Genshin Impact Lil’ Fungi’s Fun-Tastic Fiesta Event Guide

In a corner of the Quartier Lyonnais, an old friend has set up a booth, and is promoting an improved version of the tabletop game “Lil’ Fungi’s Fun-Tastic Fiesta.” Among Fontainians, who rarely see Fungi, this game is quite novel indeed…

In a corner of the Quartier Lyonnais, an old friend has set up a booth, and is promoting an improved version of the tabletop game “Lil’ Fungi’s Fun-Tastic Fiesta.” Among Fontainians, who rarely see Fungi, this game is quite novel indeed…

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ 2023/12/06 10:00:00 – 2023/12/18 03:59:59 (Server Time)

➥ Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ And complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Overview:
➥ After the event begins, new challenge stages will be unlocked over time.
➥ Command Lil’ Fungi to defeat all opponents in the stage to complete the challenge.
➥ Use Marvelous Gels to instruct the Lil’ Fungi to unleash powerful skills. You will regain Marvelous Gels over time.
➥ Each stage contains different challenge objectives. Complete said objectives to receive the corresponding rewards.

Gameplay Tutorial

Click on the portraits of Lil' Fungi or use number keys to switch which Lil' Fungi you are currently controlling. In addition, you can use the select all button to select all Lil' Fungi at once.

Press any spot on the field or an opponent to command the Lil' Fungi to move to that location, or to start attacking that opponent.

The white markers can be used to confirm each Lil' Fungi's target.

Red lines, on the other hands, show you whom the powerful opponents are targeting.

Use Marvelous Gels to instruct the Lil' Fungi to unleash powerful skills. You will regain Marvelous Gels over time.

Some opponents have special combat skills.

When an AoE skill is going to deal DMG to Lil' Fungi in an area, a warning will appear on the field showing the area about to be attacked.

When a skill is going to be used against a specific Lil' Fungi, a small warning marker will appear above both the Lil' Fungi and its portrait.

Lil' Fungi's Fun-Tastic Fiesta

Let's Call This Stage "Hilifungal Hymn"

Recommended Team: Freeze Team (Gusto-Frosto + Bongo-Head + Twirly-Whirly + Stormstress)
Aside from having Thunderhelm Lawachurl and Pyro Slimes that are weak to Cryo and Hydro element, respectively, the Freeze team can freeze every other enemies so you don't have to dodge most attacks.

During the battle, once any of the enemies are hit with Hydro or Cryo attacks, use Twirly-Whirly's special skill to Swirl that element to other opponents. Since you will get 1 Marvelous Gel for each opponent you defeat (this stage's leyline), you will obtain lots of Marvelous Gels and can spam each Fungi's special skills.

Lil' Fantasy, Maguu Battle!

Recommended Team: National Team (Bongo-Head + Duelblaze + Blitzara + Stormstress)
National Team name might remind you of Raiden National team, but what I have in thought is picking various elemental Fungi to create tons of reactions. Duelblaze and Stormstress are important because it's the only Fungi that can heal. You can swap Blitzara with Magishroom since it's another Fungi that can heal, and you need lots of healing if you're not adjusting well to the mechanics of this event.

When Maguu Kenki is trying to use its special combat skill, you can see the red circle on the field. At this second, select all Fungi (press 5 on PC) and move every one of them from that AoE. You should have enough time to avoid most AoE attacks from Maguu Kenki (Although sometimes the Fungi will run into each other making them move slower)

Jelly Slushie with Double Sugar

Recommended Team: ElectroBurn Team (Duelblaze + Magishroom + Twirly-Whirly + Blitzara)
Random team name but not important! Have the Fungi with the recommended elements + Anemo CC and you're good to go. Duelblaze (Pyro Fungi) is the most important one because there are Cryo Slimes here and you want to use Pyro attacks to quickly remove that Cryo shield.

During the battle, focus on spamming Duelblaze and Twirly-Whirly's Skill to apply Pyro or destroy Cryo shield and Swirl all the elements. The enemies don't have high damage so your team should be fine since you'll be obliterating them left and right. But if you're having a problem with survivability, bring Stormstress.

Great Boar King! Freezing Impact!

Recommended Team: ElectroBurn Team (Duelblaze + Magishroom + Blitzara + Stormstress)
Basically the same team as the previous one but swapping Twirly-Whirly with Stormstress. You'll need the healer because the Snowboar hit hard and frequently.

The boss Snowboar has high HP so it's best if you take advantage of its weakness so you can defeat them much more easily:

  1. Whenever Lil' Snowboar appears, defeat them first to gain a shield.
  2. Let Snowboar hit your shielded Fungi and it will be stunned.
  3. When it's stunned, you will recover all Marvelous Gel and can spam Skills.

Click-clack Goes the Mechanical Rhythm

Recommended Team: Overload Team (Duelblaze + Kindlejoy + Blitzara + Stormstress)
Since the Overload reaction has increased damage, I suggest just focused on those 2 elements plus a healer. You definitely want a healer because there are 3 waves here and if you move the Fungi at the wrong timing, they could take lots of damage and might die if there's no healer.

Since you have a healer, you don't really have to focus on moving all Fungi to other spots to avoid incoming attacks. Instead, spare some Marvelous Gels and use Stormstress' skill when you see a Fungi with critical health. If you have more than enough Gels, you can use the Pyro / Electro Fungi skills to trigger Overload.

Speedy Black Shadow! Sleeping Ninjutsu

Recommended Team: Burgeon Team (Duelblaze + Magishroom + Bongo-Head + Stormstress)
Reactions here don't really matter as there are no buffs for certain elemental reactions, but having a healer is a must in case your Fungi in the brink of death later. But since I like Magishroom (best Fungi imo, huge damage while also providing minor healing), let's use it as the main DPS with Duelblaze and Bongo-Head as the sub-DPS.

The stage here is surprisingly easy for the last stage. As long as you have a healer, keep avoiding the dog's attacks - which are mostly AoE - until it launches a specific attack where it summons a stone dog and the real one will jump to your location. At this time, control all your Fungi so they will be around the stone dog, and once the real one has jumped to your location (based on the red circle AoE like in the image above), move all your Fungi to a spot outside of that AoE.
If the real dog attacks the stone one, it will be paralyzed for a short while, and this is the perfect moment to spam all your Skills.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will

  • Primogem x420
  • Mora x410000
  • Adventurer's Experience x20
  • Guide to Equity x4
  • Guide to Justice x4
  • Guide to Order x4
  • Chapter of an Ancient Chord x6
  • Sublimation of Pure Sacred Dewdrop x6
  • Wine Goblet of the Pristine Sea x6
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x12

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