Genshin Impact: Version 4.6 Special Program Livestream Overview

There are many Travelers who miss the X.X live stream because they’ve been busy with real life, but don’t worry. This post will include all the information shared in the recent livestream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

Wish Banner

Phase 1 (2 Banners)

➥ There are 2 Event Wishes in Phase 1:
1. Arlecchino (Pyro Polearm)
2. Lyney (Pyro Bow)

Phase 2 (2 Banners)

➥ There are 2 Event Wishes in Phase 2:
1. Wanderer (Anemo Catalyst)
2. Baizhu (Dendro Catalyst)

New Characters

1) Arlecchino

Rarity: 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Vision: Pyro
Weapon: Polearm

Bond of Life: When you have a Bond of Life active, it'll absorb any healing that your character receives so they can't regain HP until the Bond of Life value has been healed!

When Arlecchino has a Bond of Life greater than or equal to a certain percentage of her health bar, her Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks will be converted to Pyro DMG which can't be overridden by other Elemental infusions.
And while she's in this state, her Normal Attacks will consume a portion of her current Bond of Life to deal more DMG and reduce the remaining cooldown on her Elemental Skill.

Arlecchino has a special kind of movement whenever she uses her Charged Attack

Elemental Skill: Arlecchino's Skill doesn't just damage enemies, it also applies a Blood-Debt Directive to any enemy that it hits which will damage them periodically.
And when she uses a Charged Attack or her Elemental Burst, she'll absorb nearby Blood-Debt Directives. This also allows her to obtain a Bond of Life based on the number of Directives that she absorbed.
Elemental Burst: Arlecchino's Elemental Burst will reset the cooldown of her Elemental Skill and heal her based on her ATK and her current Bond of Life.
Talent: While Arlecchino is in combat, she gains bonus Pyro DMG, but also cannot be affected by any healing effects other than the healing provided by her Burst.

2. Sethos (Not Playable Yet)

Seen in Cyno's new Story Quest.

New Weapons & Artifacts

1) Crimson Moon's Semblance

2) Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy & Unfinished Reverie

New Boss & Enemies

1) The Knave

If you do not repay the Blood-Debt Directives The Knave applies to you, all her attacks against you will be enhanced. But if you manage to out-heal the Bond of Life, The Knave will reward you for repaying this "blood-debt" and your Charged Attacks against her will be enhanced.

Normally, players would have to progress the story to a certain point in order to participate in the challenge. But now we have a Quick Challenge feature for weekly Trounce Domain Bosses.
As long as Travelers are Adventure Rank 40 or higher, they'll be able to challenge her directly by going to the Adventurer Handbook. Going to the Domains tab, selecting Trounce Domains, and pressing Quick Challenge!

2) Statue of Marble and Brass

New Quests

1) Story Quest

Focused Experienced Mode
Now, if you use the feature while playing Arlecchino's Story Quest, then, it will minimize the number of times that you'll be interrupted by characters or quest locations being allocated to other quests. Hopefully, this mode will help Travelers have a better story experience! In the future, this function will become available for more and more quests.

2) Story Quest

Sumeru City will be experiencing an unsolved mystery… And for some reason, Cyno's gotten mixed up in it.
Cyno wanted to investigate personally because someone involved in the case has a very unique identity and the two of them share a close connection.
A mysterious youngster with connections to the mystery will make his debut during the case. Tighnari, Collei, Alhaitham, and Kaveh will all come to support him when he's in a pinch!

New Events

1) Iridescent Arataki Rockin' for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness

Number one: "Xtreme Carnival Ensemble." We can practice getting into the flow with some rhythm games while the stage is still coming together. In other words, it's the rhythm gameplay.

The second task is called the "Trillion Trinket Trawl." Travelers will be helping Dvorak spruce it up with his list of items!

Lastly, we have the "A Meeting of Melodies." Can't have a party without adoring fans, so we gotta invite fellow music lovers to come jam with us. After listening to their tunes, we can restore the missing music notes.

Dvorak will be giving away a brand-new musical instrument to our Travelers called the "Nightwind Horn"!

2) Specially-Shaped Saurian Search

You can adjust the difficulty and your negotiation strategies. If you reduce them, it amps up the challenge difficulty, giving you the perfect opportunity to test your skills!

Both Active Strategies and Long-Term Strategies are available. You can trigger Active Strategies at will. However, your opponent's HP and Level will change depending on the number of strategies you've picked.

3) Vibro-Crystal Applications

Before each battle, you can set up Vibro-Crystal Harmonics plans for each of your teams. This will allow you to receive different combat buffs when you combine Transmitter Crystals and Receiver Crystals.

  • You gain a Harmonic Point for each time that you trigger a harmonic effect. You can get even more combat bonuses if you accumulate enough Harmonic Points.
  • Each challenge will have different trial characters so you can choose the harmonic buff that works best for your team setup.

4) Windtrace: Seekers and Strategy

You'll be playing hide-and-seek as Rebels and Hunters just like before, but there are a few new rules. When Rebels are captured for the first time, they'll be exiled to the "Surveillance Zone" for a short period of time. Then, they will be automatically freed after their time-out. But also, their friends can try to help them escape the Zone early.
But if you get sent to jail twice, you're permanently deleted from the game.

  • Each round will have six Signaling Devices which will prevent nearby Rebels from disguising or concealing themselves. The Rebels' goal is to repair these devices while also avoiding capture.
    Once they repair four devices, they win the match.
  • Rebels can work together to repair these devices and Hunters will either need to prevent the Rebels from repairing the Signaling Devices or they can simply eliminate their opponents.
  • The device being repaired will enter the High-Speed Signaling state = It means it'll give off a light visible by every player in the area. In fact, the device will even be marked on the mini-map. That means that repairing the devices will expose your location

5) Overflowing Mastery

New Adjustments

First off, we have some updates for the Serenitea Pot, such as the Quick Obtain feature.
Instead of having to navigate a bunch of menus, you can use this feature to put all missing Furnishings into a queue. Where you can use one click to purchase any missing components, and then craft your desired piece.

The avatar system will also be updated so you'll be able to use more portraits of your familiar friends as your profile display!

Treasure Compasses have also been updated. Its markers will be displayed on both the large map and the mini-map. The compasses will also include information about different map layers.

More have been discussed in detail here: Treasure Compass Optimizations and One-Click Crafting With the Serenitea Pot! | Developers Discussion

New Area

1) The Undersea Capital, the Lost Homeland

A new area of Fontaine will open in Version 4.6. Travelers will get to visit the village of Petrichor! This is where we'll meet a talking cat. With its guidance, we will be able to see the civilization that vanished thousands of years ago.

Travelers who have already completed the third Act of the Archon Quest (Prologue) "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" will automatically unlock a Teleport Waypoint in the village of Petrichor.

TCG Addition

1) New Cards


1) New BGM

Genshin Impact's third Fontaine OST "Cantus Aeternus" will debut during Version 4.6. This album features original music created by the HOYO-MiX team for the new region of Fontaine and related content.


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