Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss V4.6 Floor 12 Complete Guide

The last floor of 4.6 Abyss is here with the return of triple Maguu Kenki and multiple bosses, while also facing mobs of enemies. Continue reading this guide for the full analysis of Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

Reminder: Blessing of the Abyssal Moon will change every refresh cycle and may not be updated here. But the enemies list and strategy will remain the same.

Triggering any Pyro-related reactions on an opponent will reduce its elemental and physical RES by 30% for 4 seconds.

Team Recommendations

Ley Line Disorder:
For this floor only, the Let Line flow will be normal.

General Tips:
If the floor is too hard for you, don’t forget that changing teams is an option. Although you need to start from Chamber 1, at least you don’t have to worry about stars for the Chamber you already completed.

  • The recommended element in the First Half is Pyro. (1) is because there are no enemies with Pyro RES here and (2) you'll need Pyro to attack Coppelius because he will get a Cryo shield.
  • The not recommended element in the First Half is Cryo. This is because it's not a suitable element against Maguu Kenki and Coppelius. If you want to bring Hydro character, try not to bring one that can inflict Hydro on themselves when using Skill like Xingqiu or Barbara because facing the Cryo Maguu and Kenki and Coppelius, you can get Frozen easily.
    • Vaporize Team: Arlecchino + Yelan + Furina + Zhongli
    • Bounty Bloom Team: Neuvillette + Nilou + Nahida + Baizhu (Pretty hard to pull off)
    • Plunging Team: Gaming + Xianyun + Furina + Bennett
    • Neuvillette Team: Neuvillette + Furina + Baizhu/Jean + Kazuha/Flex
    • Overload Team: Raiden Shogun + Chevreuse + Kujou Sara + Bennett
  • The recommended element in the Second Half is the combination of various elements (especially Dendro or Pyro). This is because you'll be facing the Iniquitous Baptist boss and this one has 3 different elements. But as long as you have Anemo/Hydro and Pyro, you should be good, but need to be smart with rotation.
  • The not recommended element in the Second Half is the Mono (any element) team and Physical. The reason is the same as above, the Iniquitous Baptist has various elemental shields (Pyro + Cryo + Electro) so just bringing one element is dangerous (possible with just Anemo but really dangerous and needs lots of time), and might not be able to remove those shields. While Physical is just doing a sad job of removing those elemental shields.
    • Hyperbloom Team: Alhaitham + Kuki + Xingqiu + Nahida/Bennett
    • Plunging Team: Gaming + Xingqiu + Nahida + Kuki Shinobu
    • National Team: Arlecchino + Xingqiu + Bennett + Kazuha
    • Hyperbloom Team 2: Nahida + Yelan + Kuki Shinobu + Xiangling/Thoma

Floor 12 Chamber 1

First Half

1st Wave: 1x Maguu Kenki: Mask of Terror, 1x Lone Gale & 1x Galloping Frost

  • There is only one wave here and it’s the long-awaited triple Maguu Kenki. Unfortunately, you can’t gather them using Anemo CC, but you can spread elements on them. Among all three, focus on the Cryo one because its AoE attacks will slow down your characters inside the radius of its Cryo-imbued floor. Once it's defeated, the Cryo on the floor will also disappear alongside it.
AoE attacks are the best, but don't forget about the shield or a healer
  • If you’re lucky, the other two enemies will also take in decent collateral damage, reducing their HP to maybe half or so. After that, you can focus on the Maguu Kenki with the lowest HP, either Lone Gale or Mask of Terror. Don’t forget that the Mask of Terror still has its trusty mask to act as a shield if you are outside of its melee range.

Second Half

1st Wave: 1x Kairagi: Fiery Might & 1x Dancing Thunder
2nd Wave: 1x Mirror Maiden (Mist Bubble) & 2x Fatui Skirmisher Pyroslinger Bracer
3rd Wave: 1x Veteran Wind Operative & 1x Frost Operative

Mist Bubble Aura: Spawn Mist Bubbles around the player every 12s, trapping player and deal Hydro DMG if they touch them.

