these spheres inside a ranch, you create a system that not only generates XP but also brings in money and various items. The forest, particularly close to the small settlement waypoint, is an excellent spot for collecting these Pal Spheres.

The process is simple – capture a bunch of spheres, bring them home, place them inside ranches, and let them work their magic. As they dig for resources, you'll be amazed at the significant rewards they bring in. From money to arrows and those intriguing spheres, this method ensures a steady stream of valuable assets for your character's progression.

In essence, these leveling strategies, whether through the Capture Bonus Method or leveraging Pal Spheres, provide a dynamic approach to character development. They're not just effective early on; they continue to be valuable even as you progress to higher levels, making them integral components of your leveling journey.

Earning Money

1. Selling Pals for Profit at the Black Market

So, folks, one of the most lucrative ways we've found to fill our virtual pockets is by selling Pals. Here's the deal – as you go about your adventures, your Pokedex or box will inevitably get crowded with various Pals. Now, not all of them are equally useful, right? Identify the ones with those golden passive skills – anything that boosts speed, damage, or makes them handy around the camp.

Sell the rest. Trust us; it's like turning your inventory clutter into a goldmine. Head over to the shady guy near the desolate Church area. In that cave, equipped with a torch, you can buy and sell those excess Pals. After just a few minutes of this, we've been seeing 7 to 8K in profit. Imagine what this could do with some of the higher-level Pals. It's practically turning your creature collection into a profitable enterprise.

2. Other Vendor Locations:

Now, don't limit yourself to just one market. There are other vendors scattered all around the game map. For instance, head to the small settlement location, and you'll find two vendors inside. One of them buys and sells goods that you can use for crafting items, recipes, and other essentials. It's like having multiple revenue streams in your virtual economy.

Keep an eye on the daily rotations, grab what you need, and perhaps sell a few extras for a nice profit. It's all about diversifying our money-making strategies, ensuring we have a constant flow of cash to fund our in-game adventures.

Capturing Merchants

We stumbled upon this fantastic strategy that involves capturing merchants – and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. Imagine having your very own merchant accessible at any given time, ready to trade goods without you having to travel anywhere else. Now, that's efficiency.

Here's the lowdown: we found these merchants roaming around the game world, doing their thing. We thought, "Why not bring them into our team?" So, we went ahead, grabbed one – yeah, we made sure to capture them just like any other Pal – and placed them at our base. And voila! Now, we have our very own merchant, available whenever we need them.

Now, granted, they don't exactly do much beyond being a walking shop, but hey, that's all we need. No need to trek to different vendors when you have one right at your base. It's like having a personal store that you can access at any time, without the hassle of traveling around the map.


Building Our Palworld Farm

So, we've uncovered this game-changing strategy that involves building our very own farm in Palworld. Trust me, it's not just about aesthetics; it's a strategic move that pays off big time in the long run.

Choosing the Right Location in Palworld:

First things first, we scouted for the perfect location in Palworld. We wanted a spot rich in ore, considering we need it for pretty much everything – from weapons to armor and various upgrades in Palworld. And guess what? We hit the jackpot behind the church in the red forest area. There's a massive cluster of ore, about eight to ten of these precious nodes. It's like stumbling upon the motherlode in Palworld.

Setting Up Our Palworld Base:

Once we identified this goldmine, we set up our Palworld base. Now, we have to admit, it's not even optimized yet – we were too excited to share the news about Palworld. But here's the basic setup: beds for our hardworking creatures, ways for them to self-sustain, and most importantly, a chest strategically placed to receive the bountiful harvest in Palworld.

We strategically placed our Palworld base opposite the ore-rich zone, ensuring convenience and efficiency. It's like having our own production hub right next to the source in Palworld.

Optimizing Our Palworld Workforce

Now, about the creatures in Palworld – we had to pick the right ones for the job. We tried out a few, and the Tombats stole the show in Palworld. These creatures focus like laser beams on mining, and they're readily available in forest areas at night in Palworld. It's all about efficiency, right?

So, there they are in Palworld, diligently mining away. The best part? Unlike other setups, they stay in one spot, wirelessly damaging the ores and collecting resources. It's a bit of a bug, but hey, we'll take it in Palworld. Less movement means more productivity.

Often appears out of the blue to flaunt its prized wings in front of other Pals.
Although it seems to be an intimidation tactic, the Pal seems to derive some kind of pleasure from the display.
UtilityPartner Skill: Ultrasonic Sensor
ActivationUses ultrasonic waves to detect the location of nearby Pals
Work Suitability
Possible DropsLeather
Small Pal Soul

Becoming Ore Magnates in Palworld

The result in Palworld? A farm that's not just a charming addition to our virtual world but a powerhouse of resources. Ore galore, my friends, in Palworld. And we're not just talking about enough for our current needs – we're thinking ahead to the heavy iron armor, muskets, grappling hooks, and whatever else Palworld throws at us.


In conclusion, our journey in Palworld has been nothing short of thrilling as we explored and implemented various strategies to enhance our gameplay. From strategically building our farm near an abundant ore source to capturing merchants and optimizing our workforce with efficient mining Tombats, every step has been a calculated move toward success. Palworld, with its dynamic ecosystem and creative possibilities, has allowed us not only to play the game but to craft our own virtual empire. As we revel in the fruits of our labor – a thriving farm, a bustling virtual marketplace, and a strategic mining operation – we eagerly anticipate the challenges and adventures that Palworld has yet to unfold. It's not just a game; it's a journey of strategic mastery and endless possibilities. Happy gaming, fellow Palworld enthusiasts!


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