Palworld – Glitches That Still Work Post-Patch

In this Palworld article, we're diving into five glitches that are still effective after the latest patch. Stick around, as these tricks are worth your time.

Black Market Vendor Glitch

Farming Gold Keys from Black Market Vendor

Start by exploiting the Black Market Vendor to obtain three gold keys. Defeat the vendor and collect the keys, then leverage a glitch to freeze him in place, making the farming process more manageable. Trigger the glitch by attacking and talking to him simultaneously with your Pal in Attack Mode. After defeating him, exit the game, load back in, and repeat the cycle to accumulate those valuable golden keys.

Capturing and Rotating Loot with Black Market Vendor

Taking it a step further, we delve into a more advanced glitch involving capturing the Black Market Vendor. Use Door Spheres, preferably Legendary or Ultra Spheres, to capture him and bring him back to your base. Once captured, interact with him, purchase Pals, and even rotate his stock by placing him back in the Palbox and taking him out. For a neater setup, consider creating a viewing cage for easy management. This glitch works with any vendor in the game, offering a convenient way to access their items without leaving your base.

Location Tip for Black Market Vendor

While Black Market Vendors are scattered across the game map, there is one consistently available 24/7. Check for specific location on the map below. So, if you're keen on optimizing your base and want to conduct transactions from the comfort of your home, give this glitch a try.

Insta-Pal Revive Tricks

Simple Party Drop Method

When your Pal gets knocked out and needs to chill in the Palbox for 10 minutes, there's a quick insta-revive trick. In your party, drop your Pal on the floor to reveal a sphere. With the Pal in the sphere, fill up your party spots, then pick up the sphere. Your Pal will be instantly revived with full health.

Viewing Cage Reset

Another method involves putting your incapacitated Pal in the viewing cage. After doing so, take them back out, and the 10-minute timer is reset, making your Pal ready to use again.

Food Timer Reset:

A surprising trick involves resetting food timers. Press the sorting button within the food box or inventory menu, and the timers will reset. This works wherever you can sort your food, be it in the inventory, fridge, or feeding box. It's a simple and cool trick for managing timers on various items.

Sneaky Dungeon Farming Trick

Let's dive into a little sneaky trick that'll let you farm dungeon chests without tangling with the boss. This works regardless of your level; whether you're a low-level adventurer or a seasoned dungeon delver, you can get those sweet loot-filled chests without breaking a sweat. All you need is a trusty mount with a saddle, and of course, it has to be nighttime.

Nighttime Dungeon Exploration

Now, dungeons operate on a day-and-night cycle, and during the night, they're all catching some Zs. So, hop on your mount, venture into that dungeon, and if you bump into a boss that's not hitting the hay because he's got a few too many Pals, no worries. Just give it a little jog away from the area, come back, and voila! The dungeon has reset, and hopefully, you'll find a boss in a deep slumber.

Navigating Past the Sleeping Boss

Once you've got that sleepy boss, smoothly navigate past them, head to the door where the chests are stashed behind a barrier. Position yourself just right and toss your Pal mount. If your aim is true, your Pal ends up on the other side of the barrier. Now, get close, and mount the Pal – through the barrier like magic! You'll find yourself on your Pal's back, ready to loot those chests hassle-free.

Bonus Tip: Boss Battle on Your Terms

Now, here's a bonus tip: you can even take on the boss from this side of the barrier, and he can't lay a finger on you. But honestly, if you're a low-level player, it might be a bit of a time sink. So, grab that loot, make a quick exit, and rinse and repeat as much as your heart desires.

Resource Duplication Glitch

Here's how it goes: Build something using the required materials, place the item down, cancel it, and voila! You've just duplicated the materials needed to craft it. This trick works for literally anything you can place on the floor.

To get started, make sure you have a base, obviously. Head to the outer edge, the blue circle marking your base's perimeter. Once there, build a storage box inside the base, within that blue circle. Now, bring up the item you want to duplicate, get those materials, and keep doubling up every time you do this. As long as you have the space, it works with any placeable item.

Now, the crucial part: Place the item inside your base, within the blue circle. As you step out of the circle, you'll see the warning of insufficient materials. Timing is key here – step out as you place the item down to build. If done right, cancel the build, and you'll get the materials back. In reality, you never used your own required materials in the first place. You're essentially doubling up on the materials needed to craft the items.

Mastering the timing might take a few tries, and you won't nail it every time until you get the technique down.

Capture Tower Bosses Glitch

Now, another glitch that still works involves capturing those Tower bosses. To do this, it's quite simple. Find any boss in the game; it doesn't matter as long as it's a Tower boss.

If you go to any settlement beforehand and start a fight with an NPC that won't normally attack you, like a vendor, you'll get a wanted status on your screen. Now, what you do here is simply build that up a little until you reach level two or three. Then, you want to fast travel to a Tower boss. Keep in mind that this may not work with every single Tower boss, so try and test numerous ones in the game.

With that wanted status, fast travel to the said Tower boss. All the NPCs will follow you and you will still have that wanted status. Now, you want to enter that Tower boss fight. In here, you do not want to start a fight with the boss, don't hit the boss, or initiate contact. What you want to do is try to get the NPCs and the Tower boss to fight each other. This can work with them attacking each other, the boss attacking them, them attacking the boss, or just fighting among themselves.

Once this happens, and you know it's bugged out, is when the Tower boss runs into the corner. Now, here's the trick. When that boss runs into the corner, just stand there on the spot and doesn't move; this means he's bugged out. You need to throw that sphere and hit him in the back. If you don't hit them in the back, it can bug out. And that's what you need to do if you want to catch those Tower bosses in this game.

That's it for the glitches that are still working post-patch. See you in the next Palworld article!


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