Palworld – Best Early Game Mounts

Moving through the world of power at a sluggish pace can be a real nightmare. So, in today's article, we're going to showcase the best mounts you can obtain in the early game of Palworld to experience lightning-fast travel across the map. These mounts prove to be incredibly versatile, and you even have the option to evolve them or acquire variants through breeding, ensuring their usefulness extends into later stages of the game.

Obtaining these upgraded versions is possible right from the start, and the process is quite fascinating. These mounts are undoubtedly ones you'll want to keep in our inventory at all times.

One of our major gripes with flyers in Palworld was how painfully slow they were, especially the ones you initially get. However, with a couple of tricks, we can significantly boost their speed, making them much more enjoyable to use.


Vanwyrm, a potent Fire/Dark-type creature in Palworld, is prominently found on the left side of the Palworld map, gracefully soaring through the open skies. This region, known as Mount Obsidian (refer to the image above for precise location), is abundant with powerful Fire-type creatures. Encounters with Vanwyrms, ranging from level 10 to 16, await those who explore this area during both day and night.

To navigate Mount Obsidian successfully, equip yourself with heat-resistant armor, clothing, and trinkets, as the atmosphere here is notably hot.

One notable feature of the Vanwyrm is its potential for enhancement through strategic breeding. By pairing it with a Foxicle, players actively unlock the advanced form known as the Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld. This evolutionary step introduces new skills and abilities, significantly elevating the mount's overall capabilities.

Beyond its role as a transportation method, the Vanwyrm proves itself invaluable for aerial exploration and combat scenarios in Palworld. Its exceptional speed and maneuverability actively empower players to efficiently traverse vast landscapes while actively outmaneuvering adversaries.

How to Ride a Vanwyrm in Palworld

To ride a Vanwyrm in Palworld, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the Vanwyrm Saddle: The Vanwyrm Saddle becomes available at Technology Level 21.
  2. Craft the Saddle: Head to a Pal Gear Workbench at your base and craft the Vanwyrm Saddle using the following resources:
    • Leather: 20
    • Flame Organ: 10
    • Ingot: 15
    • Fiber: 30
    • Paldium Fragment: 20

How to Breed the Vanwyrm Cryst

Vanwyrm Cryst represents an advanced form of the Vanwyrm, obtained through a strategic breeding process and enhanced further using the Pal Condenser. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to obtain and enhance the Vanwyrm Cryst:

1. Breeding Process:

  • Begin by acquiring a Vanwyrm, a prominent flying mount in Palworld.
  • To initiate the breeding process, pair the Vanwyrm with a Foxcicle, a compatible mate. This strategic pairing is essential for unlocking the advanced form.
  • The breeding process results in a large Frozen egg, signifying a successful combination.

2. Incubation and Hatching:

  • Place the large Frozen egg into an incubator to commence the incubation process.
  • Once incubation is complete, the egg hatches, revealing the evolved form known as the Vanwyrm Cryst.

3. Vanwyrm Cryst Abilities and Traits:

  • The Vanwyrm Cryst inherits new skills and abilities compared to its predecessor. These enhancements contribute to both offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a more formidable flying mount in Palworld.

4. Pal Condenser Enhancement:

  • With the Vanwyrm Cryst in hand, the next step is to utilize the Pal Condenser to further enhance its stats and overall performance.
  • Place the Vanwyrm Cryst into the Pal Condenser, along with other Vanwyrms that you've collected during your gameplay.
  • The Pal Condenser consumes the essence of these collected Vanwyrms, resulting in increased HP, attack, and defense.

5. Gameplay Advantages:

  • The enhanced Vanwyrm Cryst becomes a significant asset for players, offering improved stats and an expanded skill set.
  • Players can leverage the Vanwyrm Cryst's upgraded capabilities for various in-game activities, such as aerial exploration, combat scenarios, and efficient traversal across Palworld.


The Eikthydeer in Palworld is a notable ground mount, celebrated for its versatility and effectiveness in various in-game activities. This creature stands out as a reliable companion, providing players with efficient ground transportation and contributing unique skills to enhance exploration and combat.

