Palworld – Best World Settings for Solo Players

Today, we're going to explore the best solo player settings together. Buckle up because we're about to make our solo player experience a whole lot better and more enjoyable. Let's dive into these settings.

World Customization

First things first, we need to head back to the title screen to tweak our settings. Click on 'Start Game,' choose your world, and then click on 'Change World Settings.' Now, we've got some sliders to play with, so let's tailor them to our liking.

Multiplayer Options

Now, when it comes to multiplayer, the choice is yours. I usually leave it on, allowing folks to join using my invite code. If you prefer a solitary gaming experience, feel free to turn it off and simplify things.

Time Dynamics

Adjust the daytime speed and night speed sliders to your liking. I tend to keep them around one, but tweak them as per your preference for day and night cycles.

Experience Rate

Solo play can be challenging at the default experience rate of one. Let's crank it up to three or four to make progression smoother and more enjoyable.

Pal Capture Rate

In solo mode, capturing Pals can be tougher. Max out the Pal capture rate at two to make it more engaging and rewarding.

Pal Appearance Frequency

Increasing how often Pals show up can enhance your gaming experience. Let's bump up the appearance frequency to 1.3 for a more lively world.

Damage Settings

Leave the damage from Pals and to Pals at default values. Messing with these may have unintended consequences, affecting both your Pals and those in the wild.

Hunger and Stamina Rates

A slight reduction to hunger and stamina rates (around 7) gives us a bonus without upsetting the game's balance.

Pal Auto-Health and Regeneration

Set Pal auto-health to 2, allowing them to heal up faster inside their Pal balls. For health and stamina regeneration, aim for values between 2 and 3 for a more efficient recovery process.

Player Depletion

Drop player depletion rates to 7 for both hunger and stamina. It's a small tweak that can make a big difference.

Player Damage Multiplier

Increase the damage dealt by the player to 1.5 for a bit more impact in the game.

Structure and Item Settings

Leave structure and item settings like damage to structure multiplier at 1 to maintain game balance.

Maximum Dropped Items

Avoid lag spikes by keeping the maximum number of dropped items at a reasonable level, say around 3,000.

Resource Gathering Multipliers

Increase gatherable items and objects multipliers to 2 or 3 for more efficient resource collection.

Incubation Time

Lower the time to incubate massive egg to zero or one for faster results.

Rain and Raid Events

Despite the frustration, leave rain on for the benefits it brings. Similarly, keeping raid events on is crucial for accessing rare resources, especially in late-game scenarios.

Death Penalty

Personal preference plays a role here. I opt for 'no drops' to avoid the frustration of losing items and Pals. It allows for a smoother respawn in case of unexpected incidents.

Guilds and Maximum Pals

For solo play, max guilds don't matter much. However, consider raising the maximum number of Pals to 20 for an extra in-game bonus.

Once satisfied with your adjustments, hit okay, save your settings, and let's get into the game. If you're playing solo, these settings should make your experience more enjoyable.

Hope these settings enhance your Palworld adventure! Happy gaming!


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