Damage Calculation in Reverse: 1999

Including some in-game testing data to test the damage formula theory and how to effectively increase your damage in Reverse: 1999!

First and foremost, I would like to give credit to all other people’s hard work, spreadsheet and also play-testing to give enough information to us here at DotGG to come up with this write-up namely:

  • The moderators/admins at the official Discord server for Reverse: 1999 for making the damage calculation info available for us the players (>>HERE<< is a link to the Discord server).
  • A kind YouTuber @iamrivenous that gave me the green light (we had a chat via Discord) to reference his damage calculation testing from his YT video “MAXIMIZE Your Damage! Damage Formula Uncovered” (you can see the embedded video below)
  • CN Server players for coming up with their findings >>HERE<< and
  • Plebbel for confirming and localizing the terms of the formula >>CLICK HERE<<
This is the video that inspired this write-up
Information where to get the Damage Formula is here

The Damage Formula

Theorized Damage Formula

Total Damage dealt =

[ATK – Enemy DEF * (1 – Penetration Rate) * (1 – DEF Reduction)] * [CDMG – Enemy CDEF] * [1 + DMG Bonus + DMG Boost – Enemy DMG Reduction] * [1 + Incantation or Ultimate Mod] * Skill Modifier * Afflatus Bonus

Damage Formula Theory Tests


  • The tests are done within Version 1.0 and the data he collected and tabulated are not to be taken at face value in every scenario.
  • Tests results by @iamrivenous was taken from a spreadsheet he prepared
  • The defence value is estimated, in an attempt to match the estimated damage values to the actual damage values"                                    

Characters used:

Summary of results:

The first test (Lilya duo with Bkronblume)
Second Test (Lilya solo)

Summary & Conclusion by the Tester:

  • While the theorized damage formula seems to come very close to the actual damage reflected in game, it is slightly off sometimes
  • It will give you a great overview on how the game handles damage but it will not be 100% accurate
  • The way the damage formula is working, you basically want stats of everything since all stats are multiplying with each other
  • However, please keep in mind this still assumes enemies do not have any resistances or defences. In the late game, many enemies will have a high Critical resistance or even Critical DMG reduction.
  • The biggest takeaway is the initial first 20% adding 20% attack, Critical Rate or even both to any character will give very similar results
  • Having 20% additional attack combined with 25% Critical Rate and no Critical DMG will only make you lose out on about 6% damage. However, this difference already doubles with just another 10%
  • Even if the formula is not 100% accurate, trying to add all stats evenly will likely bring you the most damage for most characters
  • The most important takeaway is that all damage is multiplied by the attack stat which is reduced by a flat amount equal to the enemy's defence

Three Things We Learned

The Damage Formula isn’t perfect

  • It’s stated pretty clearly from spread sheet that the formula is still a theory
  • Nevertheless, from the tests we can see that it’s still rather reliable
  • To calculate the final damage accurately, there are some variable(s) that is/are still unknown or needs to be assumed to get a similar results between calculated damage (using the formula) and actual results from gameplay
  • With the lively community in Facebook, Discord, Reddit and YouTube, we’ll probably going to get a more accurate formula in the near future

All stats are important

  • If we look at the Damage Formula, all of us will eventually come to the conclusion that all the stats multiplies with each other and effects the final damage
  • After some testing ourselves, we agree with @iamrivenous generally increasing all the stats for a character is equally important

Manipulating the DEF stats is king

  • Manipulation whether to be increased or decreased plays a major role in the final damage whether if it is inflicting DEF % reduction on the enemy or increasing the ally team’s DEF %.
  • This gives us an insight where characters who can increase Reality DEF or Mental DEF (by a certain amount of percentages and not flat stats) will definitely be viable to build in the future (I’m predicting Click to be META one day, hopefully… I’ve spent so much resources building him…)
  • Characters who inflicts Reality DEF down or Mental DEF down will increase the team’s damage more than characters who buff the team’s DMG Dealt (Not confirmed, this is just a prediction/theory and still needs more testing)
  • Keep in mind that most characters doesn’t reduce the enemy’s DEF with flat stats BUT rather by percentages
  • Taking @iamrivenous YT comments replies into consideration, he said: “Although it should be noted that Defense Reduction is %, which makes it better against high-DEF targets, which can does not necessarily mean 1% Def Reduction = 1 ATK. Example: Enemy Defense 500, 20% DEF Reduction = ~100ATK, which would be a damage increase of about 10%, not factoring in any other multipliers. However, I think I wasn't very clear in the video. Given you have built your character well, at some point it is more valuable to get some kind of shred instead of i.e. more DMG%. At which point that happens will vary widely from character to team setup to enemy lineup.” In one of his replies to his viewers.


Special thanks to @iamrivenous once again for allowing me to use his findings for this article. For our readers and regular visitors, kindly give his video a thumbs-up and subscribe to his channel if you liked his video and style of delivery – I certainly did. It was fun delving into the intricacies of the game's Damage Formula, and I hope this write-up has helped you plan ahead in deciding which character to build for your gaming account.

For myself, I will definitely be looking into pulling for Bkornblume, Baby Blue, Diggers, and other characters that can reduce the enemy's DEF stats in the future to improve my crew and account overall. I'm not saying this is the best META, but we can all agree since day-1 that Bkornblume is an S-Tier unit because of her skill set.

I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may have made during this discussion. Our ultimate goal is to discover the most efficient way to maximize our damage in this game. Looking forward to meeting you all again in the next write-up. Please bookmark our website so you won't miss the latest guides, news, and updates from us.

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