Genshin Impact: Primogems Calculation for Version 4.6

This guide will show you how many Primogems you will get in Genshin Impact version 4.6 and also how that calculation is achieved!

Here is the estimation for Primogems one can obtain in Genshin Impact version 4.6! The first thing you need to know is that version 4.6 will have a duration of 42 days, starting from April 24 to June 5. Remember that this is speculation based on the previous versions’ events and gameplay, and by no means official!

How to Get 10020/14480 Primogems in Genshin Impact Version 4.6

From the infographic I created above, F2P players will get 10020 Primogems, 15 Acquaint Fates, and 10 Intertwined Fates. On the other hand, P2P players will get even more with the addition of Gnostic Hymn and Welkin, resulting in a total of 14480 Primogems, 15 Acquaint Fates, and 14 Intertwined Fates.

Game Update Compensation

The update maintenance for version 4.6 will begin on April 24 at 06:00 AM (UTC+8) based on the previous maintenance update, and once the maintenance is complete, all players will get 600 Primogems from their in-game mail. You have lots of time to claim it because it will expire in 29 days.

Daily Commissions

Now for the usual stuff, since we will have 42 days in version 4.6, multiply that by 60 Primogems per day, and you will get a total of 2520 Primogems. Of course, that is if you manage to do all the commissions without skipping a day.

Paimon's Bargain

For Paimon's Bargain, I include the Fates you can buy from both May and June, so you can get a total of 10 Acquaint Fates and 10 Intertwined Fates from Paimon's Bargain Shop.

Spiral Abyss

The bane of our existence- the Spiral Abyss. There are 3 cycles in version 4.6 and if you manage to get full stars for all cycles, you can get 1800 Primogems (600 Primogems in a cycle).
✦ 1st cycle of version 4.6 - May 1
✦ 2nd cycle of version 4.6 - May 16
✦ 3rd cycle of version 4.6 - June 1

Battle Pass

There are 2 types of Battle Pass here: Sojourner's Battle Pass (Free) and Gnostic Hymn (Paid). Obviously, both give different rewards.
✦ Sojourner's Battle Pass - 5 Acquaint Fates
✦ Gnostic Hymn - 4 Intertwined Fates & 680 Primogems

Blessing of the Welkin Moon

Another P2P option is where you will get 90 Primogems daily for 30 days. If you continuously have the Welkin Moon for the entire version 4.6, you will get a total of 3780 Primogems (Not including the Genesis Crystal).

Story Quest

Arlecchino will have her own Story Quest in version 4.6, and by completing it, you can get a total of 60 Primogems (does not include Primogems from treasure chests in a possible domain). But that's not all! Cyno will also get his second Story Quest, featuring a new character called Sethos. This quest will give you another 60 Primogems.

New Area

We're getting a new Fontaine area expansion which means more new World Quests to complete, new treasure chests to collect, Hydroculus to recover, and many more! Let's not forget about the Fountain of Lucine~ Counting all of those, you may obtain a around 2000 Primogems (hopefully more).

New Achievements

With new areas, there's a huge chance for new achievements. Although many may be hidden (which I will definitely cover in a new post), you can get Primogems by finding all of them. It is hard to predict this, so we're gonna assume you may get around 100 Primogems.

Character Test Runs

There are 4 5-star characters in version 4.6, meaning there will be 4 character test runs that provide 20 Primogems per character. You will get a total of 80 Primogems by completing all test runs.

New Events

There are 4 new events in version 4.6 that give out Primogems, totaling up to 2260 Primogems. Here’s how you get that number:
1. Iridescent Arataki Rockin' for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness: ~1000 Primogems
2. Specially-Shaped Saurian Search: 420 Primogems
3. Vibro-Crystal Applications: 420 Primogems
4. Windtrace: Seekers and Strategy: 420 Primogems

HoYoLAB Daily Check-In

There will be 4 times when you will get Primogems from the Daily Check-In, which are on May 4, May 11, May 18, and June 4 (If you check-in everyday without missing a day). In total, you will get 80 Primogems.

HoYoLAB Web Events

There will usually be 1-3 web events in the duration of one version of Genshin Impact. The thing is, it is mostly random and cannot be predicted. So, the only way you can notice these kinds of events is by keeping up with the Genshin Impact announcements.
Long story short, you may get more or less 100 Primogems by playing any web events available whenever it’s released.

V4.7 Livestream Redeem Codes

Redemption code from 4.0 live stream that has already expired

As usual, there will be a Special Program 2 weeks before the update maintenance, and version 4.7 (or maybe version 5.0? we don't know and can only wait~) is not excluded from the trend. In the live stream, you will get 300 Primogems after claiming three new redemption codes.

New Version Code

The second row of mail is the reward for the new version code

After a few hours of update maintenance, one new redemption code will be available for you to redeem. This occurs every version and I don't think the developer will stop anytime soon. The said code will give you 60 Primogems and usually will stay available until the end of the said version.

And with that, you can obtain the number of Primogems I calculate for Genshin Impact 4.6. Once again I want to stress that this calculation is merely an estimation of how many Primogems and Fates you will get in the next update. It is by no means official!


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