Genshin Impact: Azhdaha’s Wrath Serious Showdown Guide

How to Defeat Azhdaha's Wrath Serious Showdown in Tavern Challenge

Video Playthrough

Reminder: I tried to use as less Action Cards as possible so you can follow the steps easily. But if you have good Action Cards, you can use them if you want, as long as it doesn’t disturb the instructions I gave below.

Bounty Bloom Deck

I chose to use Nilou Bloom Deck for no reason. I lied. There's a huge reason. It's because there's only one element Azhdaha can react with here, which is Hydro. He can't absorb Dendro so this will at least hinder him from stacking his Elemental Absorption (that makes his Elemental Burst stronger - will be explained below).



Currently is in Hydro element
After being attacked by Hydro, he will turn to Cryo element

Similar to the open-world Azhdaha, the TCG Azhdaha also changes elements based on the element he absorbs:
- If absorb Electro > obtain the power of Hydro
- If absorb Hydro > obtain the power of Cryo (like in the example above)
- If absorb Cryo > obtain the power of Pyro
- If absorb Pyro > obtain the power Electro

He can change elements once per Round, and the more elements he absorbs, the stronger his Elemental Burst will be. In other words, he will get stronger in later Rounds so try to finish it before Round 5.

Even if you bring mono elements deck here, Azhdaha can still absorb elements using his Passive Skill. But you can forget about all this because the deck I use should be able to defeat Azhdaha while also limiting the number of elements he can absorb.

First of all, start with Nilou as the starting character. Make sure you obtain at least 2-3 Hydro Dice and 2-3 Dendro Dice and the Katheryne Action Card. If not, restart the challenge until you get the dice I mentioned. Follow the steps below after that:

Round 1:
Nilou's Skill > Use Katheryne Action Card > Nahida's Skill > End the Round before the opponent

Round 2:
Switch to Oceanid > Oceanid's Basic Attack > Oceanid's Skill > End the Round before the opponent

Note: Now, the summon that Oceanid summons is RNG. The one I got during this challenge is Squirrel, which luckily deals 2 Hydro DMG but only for 2 rounds. I have retried the challenge and obtained another type of summon (Raptor), and can still win the challenge with minor changes. If you got a different summons than mine, please try to improvise using Action Cards OR you can restart all over again if you want to completely follow the instructions.

Round 3:
Switch to Nahida > Nahida's Skill > Switch to Nilou > Nilou's Skill (Once Nilou is down, switch to Nahida) > End the Round

Round 4:
Nahida's Burst > Switch to Oceanid > Oceanid's Basic ATK > End the Round before the opponent


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