Melania Character Guide

The greatest thief in Reverse: 1999 will be arriving in Version 1.1! Here's everything you need to know about Melania to see if you need him in your team.

Melania is an upcoming new character that will be introduced when Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup goes live. She’s a thief equipped with a talking handbag and can shape-shift into a flying squirrel to give enemies a beating. We hope that timekeepers are able to learn how to use Melania to her fullest potential after reading this article.

Note: Since this character has yet to come to the global servers all details about her are taken directly from information gained from the CN servers and translated using Google Translate (Don’t blame us for getting the translation wrong when the official ones comes out, blame Google).

Melania’s Character Details

Character Details

  • 6-star / Beast
  • Does Mental DMG
Blinding kick from Melania

Arcane Skill 1 – Take Advantage of the Opportunity

  • Single-target attack
  • ‘Steals’ 1 Moxie from the enemy
  • Bonus Moxie ‘steal’ when in [Skilful Thief] mode
Clockwork Rats Infestation in action

Arcane Skill 2 – Clockwork Rats Infestation

  • AoE attack (2 enemies)
  • Leech rate +20%
  • Bonus Leech Rate when in [Skilful Thief] mode
Enemy’s POV: this is the last thing you see before dying to her ultimate

Ultimate – Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony

  • Deals massive single-target damage
  • Melania enters [Skilful Thief] mode (1 stack)

Passive/Insight – Top Student

  • Gains [Defined Plan] every time Melania casts her ultimate
  • [Defined Plan] increases Melania’s ultimate power by 12% and can be stacked 6 times

Abilities, Skills and Ultimate Summary

  • Melania gets stronger as the battle drags on because of her passive ability [Defined Plan] which strengthens her ultimate with each passing time
  • At Insight lvl.3 is where Melania will truly shine as a main DPS carry getting +24% buff on her ultimate after each cast
  • She inflicts -1 Moxie to the enemy while gaining +1 Moxie for herself with her first arcane skill
  • Her second arcane skill “Clockwork Rats Infestation” helps her to self-sustain in battle since it is equipped with Leech


Melania is a powerful damage dealer who excels in long battles against bosses susceptible to Mental DMG. Nonetheless, she can be effective in short battles as well, as her skill set has AoE damage for clearing smaller enemy mobs.

Her abilities centre on ‘stealing’ Moxie from enemies to increase her own Moxie reserves, enabling her to unleash her ultimate skill faster. Consequently, she requires teammates who are AP-positive for the team, such as An-an Lee, Pickles, or dedicated support characters who do not rely heavily on their own ultimates, thus freeing up available AP for Melania to expedite her ultimate activation.

While her relative "squishiness" makes her vulnerable to damage, incorporating a defensive support character into her team composition significantly enhances her sustainability. However, once Melania reaches her maximum levels and Insight levels, she can comfortably maintain her own survivability through the [Leech] effect granted by her second skill.

Team Examples Featuring Melania

Melania Hyper DPS Carry


  • Melania (Main DPS carry, team is built to suit her playstyle)
  • An-an Lee or Pickles (Upgrade their own skill levels during battle without using AP)
  • Healers – Any (try to avoid using AP-hungry healers like Sotheby)

This team is straightforward. Use Melania to consistently use AP every turn, stealing the enemy's Moxie and letting An-an Lee (automatically upgrades her own skill) or Pickles (Skips his turn to get more value out of his passive) do their thing. Hit the boss with Melania's ultimate, which will become buffed. Use the dedicated healer to heal teammates when their HP is low. Repeat this cycle until the boss is defeated.

Free-to-Play Team With Melania


  • Melania (Main DPS Carry)
  • Sonetto (Best F2P gal)
  • Dikke (Free decent healer) Sorry APPLe, Dikke is better than you

Melania focuses on defeating enemies while Sonetto can be used to Dispel any unwarranted enemy attacks, and Dikke can act as a secondary damage dealer to help chip off enemies' HP. Sonetto's buff is also not to be underestimated, buffing the team's overall damage and simultaneously reducing incoming damage. This can ensure that Melania survives the long battle to get those sweet 6 stacks of Defined Plan from her passive.

Best Phychubes for Melania


That's it for Melania's character guide before her banner goes live in a few more days. We hope this write-up has been helpful for you and thank you for visiting us at DotGG! Bookmark us so you won't miss out on other upcoming guides.

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