Palworld – Top 10 Best Starter Pals to Begin Your Journey With

Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic universe of Palworld, where whimsical creatures known as "pals" roam free, waiting to be discovered and harnessed for your epic adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate the diverse landscape of Palworld, unveiling the top 10 starter pals that will set you on the path to success. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a newcomer eager to delve into the enchanting realm of Palworld, our detailed insights and strategies will equip you with the knowledge needed to build a formidable team from the outset.

#1 Foxparks

It is unskilled at controlling fire from the moment it is born and tends to choke on the flames it breathes unintentionally. Foxparks sneezes are one of the leading causes of forest fires.
Partner SkillHuggy Fire - When Activated, equips to the player and transforms into a flamethrower.
Work SuitabilityKindling 1
Possible DropsLeather, Flame Organ
Foxparks Harness
TypeKey Items
EffectsHarness for holding Foxparks. Activate its Partner Skill to hold Foxparks and attack using it as a flamethrower.
Technology branchTechnology
Points cost1
Materials3 Leather, 5 Flame Organ, 5 Paldium Fragment
  • Description: The Foxparks is a versatile companion known for its high damage output, especially when equipped with a crafted harness that transforms it into a formidable flamethrower. Its agility and firepower make it an excellent choice for early-game encounters.
  • How to obtain: Found around the Valley's starting point, the Foxparks is easily obtainable through capture or defeat. Crafting its harness at level 6 enhances its damage potential significantly.
  • You'll also receive two crucial materials essential for the harness: leather and the flame organ, in addition to the palium fragments scattered throughout the area.

#2 Lifmunk

Intelligent as a five to sever-year-old human child. It makes a wonderful partner, but there have been more than a few cases where they've killed their master after learning to use weapons.
Partner SkillLifmunk Recoil - When activated, leaps onto player's head and uses a submachine gun to follow up player attacks.
Work SuitabilityPlanting 1
Handiwork 1
Lumbering 1
Medicine Production 1
Gathering 1
Possible DropsBerry Seeds, Low Grade Medical Supplies
  • Description: Lifmunks provide a unique submachine upgrade at level 11, boasting stronger and longer-range attacks. Their capabilities make them valuable additions to your team, particularly in mid-game scenarios.
  • How to obtain: Locate Lifmunks near the Rayne Syndicate location, especially around the tower. Capture them to acquire the submachine upgrade, enhancing their combat prowess.

#3 Eikthyrdeer

It is a large cream-colored deep with huge purple and electric blue antlers atop its head. Eikthyrdeer can often be found running in grassy areas. Eikthyrdeer is passive, and will run away if it spots the character. This Pal only becomes aggressive when attacked.
Partner SkillGuardian of the Forest - Can be ridden. Can perform a double jump while mounted. Increases efficiency of cutting trees.
Work SuitabilityLumbering 2
Possible DropsEikthyrdeer Venison
  • Description: Eikthyrdeer serve as early-game allies with a strong charge ability and a long-range horn attack. Their tankiness and versatile attacks make them effective for surviving and dealing damage in the initial stages of the game.
  • How to obtain: Easily found around the starting area, Eikthyrdeer can be captured to strengthen your early-game lineup.

#4 Chillet

It can curl up its body and roll around at extremely high speeds. Long ago, people would tie bags of milk to domesticated Chillet as they grazed to produce butter using this spinning force.
Partner SkillWriggling Weasel - Can be ridden. Applies Dragon Damage to the player's attacks while mounted.
Work SuitabilityGathering 1, Cooling 1
Possible DropsLeather
  • Description: Chillet is a boss-level creature available at level 11, offering high damage potential. What sets it apart is its ability to be reformed daily, allowing you to optimize its stats for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to obtain: Encounter and defeat Chillet as a boss at level 11. Reform it daily to improve its stats or capture it for a powerful ally.

