Palworld – Pokemon Mod Revealed!

If you haven't caught wind of Palworld yet, you've probably been living under a rock. It's the current hot ticket in gaming, and let me tell you, if you're a fan of Pokemon, Ark, and Breath of the Wild, this game's got it all. We're talking about the number one trending game, and it's making waves for all the right reasons.

So, here's the scoop. Palworld, our current obsession, is a massive, in-your-face fusion of Pokemon, Ark, and Breath of the Wild. It's been in development for three years, and it's causing quite a stir in the gaming community. People are loving it for being a bold and unapologetic ripoff of Pokemon, and it's throwing in some cool elements from other games that we adore.

Now, the game is doing so well, and it's so much fun, that even Pokemon is feeling the heat. But, here's the thing. Some folks have been a bit iffy about Palworld because, well, it's not exactly Pokemon. It's similar, sure, but it's got its own flavor. However, hold on to your hats because things are about to change.

ToastedShoes Covers Pokemon Mod in Palworld

ToastedShoes has covered the mod for Pokemon in Palworld. Can you believe it? We're definitely checking it out, and from what he's teasing, it's going to be mind-blowingly cool.

He dropped a 30-second trailer giving us a sneak peek, and guess what? The characters and Pals have been transformed into actual Pokemon, and they look absolutely fantastic. It's like a dream come true for Pokemon fans. This mod might just put Pokemon Scarlet Violet to shame.

We're talking about boss fights, open-world exploration, and a gaming experience that's been three years in the making. Palworld might be shorter on development time than some mainline Pokemon games, but it's packing a punch with Unreal Engine 4, ensuring a lag-free, fully open world.

So, what it showcases is your main character as Ash, and then you see Pikachu getting to work, farming that stone, a few Pokémon out in the open world, and also the Pokédex, where all seems to be modded to make it the best Pokémon game ever made. Wait, did we just say that? Better question is, is it the truth? You tell us.

Mixed Feelings: Palworld as a Pokemon Game?

Now, personally, as awesome as this does indeed look, a Pokémon game inspired by Palworld, that just doesn't sound right. But yeah, an open-world game where you travel about the map, capturing those little fairy critters and basically living the Pokémon dream in the shoes of Ash, facing off against old rivals, meeting old friends at the same time, like Brock and Misty, does sound great. So, yeah, a little part of us thinks it looks cool, but a bigger part of us thinks, does Palworld even need this? We personally think Palworld is great as it is.

Yes, for sure, this is probably what many people wanted, but will it ever be enough if it isn't actually a Pokémon game? We ain't sure. The funny thing is, it takes Palworld to actually create the best-looking Pokémon game we've ever seen. And as much as this doesn't sit right with us, and we'd much prefer an actual legit Pokémon game which hits all the right spots, Palworld does. We hope Game Freak witnesses this mod and thinks twice about their next installment or even a future one in that Pokémon game franchise. Palworld, in our opinion, is the best thing to happen to Pokémon if it sorts out the crap we've been getting with Pokémon games over the last few years.

Nintendo's Dilemma: The Best-Looking Pokemon Game Ever?

Now, what we will say is Nintendo will be all over this like a rash. There isn't no way they will let people enjoy a Pokémon game better than any they have done yet. Nintendo is not going to let that slide 100%. But yeah, the mod is promised to be out soon. If you are a content creator, play and showcase it at your own risk. We personally wouldn't take that chance, but it's completely up to you.

Palworld is flaunting 111 Pals, and it's shining a glaring spotlight on Pokemon's struggle to match up with that number. Some argue it's a resource thing, but Palworld seems to have nailed it without breaking a sweat. The only catch? It's on PC and Xbox, not the Nintendo Switch.

Now, don't get too bummed about that. The mod promises an experience that's leagues ahead of the official Pokemon games. It's a vibrant, fluid Pokemon adventure that we've been craving, reminiscent of Pokemon Legends Arceus – a game that many of us loved.

So, here's the lowdown. The mod adds all Pokemon for all 111 Pals, turning those clear ripoffs into the real deal. We're genuinely excited to see how it all plays out when the mod drops.


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