Players can encounter the Eikthydeer in specific regions of Palworld, particularly in areas characterized by diverse flora and terrain. Exploring these regions during different times of the day can lead to encounters with Eikthydeers of varying levels.

Eikthydeers are available at different levels, allowing players to choose mounts based on their progression in Palworld. Regardless of level, these creatures exhibit impressive characteristics, combining speed, strength, and stamina to meet the demands of various in-game situations.

Breeding Eikthydeers involves strategic pairings to enhance their passive skills. Notable skills include Nimble, Swift, Ferocious, and Muscle Head, contributing to the mount's movement speed, attack capabilities, and overall effectiveness.

Players can actively utilize the Pal Condenser to augment the Eikthydeer's stats. By combining it with other collected Eikthydeers, the Pal Condenser enhances the mount's HP, attack, and defense, providing a more formidable companion for players.

The Eikthydeer proves invaluable for various in-game activities. Its speed and agility make it an efficient mode of ground transportation, while its combat skills contribute to successful engagements with adversaries. Players can leverage these attributes for exploration and combat scenarios.

How to Breed the Eikthydeer Terra

1. Acquire Eikthydeer and Hangyu:

  • Start by obtaining a standard Eikthydeer, the base form of the mount.
  • Additionally, acquire a Hangyu, the chosen Ground-Type Pal that will be used for breeding and initiating the Terra transformation.

2. Pair Eikthydeer with Hangyu:

  • Place the Eikthydeer and the Hangyu into the breeding pen. This is where the transformation process begins.

3. Initiate Breeding Process:

  • Ensure that the breeding pen is equipped with the necessary items, such as cakes, to facilitate the mating process.
  • The Eikthydeer and Hangyu will mate, resulting in the production of a large Rocky egg.

4. Incubate the Large Rocky Egg:

  • Transfer the large Rocky egg obtained from the breeding process into an incubator.
  • Allow the egg to incubate until it hatches, revealing the evolved form known as the Eikthydeer Terra.

5. Hatch the Eikthydeer Terra:

  • Once the incubation period is complete, the large Rocky egg will hatch, unveiling the Eikthydeer Terra variant.

6. Saddle and Equipment Considerations:

  • As the Eikthydeer Terra is now an evolved form, players may need to acquire a new saddle designed specifically for this variant.
  • Consider upgrading equipment to match the enhanced capabilities of the Eikthydeer Terra.

7. Additional Enhancements with the Pal Condenser:

  • For further enhancement, consider using the Pal Condenser. Combine the Eikthydeer Terra with other collected Eikthydeers to increase its stats, including HP, attack, and defense.

8. Utilize the Eikthydeer Terra in Gameplay:

  • Once the breeding process and enhancements are complete, actively utilize the Eikthydeer Terra in various in-game activities. Benefit from its evolved abilities and distinctive appearance during exploration, combat, and transportation.

In Closing: Unveiling the Best Mounts in Palworld

Exploring the realm of Palworld and optimizing your gameplay involves discovering the best mounts, and in this guide, we delved into two exceptional choices—the Vanwyrm and the Eikthydeer. From overcoming the initial challenge of their slowness to evolving them into powerful variants through breeding, we've uncovered the secrets to transforming your gaming experience.

The Vanwyrm, with its swift and nimble attributes, offers unparalleled speed in the skies. By breeding and evolving it into the Vanwyrm Cryst, you not only enhance its appearance but also unlock even greater potential for later stages in the game.

On the ground, the Eikthydeer proves to be a versatile and powerful companion. By strategically breeding it with a Hangyu and hatching the Terra variant, you gain access to a ground mount with enhanced stats and abilities, enriching your exploration and combat capabilities.

Whether soaring through the skies on a Vanwyrm or navigating the terrain with an evolved Eikthydeer Terra, these mounts stand as testament to your mastery in Palworld. May your adventures be filled with speed, power, and the thrill of discovering the best companions for your journey.


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