#5 Dinossom

Dinossom is a bipedal dinosaur-like creature with a green body featuring a darker green pattern on its back. Its underbelly is white, and it has long, curly antennae. The most distinctive feature is a large spotted starfish-shaped flower on its head, pink with a yellow crown center and four dark green leaves. Dinossom has limbs with three pinkish-red claws on each, innocent-looking pink eyes, and a long, curly tail with scales resembling sprouts.
  • Description: Dinossoms , with their unique combination of dragon and nature attributes, become formidable allies with both fire and ice capabilities. Their tankiness makes them reliable companions for various encounters.
  • How to obtain: Roaming the starting roads, Dinossoms can be captured and added to your team, offering a balanced mix of offense and defense.

#6 Rushoar

Being extremely aggressive Pal, it often picks fights before gauging its opponent's strength. Though small, its powerful charge can even send boulders flying.
Partner SkillHard Head - Can be ridden. Increases efficiency of destroying boulders while mounted.
Work SuitabilityMining 1
Possible DropsRushoar Pork
  • Description: Rushoar, introduced at level 6, serves as a swift mount with a charge ability, allowing you to traverse the environment quickly and destroy obstacles in your path. Ideal for resource gathering and exploration.
  • How to obtain: Found close to the Desolate Church in the Red Forest Area, capture Rushoar and craft its saddle at level 6 for enhanced mobility.

#7 Nitewing

It carries newborn Pals to its nest and raises them as a surrogate parent. Once the baby Pal has fattened up, it hunts them.
Partner SkillTravel Companion - Can be ridden as a flying mount.
Work SuitabilityGathering 2
Possible DropsLeather
  • Description: Nitewing, available at level 15, is a flying mount that opens up new exploration possibilities. Crafting its saddle further improves its flying capabilities, making it an essential companion for efficient aerial travel.
  • How to obtain: Located near Grassy Behemoth Hills, capture Nitewing and craft its saddle at level 15 to unlock the full potential of aerial exploration.

#8 Incineram

In the dark of night, this Pal snatches prey to bring back ot its territory. What happens to those poor souls afterwards isn't too hard to imagine.
Partner SkillFlameclaw Hunter - When activated, attacks targeted enemy with a powerful Hellfire Claw.
Work SuitabilityKindling 1
Handiwork 2
Transporting 2
Mining 1
Possible DropsHorn
  • Description: Incineram, encountered during random base raids, is a pure fire creature. Its abilities are particularly effective against ice enemies, making it a valuable addition for countering specific elemental threats.
  • How to obtain: Defend your base during random raids, capture Incineram, and utilize its fire attributes to strengthen your team.

#9 Penking

Surprisingly, it is unrelated to Pengullet. Ever wanting to be the center of attention, this Pal will strut its stuff for any onlookers.
Partner SkillBrave Sailor - When fighting together, Fire Pals drop more items when defeated.
Work SuitabilityHandiwork 2
Transporting 2
Watering 2
Mining 2
Cooling 2
Possible DropsIce Organ
Penking Plume
  • Description: Penking, a boss found in the center of the Ravine, provides impressive stats and abilities, especially effective against ice enemies. Ideal for mid-game challenges and strengthening your lineup.
  • How to obtain: Interact withPenking as a boss in the Ravine, use fire creatures for optimal battles, and capture it to bolster your team.

#10 Loupmoon

The horns on its head grow under the moonlight. It doesn't hate the sun, but its horns itch when sunlight hits them.
  • Description: Loupmoons, appearing during the night near the Ravine Entrance Waypoint, are powerful allies effective against neutral element creatures. Their strength and versatility make them valuable additions to your team.
  • How to obtain: Explore the area near the Ravine Entrance Waypoint during the night, capture Loupmoon, and add them to your lineup for diverse combat capabilities.

In conclusion, mastering the art of Palworld requires a strategic approach to building your starter pal team. From the versatile Foxparks, armed with its potent flamethrower harness, to the mighty Dinossoms and elusive Loupmons, each companion brings unique strengths to enhance your gameplay. Crafting essential items such as the Foxpark's harness and exploring the diverse regions of the game are pivotal steps in assembling a formidable lineup. Whether you're navigating base raids, challenging bosses, or simply exploring the enchanting world, a well-chosen team of pals is your key to success. So, gear up, embrace the adventure, and let your journey in Palworld unfold with confidence and mastery. May your pals be strong, your strategies be sound, and your exploration be truly extraordinary!


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