Palworld – Best Passives to Look for in a Pal

In Palworld, one of the most important stats to consider before anything else is the passive skills. Every creature in Palworld can spawn with any number of skills, ranging from zero to four. These skills play a massive role in how well they perform certain actions, such as fighting, defending, providing player buffs, or even gaining insane amounts of movement speed.

Today, let's go over the best positive skills to look for in each type of companion, whether they're part of your fighting party or stationed at your base. These passive skills are found in the creature summary, split into two categories: positive or negative. While some provide both positive and negative stats, the positives usually outweigh the negatives.

It's essential to aim for as many positive stats as possible for each creature. Having one negative stat is acceptable, especially if it's a strong one, indicated by the color yellow or gold, and marked with two or three arrows up. These usually provide more significant stats.

Keep an eye on the tier of the stat indicated by the arrows, ranging from one to three. Negative stats follow the same system but with debuffs. It's crucial to note that these stats spawn randomly, so you might need to hunt for numerous specimens before finding one with desirable stats.

Breeding is a key aspect, and having parents with at least one or two desirable stats gives you more control over the outcome. However, there's still an element of RNG involved.

Now, let's explore the most desirable stats in Palworld. The list here is not exhaustive, but these are considered the best for specific roles, including increasing movement speed, attack damage, defenses, command, and base building.

Best Positive Passives

Movement Speed:

  • Swift Runner
  • Nimble
  • Motivational Leader

Attack Damage:

  • Lucky
  • Ferocious
  • Muscle Head
  • Hooligan
  • Aggressive
  • Brave


  • Burly Body
  • Hard Skin


  • Vanguard
  • Stronghold Strategist
  • Motivational Leader

Base Building:

  • Artisan
  • Serious
  • Workaholic
  • Diet Lover

Passive Descriptions


Think of Musclehead as the reverse of Work Slave. This trait lowers your Pal's Work Speed by 50 percent, but compensates with a 30 percent Attack boost. Although hard to find, Kitsun and Anubis with the Musclehead trait become virtually unstoppable in battle, delivering instant heavy-hitting power.

Celestial Emperor

Neutral attacks often struggle against Dark Elements and lack special boosts against any particular Element. Here's where the Celestial Emperor trait shines. This passive skill adds 20 percent more Neutral attack damage, offering Neutral Pals a chance to contend with all other Elements.

Flame Emperor

Fire Pals like Warsect are already a nightmare for Ice and Grass Pals, but with the additional 20 percent Attack Boost from the Flame Emperor trait, they become even more effective. This boost also aids Fire Pals in battles against their aquatic counterparts, providing them with a much-needed advantage.

Type-based damage increases of 20 percent

This category includes several Passive Skills serving the same purpose: granting a 20 percent increase in damage for one specific element. They are potent but require strategic planning. Here is the list for all nine kinds of elemental damage:

  • Flame Emperor
  • Earth Emperor
  • Ice Emperor
  • Celestial Emperor
  • Spirit Emperor
  • Lord of the Sea
  • Lord of Lightning
  • Lord of the Underworld
  • Divine Dragon


Serious is a variant of the Work Slave trait, providing your Pal with a 20 percent boost in Work Speed without any other stats nerfs. As a Tier 2 Passive Skill, you'll come across plenty of Pals with the Serious Skill, ready to be put to work straight away.


The Artisan Passive Skill stands out as the best trait for Worker Pals, boosting their Work Speed by 50 percent. If your Pal also possesses good attacking stats, this trait will help it level up faster, turning it into a hard-working Pal-killing machine!


A formidable Tier 3 skill, Ferocious provides your Pal with a 20 percent Attack boost. If you come across a Pal with this trait, you'll have an instant battle-ready companion that becomes even more potent with each level. This trait comes with no nerfs, allowing you to stack attack points endlessly.


Agile Pals are equally effective on the farm and in battle due to their speed, enabling them to dodge attacks and move swiftly. Pals with the Swift trait enjoy a 30 percent movement buff with no side effects, making Pals like Darkbeak or Surfent dizzyingly fast.


The Lucky trait, a well-balanced and fairly common one in Palworld, boosts your Pal's Attack and Work Speed by 15 percent. This skill works great on all Pal types, making Lucky Pals versatile fighters and decent workers.