  • In the first wave, you'll face two Kairagi. They are usually together in the same spot unless they use a charged attack that makes them go forward. Unleash every attack you have to defeat these two at the same time. The best option to avoid one of them recovering half their HP is to (1) make sure you attack both of them until their HP is the same before finishing them off or (2) use DPS with high burst damage to kill both of them at the same time or (3) using Freeze team to immobilize the Kairagi, giving you a longer window to kill it before it can even heal.
  • In the second wave, there will be Mirror Maiden with the most annoying ability in Abyss; the Mist Bubble Aura. However, I recommend defeating the two Fatui Skirmishers first because (1) these two will jump away from you if you get too close, (2) they deal long-range Pyro attacks will make it easier for Mirror Maiden to Vaporize you, and (3) the Mirror Maiden keep teleporting anyway so let's get rid of the mobs first.
    • You can actually trap enemies inside the Bubbles that spawn around you but only if you're lucky enough that the enemy is near the bubble and you can attack them in the direction of the bubble.
  • In the third wave, two Operatives will be here, but it's not the Local Legends one so you should have an easier time than before. Their HP and ATK here are much lower compared to the Local Legends Operative in version 4.5 Abyss so you can defeat them faster. They do have the same skill set so beware of that! Go to the Wind Operative on your right rather than the Frost one. This is because the Frost Operative often uses Blinkchase skill (not an official name) that will let her thrust forward in your direction. This way, you can gather both of them at the same spot. Wind Operative also has a teleport skill but she doesn't use it much often. It's all up to RNG, I suppose.
  • You need to keep watch of their attack and make sure you avoid their Hunt Down skill because it will attach a Bond of Life to the characters they hit.
    • When using the skill, the Operative will sacrifice 5% of her Max HP (or 25% of current HP if HP percentage is under 20%) to initiate Hunt Down: Locks onto the player (can be seen by the red arrow on top of you).
    • If the player is hit by this attack, they will receive a Life Bond equal to 16% of the Operative's ATK. As long as this Life Bond is active, they will also be affected by a Corrosion status which drains 0.4% Max HP + 72 every second.
    • If the Hunt Down attack hits a character affected by this Life Bond, it will deal 250% of its original DMG.
    • This Life Bond is stackable.
    • This Life Bond lasts for 10 minutes if not cleared.
  • Bond of Life will absorb the healing effects that a character receives. This will prevent them from recovering HP. After this character is healed for an amount equal to the Bond of Life, the Bond can then be cleared. When a character is granted another Bond of Life, the healing required to clear the Bond of Life will also stack. It's best if you have a cleanser like Jean or Bennett to remove those debuffs immediately and heal your characters.
  • The problem is not only your characters will have a hard time healing, but the second time the same character gets hit with another Hunt Down skill, it will deal more DMG to said character. Since there are 2 Operatives here, it's important to watch both of them so they can't stack the Bond of Life.

Floor 12 Chamber 2

First Half

1st Wave: x1 Icewind Suite: Nemesis of Coppelius

  • There is only one wave here and it’s the 'Icewind Suite' Coppelius version. The one you will be facing is Coppelius, the male counterpart that deals Anemo DMG. Coppelius is a Pneuma-type and can be paralyzed by Ousia characters like Navia and Furina (but only during its Climax).
  • All of its attacks are a combination of Anemo and Cryo DMG, and you should be able to avoid them like usual in the open world or tank them with a shield. The one you need to focus on is the Coppelius's Climax. Coppelia and Coppelius will move to the center of the arena and initiate Climax: Create 3 Retributive Frosthearts that will periodically unleash blasts, dealing Cryo DMG. Those Frosthearts can't be destroyed so ignore it and focus on the Coppelius.
  • During the Climax, Coppelius will gain a Cryo shield. The shield can be damaged normally using Elemental Reactions (weakest to Pyro), but will also immediately break upon being hit by an Ousia attack. Hitting Coppelius with 3 Ousia attacks during a single Climax will interrupt the Climax and stun them for a short period of time.

