Palworld – How To Duplicate Any Item & Material Guide, Glitch Revealed

DPJ from YouTube! They're the mastermind behind discovering this incredible glitch, showcasing an impressive understanding of Palworld's intricacies. Through their exploration, DPJ uncovered the secrets of a powerful duplication glitch that allows players to multiply virtually any item or material in the game. From refined ingots to circuit boards, cement to high-quality power oil, DPJ laid bare the potential to duplicate it all.

In their video, DPJ confidently asserted that they are the sole proprietor of this glitch on YouTube, making them the go-to source for players looking to harness this advantageous exploit. They generously shared the discovery with their audience, emphasizing the uniqueness of their find. The glitch not only showcases DPJ's gaming prowess but also establishes them as a pioneer in the Palworld community.

Step By Step Guide

Now, let's delve into the steps DPJ outlined to execute this game-changing glitch:

1. Location Preparation: Head to the outer edge of your base, within the blue circle.

2. Build a Storage Box: Construct a storage box inside your base. Make sure it's placed strategically for quick and easy access but not obstructing your movement.

3. Select the Item to Duplicate: Open the crafting menu and pick the item you want to duplicate. Ensure that all the required materials for crafting are stored in a container inside your base, not in your personal inventory.

4. Placement and Timing: As you step outside of the blue circle, place the item on the ground. The key here is to time it correctly—step out as you initiate the build.

5. Cancel the Build: If timed correctly, the item will appear ready to craft. Instead of crafting, cancel the build. This crucial step ensures that you get back the required materials without actually using them.

Important Tip: To avoid any hiccups, make sure there are no materials for the item you're duplicating in your personal inventory. Always place them inside the container within your base. This step guarantees that the game recognizes an "insufficient materials" warning, allowing the exploit to work smoothly.

DPJ's step-by-step guide simplifies a seemingly complex glitch, making it accessible for gamers eager to capitalize on this newfound advantage. So, kudos to DPJ for not only uncovering and sharing this game-altering discovery but also providing a clear roadmap for others to follow in the Palworld community!


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