Genshin Impact: All New Fontaine World Quests in Version 4.6

Here's all the new quests you can complete in new the area expansion of Fontaine version 4.6.

Although we have a huge Fontaine area expansion in version 4.6, there are not too many World Quests for us to complete. Nevertheless, each of them gave out Primogems so let's complete them all.

1) Canticles of Harmony

When there's a new sub-area in Genshin Impact, you'll know there will be a new quest chain for us to discover the lore of said new area. In version 4.6, we have the Canticles of Harmony quest to discover what happens to the small island of Fontaine and unlock the new underwater area.

You will start the quest automatically after walking a little bit in the Nostoi Region (you should have the waypoint unlocked if you already completed the latest Archon Quest). There's not much puzzle in this quest so you shouldn't have much trouble completing this.
The full guide can be seen here >>> Canticles of Harmony Chain Quest Guide

2) For Yesterday and Tomorrow

This quest is only available after completing the main quest chain (Canticles of Harmony) in version 4.6. Get close to Este in Petrichor and you will start the quest (no need to wait for daily reset, can be done right after you complete the main quest).
The full guide can be seen here >>> Canticles of Harmony Chain Quest Guide

3) Latecoming Homecoming

You can start this quest after completing the Canticles of Harmony quest chain in the new area of version 4.6 and wait for a daily reset. Talk to Giulietta near the Waverider Waypoint in the Nostoi Region. Giulietta will request for you to bring her to Bayda Harbor in Sumeru. After that, keep following the quest navigation to reach the end.
The full guide can be seen here >>> Latecoming Homecoming Quest Guide

4) Where His Life Lies

You can start the quest by talking to Garcia in Court of Fontaine: Court Region Waterway Hub (the area in the middle of Court of Fontaine). When you get near the area, there should be a quest icon on the mini-map. The few requirements you need to do beforehand are completing Garcia's various Daily Commissions in Sumeru), or the quest will not be triggered.
NOTE: Based on the trustworthy content creator, KyoStinV, he mentioned the requirements below to obtain this quest:
1) Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 5
2) Garcia's Paean - A Gift of Compatibility
3) After completing (1), get at least 2 times in total between these 2 quests: Substitutes or Garcia's Paean: Key Items.
4) Wait for 1 daily reset.
The full guide can be seen here >>> Where His Life Lies Quest Guide

5) Daydreams Beyond Space and Time

The quest will start in Court of Fontaine, behind those two NPCs

This quest is a follow-up one from Where His Life Lies. After completing the Where His Life Lies quest, wait for a daily reset and you will get this one immediately in the Quest Menu. This quest is also easy to complete as there are no puzzles and only full of dialogue so you should have an easy time completing this one.
The full guide can be seen here >>> Where His Life Lies Quest Guide


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