Palworld – Pal Breeding Combination Guide

Breeding in Palworld is something many people have invested plenty of hours in. Today, I bring you a list of all 28 special combinations of Pals you can breed—specific Pals that you can only obtain by breeding two particular parents. Let's dive in!

Relaxaurus Lux

First up, we have the Relaxaurus Lux. This cool Dragon electric type pal has work suitability traits of level three in generating electricity and level one in transporting. To get this pal, breed the Relaxaurus and Sparkit. It doesn't matter which is male or female; these must be the parents you breed together to get the Relaxaurus Lux.

Mau Cryst

Moving on, we have the Mau Cryst, a blue cat falling under the ice element type. It offers level one in cooling and level one in farming. To breed this, use the Mau and Pengullet as parents.

Incineram Noct

Next, we have the Incineram Noct, a pal with handling, transporting, and mining abilities. Breed Incineram and Maraith to get this specific pal.

Vanwyrm Cryst

Then, we have the Vanwyrm Cryst, a badass-looking pal with both ice and dark elements, offering level two in cooling and level three in transporting. Breed Vanwyrm and Foxicle to get this one.

Eikthyrdeer Terra

Now, the Eikthyrdeer Terra, a ground type pal with lumbering abilities. Breed Eikthyrdeer and Hangyu to get this pal.

Elphidran Aqua,

Next is the Elphidran Aqua, a water type pal. Breed Elphidran and Surfent to obtain this pal.

Pyrin Noct

Moving on to the Pyrin Noct, a fire-dark element pal. Breed Pyrin and Katress to get this one.

Mammorest Cryst

Now, the Mammorest Cryst, an ice type pal with lumbering, mining, and cooling abilities. Breed Mammorest and Wumpo to obtain this pal.

Mossanda Lux

The Mossanda Lux is an electric Panda with various abilities. Breed Mossanda and Grizzbolt to get this pal.

Dinossom Lux

Continuing on, the Dinossom Lux is a dragon-electric type offering generating electricity and lumbering abilities. Dinossom and Rayhound to obtain this pal.

Jolthog Cryst

Now, the Jolthog Cryst, an ice hedgehog with cooling abilities. Breed Jolthog and Pengullet to get this pal.

Frostallion Noct

Next is the Frostallion Noct, a dark-type horsey-looking creature with gathering abilities. To breed this, you'll need Frostallion and Helzephyr.

Ice Kingpaca

The Ice Kingpaca is an ice-type pal with gathering and cooling abilities. Breed Kingpaca and Reindrix to get this pal.

Lyleen Noct

Moving on to the Lyleen Noct, a dark element pal with handwork, gathering, and medicine production abilities. Breed Lyleen and Menasting to obtain this one.

Leezpunk Ignis

Now, the Leezpunk Ignis, a fire type pal with kindling, handwork, gathering, and transporting abilities. Breed Leezpunk and Flambelle to get this pal.

Blazehowl Noct

Next is the Blazehowl Noct, a fire-dark type pal with kindling and lumbering abilities. Breed Blazehowl and Felbat to obtain this one.

Robinquill Terra

Now, the Robinquill Terra, a ground-grass type pal with various abilities. Breed Robinquill and Fuddler to get this pal.

Broncherry Aqua

The Broncherry Aqua is a water-grass type pal with water ring abilities. Breed Broncherry and Fuack to obtain this pal.

Surfent Terra

Next is the Surfent Terra, a ground type pal resembling a water fiend. Breed Surfent and Dumud to get this one.

Gobfin Ignis

Now, the Gobfin Ignis, a fire type pal with kindling, handiwork, and transporting abilities. Breed Gobfin and Rooby to obtain this pal.

Suzaku Aqua

Moving on to the Suzaku Aqua, a water type flying monster with watering abilities. Breed Suzaku and Jormuntide to get this pal.

Ice Reptyro

Next is the Ice Reptyro, an ice grand pal with mining and cooling abilities. Breed Reptyro and Foxicle to obtain this one.

Hangyu Cryst

Now, the Hangyu Cryst, a cute pal resembling a critter. Breed Hangyu and Swee to get this pal.


Next up is Lyleen, a grass type pal with various abilities. Breed Mossanda and Petallia to obtain this pal.

Mythical Firebird of Faleris

Now, the Mythical Firebird of Faleris, a legendary pal. Breed Vanwyrm and Anubis to get this pal.


Continuing, the Grizzbolt is an electric type pal with various abilities. Breed Mossanda and Rayhound to obtain this pal.


Next, Oserk, a monster pal. Breed Grizzbolt and Relaxasaurus to get this one.


Finally, Shadowbeak, a bird offering gathering abilities. Breed Kitsun and Astegon to obtain this pal.


There you have it, the 28 special combinations requiring specific parents to breed specific pals in Palworld. Additionally, there are five other pals that you can only get by breeding two of the same parents: Frostallion, Jetdragon, Paladius, Necromus, and Jormuntide Ignis.


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