Should You Pull For Druvis III’s Banner in Version 1.1?

Druvis III rate-up banner Whisper of the Woods, character summary and breakdown for Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup!

Druvis III will be getting a rate-up banner “Whisper of the Woods” for Version 1.1 of Reverse: 1999! It features a rate-up for characters Druvis III (6★), Necrologist (5★), and Click (5★) from November 9 until November 21.

Banner promo for Druvis III, the marketing team sure knows which picture to use

As usual, some of our readers will be wondering whether or not they should try summoning for her, and we are here to assist you in answering that question. First, we will break down what each character in the banner can do, and then we will offer our thoughts on this banner.

Character Breakdown & Summary

Druvis III (Reliable damage dealer that petrifies you)

  • Druvis III can deal consistent mass damage with her skills like "Silence in the Woods" and "Early Dawn," effectively taking down multiple enemies at once.
  • Excels at controlling the battlefield by inflicting the powerful Petrify status, which renders enemies unable to act. This ability can significantly disrupt enemy formations and strategies.
  • Druvis III's abilities, such as "Master of the Woods" and "Wind Whisperer," enhance the effectiveness of her Petrify status, making it even more impactful in controlling the battlefield.
  • She can also provide support to her allies by increasing their Penetration Rate and Reality DMG.
  • Her effectiveness is maximized when placed on a Mental DMG-oriented team or when her Petrify skill is used as the last action of a round. This ensures that her Petrify status is not immediately dispelled and can have a more lasting impact on the battle.

Necrologist (Somewhat overlooked by others)

  • She can buff her allies damage output with her Ultimate, "Whispers of the Deceased," applies [Prayer] to all allies, increasing their damage dealt for 3 rounds.
  • She heals allies: If allies already have [Prayer], Necrologist's Ultimate instead heals them, preventing them from dying and instead restoring their HP.
  • Necrologist can also dispel enemy buffs with "By the Coffin" dispels all [Stats Up] and [Pos Status] statuses from the target, reducing their offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Her “Timely Farewell” skill makes her into a reliable secondary damage dealer in any team as well

Click (My personal favorite character)

  • Click specializes in debuffing enemies, reducing their ability to deal damage and disrupt their strategies. His skill "Spectator" inflicts Blind, which reduces the amount of damage an enemy can deal through single-target attacks. His skill "Witness" lowers an enemy's Moxie by one, preventing them from using their ultimate ability.
  • His unique ability, "Lens Cap," grants him significant damage reduction against Reality DMG attacks.
  • Click's effectiveness is amplified when strategically positioned within the team's formation. Using him in a timely manner where he can effectively inflict Blind and Moxie debuffs, while also utilizing his Lens Cap to protect himself, maximizes his impact on the battle.
  • He is also a very versatile where his  debuffing abilities make him a valuable asset to various team compositions, particularly those facing enemies with strong single-target attacks or reliance on ultimate abilities. His ability to both debuff and survive makes him a well-rounded character suitable for various combat scenarios.

Should you pull the “Whisper of the Woods” banner?

After some internal discussion with other friends in DotGG, it really comes down to the current Limbo event. If you’re seeking to inflict petrify on enemies to get an upper hand in battles, Druvis III can be a huge help in clearing those challenging stages.

Then again, if you’re a casual player in Reverse: 1999 you should pull for this banner if you are currently lacking a strong Arcanist with consistent damage output and battlefield control capabilities, Druvis III is an excellent choice. Her ability to inflict Petrify and deal mass Mental DMG makes her a valuable asset in various team compositions. Click, on the other hand, is a debuff specialist who excels at hindering enemy damage output and disrupting their strategies. His ability to inflict Blind and Moxie debuffs makes him a versatile character suitable for various combat scenarios.

As for Necrologist, using Dikke and La Source to cheese out the battles in Limbo is still possible. If you’re lacking a healer and want one, it’s best to wait for a better banner that features a 6-star healer instead. Thanks for reading today’s article and hope to see you again next time.

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