Palworld – How to Get Legendary Items

Palworld features legendary items and schematics that are the best versions of in-game items, requiring effort to farm but boasting doubled stats compared to standard counterparts. The top-notch ones, including the nine best and nine endgame schematics, are obtained by facing Alpha World bosses, tough pals on the map. While the process may be challenging due to rare drops and difficulty, the reward of acquiring the best items in the game makes the effort worthwhile. Let's gear up and tackle these challenges together!

1. Legendary Crossbow

To obtain the legendary Crossbow, head to the Alpha World boss Bushi, located near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster on the map. Bushi is weak to water element pals, making it easier to farm. Ensure you have the necessary materials to craft this exceptional weapon.


How to Craft

  • 337 Wood
  • 270 Stone
  • 67 Ingots
  • 33 Nails
  • 12 Ancient Civilization Parts

2. Legendary Old Bow

For the legendary Old Bow schematic, target the Alpha pal Kingpaca at level 23. King Packa is weak to dark element pals. Be ready with the required materials for crafting, and farm this boss for the elusive schematic.


How to Craft

  • 202 Wood
  • 33 Stone
  • 100 Fiber
  • 10 Ancient Civilization Parts

3. Legendary Handgun

The legendary Handgun schematic can be acquired from the Alpha pal version of Beakon, a level 29 electric-type bird. Beacon is weak to ground-type pals. Visit the location near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant, gather the necessary items, and claim this fantastic schematic.


How to Craft

  • 337 Ingots
  • 100 High Quality Pal Oil
  • 14 Ancient Civilization Parts

4. Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun

Suzaku, a mythical Firebird at level 45, drops the legendary Pump-Action Shotgun schematic. You'll need cold and heat-resistant armor for this hot area. Suzaku is weak to Water element pals. Prepare well and farm Suzaku for this powerful schematic.


How to Craft

  • 202 Refined Ingots
  • 135 Polymers
  • 270 Carbon Fibers
  • 30 Ancient Civilization Parts

5. Legendary Assault Rifle

Blazamut, the Alpha pal at level 49, is your target for the legendary Assault Rifle schematic. Equip heat-resistant armor, as the area is quite hot. Blazamutis weak to water element pals. Face this challenge, gather your resources, and craft this top-tier rifle.


How to Craft

  • 270 Refined Ingots
  • 67 Polymers
  • 202 Carbon Fibers
  • 30 Ancient Civilization Parts

6. Legendary Cold and Heat-Resistant Pal Metal Armors

These legendary armors drop from Paladius and Necromus, both level 50 Alpha World bosses. They spawn together, so be prepared for a formidable challenge. Paladius is weak to dark element pals, while Necromus is weak to Dragon element pals. Adjust your strategy based on day or night conditions, and secure these vital armors.


How to Craft

  • Ice Organ x16
  • Leather x30
  • High Quality Cloth x6
  • Pal Metal Ingot x30
  • Leather x30
  • Flame Organ x16
  • High Quality Cloth x6
  • Pal Metal Ingot x30

7. Legendary Pal Metal Helm

Frostallion, a level 50 Alpha pal, offers the legendary Pal Helm schematic. The fight is relatively easier due to obstacles for cover. Frostallion is weak to fire element pals. Ensure you have cold-resistant armor for the freezing environment, and obtain this valuable schematic.


How to Craft

  • Paldium Fragment x20
  • Pal Metal Ingot x20

8. Legendary Rocket Launcher

For the legendary Rocket Launcher schematic, face the formidable challenge of Jetragon, an Alpha pal at level 50. The area is extremely hot, requiring heat-resistant armor. Jetragon, being a dragon type pal, is weak to ice type pals. Utilize long-range weapons and strategy to farm this powerful schematic.


How to Craft

  • Pal Metal Ingot x75
  • Carbon Fiber x50
  • Polymer x30

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