Genshin Impact: All New Achievements in Version 4.6

All the new and hidden achievements in Wonder of the World series in version 4.6.
  • First of all, keep in mind that these achievements are all within the Wonder of the World Achievement Series and do not include achievements outside of this series.
  • Second, this post will be updated slowly but surely with images and more detailed descriptions of how to get each achievement.
1CineasPrimogems x5
2Vishap Corps ScyllaPrimogems x5
3I Ask of Thee, Art Thou Mankind?Primogems x5
4Loved by BooksPrimogems x5
5"The Flying Outlander"Primogems x5
6What Do You Mean, You Hid Them?Primogems x5
7Owner's DutyPrimogems x5
8The Tenth MusePrimogems x5
9Odyssey on the WallPrimogems x5
10"Go Tell the Citizens of the Capital..."Primogems x5
11Misteriosa Forma Del TiempoPrimogems x5
12Contra MundumPrimogems x5
13Omnes Viae Remam DucuntPrimogems x5
14Latecoming DiadochusPrimogems x5
15Slow HomecomingPrimogems x5
16"Beware of Remurians…"Primogems x5
17The Same MistakesPrimogems x5
18After the FeastPrimogems x10
19In Those Ruins of Dreams…Primogems x5

All New & Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact 4.6

1) Cineas

Defeat Local Legend: Cineas. Go to Capitolium: Old Palace and you will find a Vishap on the arena there. Defeat it and you will get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

2) Vishap Corps Scylla

Use the current that Scylla summons to reach a target point for the first time. You can interact with Scylla after completing halfway of the Canticles of Harmony Chain Quest. Once you do, choose the option 'Summon the current' and go anywhere you want and you will get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

3) I Ask of Thee, Art Thou Mankind?

Pick up a mysterious grimoire for the first time. It's one of the new puzzle in Fontaine 4.6. Swap your Elemental Skill to the power of symphony by tapping T > tap E when Mysterious Grimoire is seen to stop them in track. Once you get the grimoire, you will get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

4) Loved by Books

Location of all mysterious bookshelves

Use grimoires to activate all the mysterious bookshelves in the Faded Castle. There are a total of 8 Lost Grimoires and 8 mysterious bookshelves in the Faded Castle. Once you give the book to the bookshelf, you don't need to enter the path inside it to get this achievement. But there are many loots inside those paths so might as well check them.
Rewards: Primogem x5

First of all, teleport to waypoint #1 and walk forward until you see a lots of floating books. Once you walk past those books, look to your left and you will see the first bookshelf.

Then, walk towards the stairs and keep walking there until you see a comfy looking sofa. There's a bookshelf just beside it.

Walk up the stairs again until you reach the highest point of this castle and you will see another bookshelf. There's a Golem inside it.

Teleport to waypoint #2 and jump of the balcony until you're facing the huge stage (that leads to Sea of Bygone Eras. Turn around and you will see a pond of water. The 4th bookshelf is just beside the pool.

Teleport to waypoint #2, turn around and walk forward until you see a path on your left. Keep walking that path until you see a library/office. The 5th library is just there above the steps.

Inside the same room, go up the stairs and you will see another bookshelf. It's really near the previous one so keep looking to your left.

Once again, keep walking up the stairs in the same room and you will see a crystal (that changes color blue-orange). Ignore the crystal for now and look across it to find the 7th bookshelf. There is a path on the left of this crystal so you can walk there to reach the bookshelf.

Now, go back to the crystal and hit it until it turns orange so numerous waterplanks will spawn. Climb on top of those waterplanks and just wait until you reach another crystal.

Hit that one crystal to spawn a teleport bubble. Enter that bubble and it will transport you to the last mysterious bookshelf.
Now, if you're looking for the locations of each Mysterious Grimores, most of them are near each bookshelves, but there are also some that are pretty far. I'm gonna cover it in another post because this one is too long. You can find it here: All 8 Lost Grimoire and Bookshelves Location

5) "The Flying Outlander"

Allow the lost score to once again see the light of day. There are 2 requirements you need to completel (1) complete the Canticles of Harmony quest and (2) Echoes of the Ancient World quest. Only after that will Tailleferre (an NPC) stood in the middle of Petrichor (she's beside Neuvillette position in the image above before disappearing).

The first lost score is inside an Exquisite Chest inside this bookshelf
The second lost score is inside the Precious Chest inside the bookshelf

After you talk to her, you need to find 2 lost scores and 1 damaged score. You can find the 2 lost scores inside the mysterious bookshelves which I've already covered before so please refer to the guide here: All 8 Lost Grimoire and Bookshelves Location.

Once you get the 2 lost scores, go to the bottom of the office/library to find the damaged score on top of a normal shelf. After you check it, there will be an option to 'Combine' so choose that. Finally, return to Tailleferre and give her that score to get the achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

6) What Do You Mean, You Hid Them?