Second Half

1st Wave: 3x Fatui Pyro Agents
2nd Wave: 1x Eremite Stone Enchanter & 1x Galehunter
3rd Wave: 2x Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning

  • In the first wave, you will fight 3 Fatui Pyro Agents. Right from the start, they will use the Prowl skill where it will creates 3 rapidly spinning Pyro knives in a wide circle around them. The best option here would be (1) use Anemo CC on the middle Agent to gather all of them in one spot and disrupt them before they can use this skill or (2) stay away from them until they enter the invisibility state.
    • The second method is here because your character will be knocked back if you get near any of the Pyro knives so that's just a bad idea. That is, unless, your character has a shield. If you do, then you can just go to any of the Agents regardless you have Anemo CC or not.
  • The Agents will sometimes come out of the invisibility state so you can target them easily (their silhouette is still visible even when in stealth mode so no biggie). Even better if you could mark them beforehand like using Nahida's Skill.
  • In the second wave, there are 2 Eremites and they spawn not too far from each other. However, they will enter enhanced mode + summon their beasts from the start so you can't Anemo CC them. For prioritization, I suggest going after the Galehunter first because she has a skill that can create an Anemo vortex and suck your characters in + she doesn't really chase after you that much, often letting her spirit animal bird chase after you. In contrast, the Stone Enchanter would almost always chase after you.
  • I hope you bring a shielder here because you're not fighting 2 enemies, but 4 instead (including the beasts), and while the beasts have half of the Eremites' health, their attack is still decently high and can stagger or knock your character's back.
  • When the respective spirit animal is defeated, the enhanced state will end, and the Eremite will become stunned for 10 seconds with decreased Geo (for Stone Enchanter)/Anemo (for Galehunter) RES. They can only enter their enhanced state once.
  • In the third wave, we have the Lightning Abyss Lectors (we didn't see them since 3.7). The 2 Lector will be at the front of the area. If you don't bring an Anemo CC, get close to the wall on the left or right Lector, and the opposite one will come near towards the Lector you're near with.
  • Nothing much can be said here since brute force is the only way. The most important attacks you need to focus on avoiding are when it creates Electro Orbs, as when those orbs hit your character, it will drain 20 Energy from all party members. Then, when it has the Electro shield up, the best elements to delete the shield are Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro.
    • The fastest way to remove the shield is using Bennett's Elemental Skill inside his own Elemental Burst, with 4-pc Thundering Fury. He will receive a massive cooldown from his 4th Ascension Passive (Elemental Skill's CD is decreased by 50% inside his Elemental Burst).

Floor 12 Chamber 3

First Half

1st Wave: 2x Fatui Skirmisher Cryogunner Legionnaire
2nd Wave: 2x Nobushi: Jintouban & 1x Eremite Daythunder
3rd Wave: 2x Assault Specialist Mek (Pneuma)
4th Wave: 2x Recon Log Mek & 1x Construction Specialist Mek (Pneuma)

  • This half is definitely easier because there are few enemies on each wave, their HP is not that huge, and they spawn near each other almost at the same spot. You want to defeat this round within 1 minute and 20 seconds because you'll need all the remaining time to defeat the boss in the second half.
  • It's best if you bring Anemo CC to gather them (even though they're already gathered) and use Swirl on them. But not bringing one is also okay because there's not much enemy in most waves.
  • In the first and second waves, there's nothing to say because it's just normal mobs with nothing special.
  • In the third and fourth waves, you will face Pneuma Mekas. If you bring Ousia characters, you can stun them by using Arkhe's attacks (once on normal Meka, twice on specialist Meka).

Second Half

1st Wave: Iniquitous Baptist - Invoker of Fire, Frost, and Fulmination

  • There is only one wave here and it’s the second appearance of the Iniquitous Baptist boss. The one you will be facing has Pyro + Cryo + Electro elements and can create a shield of each element periodically (in the order Pyro shield > Cryo shield > Electro shield). Unfortunately, you really need to bring lots of elements here to destroy its elemental shield and create a sufficient window to deal damage. If his shield is not down, he's really tough and received reduce damage (he actually received no damage at all). The most effective elements against each shield are: 
    • Pyro is weak against Hydro
    • Cryo is weak against Pyro
    • Electro is weak against Dendro/Pyro/Cryo
  • Every time each of the elemental shields is down, you will gain a few seconds' windows (around 3 seconds) to deal damage as the Baptist will stand there paralyzed. After that few seconds end, it will then create the next elemental shield. This will be repeated until all 3 elementals have their shield down for good before it paralyzes the boss for a longer duration (around 13 seconds). This is the best moment to unleash absolutely everything before it can come back up and start the shield swap rotation again.

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