Operating as a threefold buff, Legend enhances your Pal's attack and defense by 20 percent, with its Movement Speed also receiving a 15 percent boost. The Legend Skill is fantastic for crafting the ultimate fighting Pal, particularly after leveling up!

Work Slave

The Work Slave trait provides a 30 percent work speed boost but comes at the cost of a 30 percent attack nerf. As a Tier 1 trait, this skill proves useful in the early game for building up your ranch and Pal level.


Keeping your Pals safe from Hunger is key to productivity, but it’s also the case for Sanity. If it reduces too much, your Pals won’t be willing to work anymore. The Workaholic Tier +3 Passive Skill helps by making Sanity drop 15 percent slower, meaning your Pals can work longer before resting in their Palbox.

Diet Lover

The negative effects of Hunger in Palworld shouldn’t be underestimated, as your Pals might not be able to work anymore because of it. To prevent this, you’ll have to feed them (and yourself), but the Diet Lover Passive Skill can help, with a 15 percent increased likelihood of Hunger decrease.

Logging and Mining Foreman

Logging Foreman and Mining Foreman are both potent Passive Skills with specific uses. The former grants a 25 percent increase in Player Logging Efficiency, while the latter offers the same bonus to Mining Efficiency.

Table of Passives

Check out this table for a full list of positive and negative passives.

Passive SkillTierPassive Effect
Abnormal110% decrease to incoming Neutral damage
Aggressive1Attack +10% / Defense -10%
Artisan3Work speed +50%
Brittle-3Defense -20%
Burly Body3Defense +20%
Blood of the Dragon110% increase to Dragon attack damage
Botanical Barrier110% decrease to incoming Grass damage
Bottomless Stomach-2Satiety drops 15% faster
Brave1Attack +10%
Capacitor110% increase to Electric attack damage
Cheery110% decrease to incoming Dark damage
Clumsy-1Work Speed -10%
Coldblooded110% increase to Ice attack damage
Coward-1Attack -10%
Conceited1Work Speed +10% / Defense -10%
Dainty Eater1Satiety drops +10% slower
Diet Lover3Decrease in Hunger is less likely by +15%
Destructive-2SAN drops +15% faster
Divine Dragon320% increase to Dragon attack damage
Downtrodden-1Defense -10%
Dragonkiller110% decrease to incoming Dragon damage
Earth Emperor320% increase to Ground attack damage
Earthquake Resistant110% decrease to incoming Ground damage
Ferocious3Attack +20%
Fragrant Foliage110% increase to Grass attack damage
Glutton-1Satiety drops +10% faster
Hard Skin1Defense +10%
Heated Body110% decrease to incoming Ice damage
Hooligan1+15% Attack / -10% Work Speed
Hydromaniac110% increase to Water attack damage
Ice Emperor320% increase to Ice attack damage
Insulated Body110% decrease to incoming Electric damage
Legend3Attack +20% / Defense +20% / Movement Speed +15%
Logging Foreman325% increase to player Logging efficiency
Lord of Darkness320% increase to Dark attack damage
Lord of the Sea320% increase to Water attack damage
Lucky3+15% Work Speed / +15% Attack
Masochist1Defense +15% / Attack -15%
Mine Foreman325% increase to player Mining efficiency
Motivational Leader325% increase to player speed
Musclehead2Attack +30% / Work Speed -50%
Nimble110% increase to Movement Speed
Pacifist-3Attack -20%
Positive Thinker1SAN drops +10% slower
Power of Gaia110% increase to Ground attack damage
Pyromaniac110% increase to Fire attack damage
Runner220% increase to Movement Speed
Sadist1Attack +15% / Defense -15%
Serious2Work Speed +20%
Suntan Lover110% decrease to incoming Fire damage
Swift330% increase to Movement Speed
Stronghold Strategist310% increase to player Defense
Slacker-3Work Speed -30%
Unstable-1SAN drops +10% faster
Vanguard310% increase to player Attack
Veil of Darkness110% increase to Dark attack damage
Waterproof110% decrease to incoming Water damage
Workaholic3SAN drops +15% slower
Work Slave1Work Speed +30% / Attack -30%
Zen Mind110% increase to Neutral attack damage

Remember that these stats can stack with each other, but the maximum is four per creature. Breeding, hunting, and careful selection of parents are key strategies in optimizing your creature's stats. Consider using duplicates at the Condenser and enhancing stats at the Statue of Power using Pal Essences (SLP Souls) to further improve your favorite Pal's performance.


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