Collect the four treasures that Juliano left behind. Go to all the marked locations above, and dig the treasure chests. Once you get all of them, you will get the achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

7) Owner's Duty

Bring Osse some fresh food. After bringing Osse back to Este (during the For Yesterday and Tomorrow Quest), teleport to another location and come back to this house and the 'Feed' option will be available. Feed anything and you will get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

8) The Tenth Muse

Master the power of the Symphony. Complete the sub-quest 'The Shadow Over Petrichor' in the Canticles of Harmony quest to get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

9) Odyssey on the Wall

Complete the stage performance in the Faded Castle. Teleport to the waypoint near the red circle (southeast of Faded Castle word) and once you arrive, jump down the balcony and you will reach the stage. Interact with the mechanism in front of the Luxurious Chest to load a Blank Score and activate a performance. Once you complete the challenge, you will get the achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

10) "Go Tell the Citizens of the Capital…"

"That here, obedient to our oaths, we lie eternal…" Go to Caesareum Palace in Sea of Bygone Eras. If you have unlocked the waypoint there, just teleport. But if you haven't go to the waypoint I circled above and swim in the direction of the arrow I made and you will see an Autoharmonic Reed Pipes stuck on the ground. Once you see that mechanism, look south and you will see an entrance to the Caesareum Palace (There is a Hydroculus just at the entrance).

Once you enter the palace, interact with the statue for the first time and you will need to fight against many Vishaps. After you complete the challenge, interact with the statue once again and you will get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

11) Misteriosa Forma Del Tiempo

Salute the sound of the bell. Go to the spot above in the Portus Anticus (you had reached this location before in the Canticles of Harmony quest), and you will see a Luxurious Chest near a huge bell. Find all 3 Seelies to unlock the Luxurious Chest and get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

12) Contra Mundum

The king of vishaps, sealed for millennia, awakens… Complete the sub-quest 'The Last Day of Remuria' in the Canticles of Harmony quest to get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

13) Omnes Viae Remam Ducunt

Visit the static "Eternal City." Now, I didn't get the screenshot of the achievement because it's too fast, but it is within the Canticles of Harmony quest when you reach the east side of the Sea of Bygone. So just complete it as usual.
Rewards: Primogem x5

14) Latecoming Diadochus

His wish shall be yours to fulfill… Complete the sub-quest 'Gradus ad Capitolium' in the Canticles of Harmony quest to get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

15) Slow Homecoming

Help Giustino return to his hometown. Complete the Latecoming Homecoming quest to get this achievement.
Rewards: Primogem x5

16) "Beware of Remurians…"

"…Even should they carry instruments." At a certain point during the battle, the Legatus Golem will set up a resonator on the field. Destroy the resonator for the first time and you will get this achievement (You don't have to defeat this boss).
Rewards: Primogem x5

17) The Same Mistakes

"Ranged combat is advantageous to us… Huh!?" When the Knave has only half of her HP in the first half, she will gain a half wing.

During this moment, use your bow character to use Aimed Shot from afar and attack her 3 times. During the first 2 times, you should see that her wings will protect her. Then, after the last attack, she will counter you and you will get the achievement. It's recommended to bring a shielder so you won't be interrupted when she suddenly attacks you.
Rewards: Primogem x5

18) After the Feast

Reach the other side of the blood-red banquet, with the baleful moon as your witness. Now this one is a bit confusing even for me. I see another guide mentioned that to not clean the BoL in the second phase and let the Knave hit you with her ultimate (Bloodtide Banquet). But I accidentally heal myself (and the Bond of Life) and she didn't even hit me once but I still got the achievement.

So I retried with another account and can confirm that you NEED to remove the Bond of Life before the red bomb attack. Here's the step:
(1) Once you see a warning about Knave's Bloodtide Banquet, clean the Bond of Life from your character by healing.
(2) Then, avoid the spike attacks. If you're hit, you will get another Bond of Life, make sure to remove this too! There's a possibility that Knave won't use this attack so you may need to restart as I don't think you can get achievement except from this attack (cmiiw).
(3) Finally, avoid the homing attack, the bombing one, and when Knave will stomp on you. Only after that will you get the achievement. I never got hit on this one so I don't know if you will get the achievement if you're hit. But to be safe, active your healing abilities to clean any incoming BoL.

Take a look at the GIF above on how I get it. It may helps if you don't quite understand my steps above.
Rewards: Primogem x10

19) In Those Ruins of Dreams…

Witness the tale of the Daydream Club. Complete the Where His Life Lies and the follow-up quest Daydreams Beyond Space and Time. After you complete the Where His Life Lies quest, wait for a daily reset and you will get the Daydreams Beyond Space and Time in your Quest Menu. Follow the navigation and you will complete the quests easily (no puzzle at all), and obtain this achievement.
NOTE: There are many players who already completed all previous Garcia quests, already waiting for a daily reset, but still did NOT spawn Garcia in the waterway hub. I'm still searching about that and will update this post if I find anything. If you know if there are any other requirements, please drop a comment below.
UPDATE: Based on the trustworthy content creator, KyoStinV, he mentioned the requirements below to obtain this quest:
1) Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 5
2) Garcia's Paean - A Gift of Compatibility
3) After completing (1), 2 times in total between these 2 quests: Substitutes or Garcia's Paean: Key Items.
4) Wait for 1 daily reset.
Rewards: Primogem x5


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