Palworld – Pal Breeding Starter Guide

In Palworld, the breeding mechanics unveil a fascinating world of genetic possibilities, allowing players to intricately craft and shape the traits of their companions. As players reach level 19, the breeding pan becomes a pivotal tool, enabling the combination of male and female Pals to create unique offspring. This section delves into the dynamics of breeding, showcasing the process, unexpected outcomes, and the strategic choices players can make.

Crafting Cakes and Initiating Breeding

Palworld introduces a delightful mechanic to initiate the breeding process – crafting cakes. These delectable treats serve as catalysts for successful breeding, offering players a hands-on approach to encourage their Pals to engage in the genetic dance. This section explores the crafting of cakes, their ingredients, and their role in creating the perfect environment for the breeding pan.

Before we embark on this exciting journey, there are a few key components we need to gather. The first essential is a wheat plantation, and the second is a reliable mill. These elements play a crucial role as they form the foundation for our cake-baking adventure, a vital step in the process of facilitating pet breeding.

Planting the Seeds: Wheat and Red Berries

Our initial focus revolves around obtaining wheat and red berries, the primary ingredients for our cakes. Wheat, the backbone of our operation, can be efficiently cultivated with even just one plantation. However, we decided to go the extra mile and set up two plantations, with dedicated workers handling planting and watering automatically.

For the red berries, early on, you can establish Red Berry plantations to ensure a steady supply. These berries are a fundamental component of our cake recipe.

Moo-ing and Buzzing: Acquiring Milk, Eggs, and Honey

Now, let's talk about the delightful trio of milk, eggs, and honey. Milk is sourced from Moz Arenas, the charming cow creatures found near the Ravine entrance Waypoint. A few of these should suffice for our needs. Honey, on the other hand, is obtained from Bee guard Pals, usually appearing around level 20-21 in the center-northern part of the map. A strategic spot for honey hunting is the Manda Forest Waypoint.

For eggs, we've set up two ranches – one for bees and the other for cows and chickens. This ensures a continuous production line of eggs, milk, and honey, all essential components for our cakes.

Chickpeas and Cake Construction

Chickpeas, scattered generously across the landscape, including the starting area, are essential for our cake recipe. Once gathered, we place them in our ranches, efficiently managing our resources and contributing to the overall production of eggs, milk, and honey.

With the raw materials in place, we head to the mill to convert our bountiful harvest of wheat into flour. This addresses the fourth crucial resource required for our cake-making process.

Bringing it All Together: Baking the Cake

The last two ingredients, the red berries, are easily accessible and likely one of the first things we crafted. Now, it's time to assemble all the components and bake the cake. Utilizing a cooking pot and ensuring we have a creature that can handle kindling, we set the stage for this critical step in our pet breeding adventure.

A Sweet Conclusion: Handling the Cake

It turns out that the cake holds the key to pet love. Once crafted, it goes into a special box, initiating the pet breeding process. However, be mindful of the 20-minute timer before it spoils. To extend its shelf life, consider placing it in a refrigerating box, requiring an ice creature to keep it cool. Alternatively, a quick 'sort' in our inventory resets the timer, providing a handy way to manage the cake's freshness.

Combining Pals

Combining Different Species: The Elphidran

In the fascinating world of combining different species, we achieved some magical results. By pairing a female Vanwyrm with a male Sweepa, we obtained a jackpot—a large dragon egg named Combining Different Species: The Elphidran. This unique creature serves as both a powerful companion and a versatile ground and flying mount.

The incubation process takes about an hour and 20 minutes, but you can speed things up by adjusting the incubation timer to zero in your world settings. The Elphidran boasts a striking appearance and wields an impressive burst flare-type attack, making it a formidable ally. As you level it up, you can choose from various Dragon, Neutral, and Fire-type abilities, adding to its versatility.

Breeding Robinquills for Farm Work

Switching gears to breeding members of the same species, we focused on Robinquills , exceptional workers for the farm. We aimed for a specific yellow passive skill, prioritizing workaholic for optimal efficiency. After patiently waiting, we successfully bred a Robinquills with a yellow ones, enhancing its capabilities.

To further improve our Pal's traits, we took a step beyond and bred the offspring with one of the original parents possessing the best stats. Despite the unconventional approach, it proved effective in creating Pals with superior traits and higher levels.

A pal that is very similar to humans who hunt and live in the forests. It may prove to be a key for understanding what Pals are and how they diverged from humans so long ago.

Utility Partner Skill:

Skill NameHawkeye
DescriptionWhile fighting together, allows you to deal more damage to weak points.

Work Suitability:

Medicine Production1

Possible Drops:

Wheat Seeds

Unlocking Lunaris through Cross-Breeding

For those seeking a formidable boss Pal, we explored the process of unlocking Lunaris. While normally encountered at a challenging level 32, we found a clever workaround. By breeding a Direhowl and a Rooby, both at low levels, we obtained a Lunaris with astonishing passive skills.

The offspring surpassed its parents, acquiring two golden skills despite neither parent having any. This showcases the potential for remarkable results through cross-breeding, even when starting with seemingly random skills.

Utility Partner SkillAntigravity
DescriptionWhile in a team, Lunaris manipulates gravity, increasing the player's max carrying capacity.
Level 1 Bonus80 weight added
StackabilityDoes stack with multiple team members

Ranking Up Pals

Before we wrap things up, let's delve into a crucial aspect of enhancing our pals—ranking them up. This process involves condensing the essence of other Pals into the ones we currently possess. To initiate this, we need to head to the technology tab, accessible at level 14, and unlock the essence condenser. Trust me, it's worth the effort.

Essential Steps for Ranking Up:

  1. Unlocking the Essence Condenser: Ensure we have reached at least level 14 to access this valuable tool.
  2. Gathering Five Similar Pals: We'll need a minimum of five Pals of the same type. This is where our collection skills come into play.
  3. Choosing the Ideal Pal: Let's select the one we want to promote based on factors like superior stats, higher levels, or exceptional passive skills.
  4. Sacrificing the Others: Click on the chosen Pal and sacrifice the remaining four (or as per the level requirement) to boost the selected one.
  5. Paying Attention to Passive Skills: Beware of sacrificing Pals with valuable passive skills (indicated in yellow). These skills won't transfer to the primary Pal, at least not in the initial levels.

Progressing through Levels:

  • First Level: Sacrifice low-level or undesired Pals to bolster our primary choice.
  • Subsequent Levels: As we advance, the number of required sacrifices will increase. Keep in mind the potential numbers like 16 or 32 for later levels.

Enhanced Skills and Star Ratings:

As we rank up our Pals to the maximum of four stars (or potentially five stars), we'll witness improvements not just in their overall power but also in their passive skills. These enhanced skills can reach new levels, providing a significant boost to our characters.

Creating Our Ultimate Team:

By diligently following these steps, we'll be on our way to crafting a formidable team. Imagine the possibilities as we combine various Pals to form a legendary-quality Pal capable of conquering any challenge.


Breeding and ranking up Pals in Palworld provide a dynamic and engaging experience. From cake management to strategic pairings and ranking up, players can unlock unique and powerful combinations, enhancing their Pal-raising adventure. Happy breeding!


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