Palworld – How to Cure your Pal’s Ailments, Aches and Pains

Today, we're diving into the ins and outs of curing our Pals' ailments. You've probably noticed that some of our Pals are dealing with fractures, sprains, or a bit of the blues.

How to Treat Injured or Depressed Pals?

Now, when it comes to getting them back in tip-top shape, you can either take them out of the Pal range or let them chill in the Pal box for a while – they'll bounce back on their own. But if you're in a hurry to get them back into the base, here's where the Medieval Medicine Workbench comes into play.

We've got three tiers of Medieval Medicine Workbenches. Each tier lets us whip up specific types of medicine. Now, to brew up the cure, you'll need low-grade medical supplies, mid-grade medical supplies, and high-grade medical supplies. Each of these packs a punch for different ailments – weakened and depressed, ulcers and fractures, or colds and sprains.

You can grab these from a Trader or save time by snagging the medical supplies directly.

Once you've got your hands on the meds, it's time to play doctor. Approach the Pal with the issue and feed him those high-grade medical supplies. Watch his depression vanish, and he'll be back to his cheerful self.

Don't forget, there's a Pal that's a medicine-making whiz. Assign them to the Medieval Medicine Workbench, or if you're feeling lazy, just leave your Pals in the Pal box, and they'll naturally get better over time.

How to Acquire a Medicine Production Pal

To spot a Pal with the Medicine Production trait, just glance at their details page. Look out for the distinctive green bowl icon—it's your golden ticket to identifying these skilled healers. The accompanying level? Well, that's your gauge for proficiency. Higher levels equate to speedier medicine-related duties.

Much like the exclusive club of Pals with traits such as Lumbering and Kindling, the Medicine Production elite is a select group. Most of these remarkable Pals fall under the Grass type, aligning seamlessly with their affinity for herbs and medicinal plants.

Here's a handy table of Pals blessed with the Medicine Production trait and their corresponding proficiency levels:

Pal NameLevel

For peak efficiency in your home clinic, consider enlisting Pals with the highest Medicine Production trait levels. Top contenders? Vaelet and Felbat, both rocking a solid three levels. But if speed isn't your top priority, and you just need some helping hands at the Medieval Medicine Workbench, nabbing an early Medicine Production Pal like Lifmunk is a smart move.

How to Craft the Medieval Medicine Workbench

Once you've got your hands on a Medicine Production Pal, ensure you've unlocked the Medieval Medicine Workbench from the Technology tree. This gem becomes available at level 12 and requires a mix of materials: 30 Wood, five nails, and 10 Paldium Fragment. Build the workbench, choose your desired item to craft, assign your Medicine Production Pal to the job, and voila! Your Pal should start working, and a text prompt on your screen will confirm the creature's dedication to the structure.

How to Get Wood?

1. Collecting From the Ground: As newcomers to Palworld, we might find it convenient to start our wood collection journey by simply picking up branches and sticks from the ground. This beginner-friendly option doesn't require any tools, making it easy to accumulate the wood we need. Plus, it's a great choice for those of us who enjoy venturing far and wide during expeditions. Keep an eye out for various items, including wood, scattered on the ground as we explore new territories.

2. Cutting Down Trees: To enhance our efficiency in gathering wood, let's consider wielding an axe to cut down trees. While it's possible to attempt this manually, crafting a Stone Axe at our Primitive Workbench (requiring x5 Wood and x5 Stone) significantly speeds up the process. Each swing of the axe yields 1 Wood, providing a more productive option compared to using our bare hands.

3. Building a Logging Site: For those of us who prefer an automated and streamlined approach, constructing a Logging Site in Palworld becomes an appealing option. This structure becomes available in the Technology tab once we reach level 7 and requires resources like Palladium Fragment x10, Stone x20, and Wood x50. Once the Logging Site is in place, we can initiate the chopping process by approaching it and pressing the interaction button. It's worth noting that this structure seems to synergize well with Pals possessing the Lumbering skill, such as Lifmunk. In the presence of trees or a Logging Site near our base, these Pals will actively contribute to wood collection, providing a passive and time-efficient method.

How to Get Nails?

Unlocking Nail Crafting: To kickstart your journey into the world of crafting nails, the first step is investing a technology point to unlock the nail recipe once you hit level 10. As you delve into this endeavor, keep in mind that crafting nails involves ingots, so make sure to also unlock the Primitive Furnace technology.

Constructing a Primitive Furnace: Transforming your base into a crafting hub requires the construction of a Primitive Furnace. Gather 20 wood, 50 stone, and 3 Flame Organs from your trusty Fire Pals. Optimize your setup by positioning the furnace near a workbench for seamless efficiency.

Obtaining Ore: The key to your nail crafting success lies in mining ore deposits scattered throughout the vast world. Equip yourself with a sturdy pickaxe, and remember to free up inventory space before delving into mining, as ore tends to be on the heavier side. If you have Pals with Mining skills, rejoice, for they can automate the extraction process, making your life a bit easier.

Refining Ore into Ingots: Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of ore refinement. Pop those ores into the Primitive Furnace and assign a trusty Kindling Pal, like the industrious Foxparks, to smelt them into precious ingots. Build up a stockpile of ingots; they are the building blocks for your nail production empire.

Crafting Nails: With your ingots lined up and ready for action, head over to any workbench to commence the nail crafting extravaganza. It's a straightforward process – 1 ingot equals 2 nails. Want to speed things up? Enlist the help of Handiwork Pals, and you'll be churning out nails like never before.

Maximizing Nail Production: Become the maestro of nail production by setting your Pals on a mission to mine ore deposits within your base boundaries. This passive accumulation of materials is the secret sauce to your success. Channel the ores into furnaces manned by diligent Kindling Pals, and watch as mass ingot conversion becomes a reality.

How to Get Paldium Fragments?

Paldium Fragments are generously scattered across the landscape. Employing a Pickaxe to mine these petite ore nodes typically nets us around 6 to 8 Palladium Fragments.

Palladium rocks seem to favor locations near rivers and flowing water. It's highly recommended for us to thoroughly explore nearby clearings in the starting area, as these dazzling blue rocks are strewn all over the place.

For a more fruitful mining expedition, we can craft a Stone Pickaxe at the Primitive Workbench, utilizing 5 pieces of Wood and 5 Stones. Equipping this tool during our mining endeavors enhances our chances of securing a more substantial yield.

In addition to mining Palladium rocks, there's a chance we might stumble upon Palladium Fragments while mining regular rocks and stones. Although not as predictable as mining dedicated Palladium rocks, it's definitely worth giving it a shot. Keep a sharp eye out, as we might even come across individual blue Palladium Fragments casually lying around on the grass.

So, that's the lowdown on curing your Pals in Palworld. Thanks for reading, hope you found this info helpful!


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