Genshin Impact: Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley Quest Guide

In an underground area, you need to find 4 butterflies to unlock a hidden vault in Adeptus's Repose and get the Luxurious Chest inside it (and another Luxurious Chest in Yaodie Valley).

In an underground area, you need to find 5 butterflies to unlock a hidden vault in Adeptus's Repose and get the Luxurious Chest inside it (and another Luxurious Chest in Lingshu Courtyard). Some may find a problem since the butterflies are pretty tricky to find in the navigated spot, so here's a guide for you.

Adventure EXPx350
Hero's Witx4
Mystic Enhancement Orex4

How to Start Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley Quest in Genshin Impact

Teleport to Yaodie Valley teleport waypoint and head south towards a cave called Lingshu Courtyard. Once you enter further into the cave, the quest will automatically start.

After talking to the Carefree Simulacra, approach the butterfly near it and let it fly to the huge medicine jar at the top of the cave.

Next, you need to find 5 butterflies. Look at the image above to see the precise location of each butterfly. Below is the step-by-step guide to get them.

Butterfly #1

For the first one, head to the location marked on the map above and you will see a butterfly sealed behind a barrier. Just opposite of that butterfly is a pot sealed behind a barrier.

Pick up the pot outside of the barrier and place it on the rock just beside the spot of the pot you just picked up to remove the barrier.

Take the pot from behind the barrier and place it on one of the stones in front of the sealed butterfly.

Repeat with the other pot, and the barrier should be removed. Approach and follow the butterfly, and you will get a chest.

Butterfly #2

After leaving the location above, turn left and follow the path. There will be a cluster of 5 small purple butterflies flying around a pot- interact with them and they will disperse.

You have to find all 4 purple butterflies here to progress - some of them are hidden until you interact with shiny spots, but most are visible. If you go too far, the challenge will fail. Below is the location of all 4 butterflies.

On top of the protruding rock.

Inside the huge pot. You can just interact with it from the outside of the pot.

On top of the 2 pots (with red flowers on top of it).

Use Anemo on the windmill mechanism to reach the butterfly at the top of the tall rock (or just climb it if you want).

Once the challenge is completed, a treasure chest will appear along with the butterfly for the medicine jar.

Butterfly #3

Continue on the previous path until you see a huge spiderweb blocking the path. Destroy the spiderweb and step forward.

You'll see a ton of Hilichurl equipment and exploding flowers inside the area. Blow everything up and defeat all enemies that spawn. The butterfly will appear after you defeat all enemies and follow it to spawn a treasure chest.

Butterfly #4

Go back down the path and interact with the Golden Carp's Leap.

Look to your left and you should see a Time Trial Challenge on the ground just beside a waterfall. Complete it, and you will reach the butterfly at the end of this challenge route.

Butterfly #5

Go back to the Time Trial challenge for Butterfly #4 and look west. You will see a mural on the wall with an orange butterfly on it.

There should be a Sacred Simulacra stone carving and a tile nearby. Pick up the stone and place it there.

Now, look to your north to see a protruding stone. Climb the tallest rock to solve the puzzle. The butterfly will come out from the mural and spawn a treasure chest.

After you're done collecting all 5 butterflies, go back to the first Carefree Simulacra you encounter and interact with the branches to get a quest item "Ancient Tree Branch" that will help you unlock the hidden vault in Adeptus's Repose.

After getting the Luxurious Chest, you should see 3 butterflies hovering over the water. Interact with them and you will be transported to Adeptus's Repose.

Use the quest item you got on the medicine jar inside this area to unlock the vault and get the Luxurious Chest.

Aside from the chest, interact with the Ancient Text (I) and you will get a hidden achievement while also completing the quest.


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