Genshin Impact: Clearwater Jade Route & Farming Guide

There are a total of 76 Clearwater Jades in Chenyu Vale, Liyue, including the one-time collection only (which will be pointed out in the guide below) and also some from the shop. You can get even more if you're lucky because the turtle or the ground may drop 1-2 Clearwater Jades.
In this guide will be a link to the official interactive map. So you can mark your pins (to know which you already collected) and follow along the route.

Tips Before Farming

Bring at least one claymore character because the Jades are embedded in the shell of the Jadestone Turtle or embedded in the ground. They (the turtle) won't die if you hit them, don't worry, it will just pluck out the Jades. Using Zhongli and Razor's Skill also works!
If you're lucky, you may get 2 Clearwater Jades from the turtle/ground. But usually, you can only get 1. It's like Ore/Mineral.

Teyvat Interactive Roadmap

8 Clearwater Jades in Qiaoying Village

19 Clearwater Jades in Teatree Slope & Yaodie Valley

One-Time Only

There are 4 spots here where you can only claim the Clearwater Jades once, and all of those are from hitting the vase. Each of these vase will give 3 Clearwater Jades.

15 Clearwater Jades in Mt. Xuanlian

15 Clearwater Jades in Chizhang Wall

Sealed in a Cavern

There is one location where the Clearwater Jades are blocked behind a seal. To unseal this cavern, look opposite of you, and you will see a huge jade gate.

Go to the top of the gate and you will see a Golden Carp. Enter and complete the challenge to unseal the cavern and get a Luxurious Chest, Spirit Carp, and the Clearwater Jades.

14 Clearwater Jades in Mt. Lingmeng

Hidden Behind Achievement

The last 6 Clearwater Jades here are locked behind an achievement but it's very easy to complete.

Go to this location and read the Ancient Stone Tablet.

Feed something here and the big Jadestone Turtle will appear. Extra: Tap the head of the turtle to move it towards smaller turtles and you will get a Luxurious Chest.

5 Clearwater Jades in Yilong Wharf

The last one is from a Shop in Yilong Wharf. The Clearwater Jades here will refresh daily.


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