Palworld Tips and Tricks

Palworld 20 Pro Tips and Tricks

The creature collecting open world survival game Palworld has entered Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on January 19, 2024 and since then has grabbed the gaming community by storm! There are a lot of features in the game that aren't obvious (or you might have skipped through) but can have a huge impact on your gameplay. So, here are 20 valuable pro tips and tricks to help you navigate around the game from reddit user 51Reid after 75 hours of gameplay!

20 Pro tips I've compiled after 75 hours!

  1. Build your base out of stone as soon as possible, because wood will burn later on from raids. (Also, try to build them near resources and away from cliffs; pals tend to get stuck on anything that isn't flat).
  2. Put your feed box near the center of your base, or near critical functions to speed up efficiency. Walking pals are not working pals.
  3. Build chests next to areas of production to speed up item transfers.
  4. Galeclaw is the ultimate glider and makes bunny-hop-gliding always faster than sprinting. You can also instantly recall it by double-tapping jump.
  5. You can combine flying mounts with ranged weapons to have safer battles.
  6. Craft a feed bag as soon as possible so you don't have to manually feed your team.
  7. Cook berries as soon as you have the technology to do so, they will restore SAN.
  8. Pals that unlock collar accessories can always be out for combat, and do not take damage.
  9. Pals with lucky, legend, and elemental buffs can transfer their passive skills through the Breeding Farm.
  10. Pals deal about 20% more damage with active skills that are the same element as their own type.
  11. Merchants can be captured and placed in your base to access buying and selling functions. They're a great source of bones for cement. Pal merchants refresh their wares if you remove and replace them in the base. Black market traders in particular will sell you any number of different pals, revealing their habitat locations.
  12. Ingots can be turned into nails and sold for a high value to merchants.
  13. Pals that specialize in tasks are generally more efficient than pals that handle a variety of operations. Reason being that they do not spend time running around and getting distracted.
  14. Flying mounts are the most efficient way to scale cliffs, and are always better than climbing. If they run out of stamina, you can jump off and switch to your glider to keep your height for a little longer. Alternatively you can grab the cliff face, but your pal might not let you remount.
  15. Condense useless pals in the pal condenser to upgrade the partner skills of good pals.
  16. Leaving the game and rejoining fixes a number of glitches and problems.
  17. Pals will get de-buffs to their wellness if you leave the game and it is running on a server; but, they still operate efficiently if their suitability is high. Try to save medicine for those that are doing critical base functions.
  18. All tiers of pal balls should work when thrown at the back, and have a higher capture chance than normal. If the pal is sleeping, stunned or frozen, the chance should be even higher.
  19. When you die, your loot bag freezes timers on food. You can use this as indefinite storage if needed. (I haven't tested if there's any risks to having multiple loot bags, but it does not seem to despawn until all items are grabbed).
  20. Dark Pals work 24/7, and won't sleep at night. This makes Katress a valuable asset.

Bonus tip: Pals that are a higher level than you can be placed in a base to defend it. That legendary you caught with a 0.3% chance can break up most raids.